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Site grec CdrInfo.com

Dernière mise à jour le 18/12/2014 à 05:40
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Catégories : Informatique, Hardware
17/12 07:09 - LG, Samsung, To Dominate The TV Market in 2015
Samsung and LG continue to play the roles of leaders in the TV market and are projected to jointly surpass 40% of market share in 2015.
17/12 07:09 - Renesas Develops 16nm FinFET SRAM
Renesas Electronics has developed a new circuit technology for automotive information devices using 16nm and more advanced process technologies.
17/12 07:08 - Sony Film Debut Canceled After Threats
The New York premiere of "The Interview", a Sony Pictures comedy about the assassination of North Korean President Kim Jong-Un, has been canceled after threats from a hacking group.
17/12 07:05 - New Nintendo Devices To Use 'free-form' LCDs
Nintendo is said to use 'free-form' liquid crystal displays that can be shaped freely in its upcoming gaming devices, according to reports from Japan.
17/12 07:03 - Sony Single-Lens OLED Display Module Turns Any Eyewear Into Smartglasses
Sony has developed an attachable Single-Lens Display Module that can turn eyewear of varying designs into a smart device.
16/12 13:51 - Dutch Privacy Watchdog Probes Facebook
Following recent warnings to Google, Data Protection Agency said Tuesday it is probing changes in Facebook's privacy policy.
16/12 13:49 - Jury Says Apple Not Guilty in iPod Suit
A jury on Tuesday cleared Apple of antitrust violations for iPod restrictions, ending a long case.
16/12 13:48 - New Huawei Honor 6 Plus Smartphone Shoots With Triple Cameras
Huawei today announced in China the Honor 6 Plus, a high-end Android smartphone equipped with three 8MP cameras.
16/12 12:14 - T-Mobile Lets You Roll Forward Your Unused Data
With the new Un-carrier 8.0 program, T-Mobile becomes lets you roll your unused high-speed data into the next month.
16/12 12:12 - Lumia 635 Comes to Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile USA and Sprint
Sprint announced that the budget-friendly Lumia 635 smartphone is coming to their Sprint brands including Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA.
16/12 10:23 - Fujitsu Introduces Two Tablets for Businesses
Fujitsu today launched its next-generation tablets - Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q555 and the Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q335 - designed to address business needs.
16/12 09:23 - DirectX 12 Promises Movie-Quality Graphics In Real Time
Microsoft's Direct3D 12 could be efficient and powerful enough to allow graphics engines to render CGI-quality game scenes in real time.
16/12 09:20 - Group Pushing 2.5G, 5G Ethernet
The NBASE-T Alliance, a cooperative effort to promote the development of 2.5 and 5 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) over twisted pair copper cabling (2.5GBASE-T and 5GBASE-T), today announced the broadening of its membership base with the addition of big names such as Intel, Qualcomm and Brocade.
16/12 07:05 - Tencent, Sony Enter China music Distribution Agreement
Chinese Internet giant Tencent Holdings has struck a music distribution deal with with Sony Music Entertainment, as it teams up with labels to try to develop China's paid-for music market.
16/12 07:02 - UMC To Make Infineon's Automotive Chips
Infineon Technologies and United Microelectronics (UMC) have extented their manufacturing partnership into power semiconductors for automotive applications.
16/12 07:01 - Google's Most Seachable Topics For 2014
Robin Williams' suicide, news unfold about a horrific plane crash, a terrifying disease and the iPhone 6 were among the most searchable topics on Google search engine during 2014.
16/12 07:01 - LG To Release Quantum Dot TVs in 2015
LG Electronics will unveil a new 4K ULTRA HD TV with quantum dot technology as a new component of its TV lineup at the 2015 International CES, Jan. 6-9 in Las Vegas.
16/12 07:01 - Stanford Researchers Develop A 'High-rise' Chip
Stanford researchers are building layers of logic and memory into "skyscraper" chips that are smaller, faster, cheaper and taller, promising to leapfrog the performance of the single-story logic and memory chips on today's circuit cards.
15/12 16:52 - Tech Giants Support Microsoft In Data Fight With U.S.
A group of companies including Apple, Amazon.com , AT&T are supporting Microsoft in a litigation concerning the U.S. government's attempt to use a search warrant to compel Microsoft to obtain and turn over email of a customer stored in Ireland.
15/12 14:41 - Skype Gets Auto-translation Feature
Microsoft on Monday launched Spanish-English real-time translation for its Skype messaging service.
15/12 13:49 - Smartphone Sales Grew 20 Percent in Third Quarter of 2014, Samsung Retains Top Position
Worldwide sales of mobile phones to end users were flat in the third quarter of 2014, according to Gartner, Inc. However, sales of smartphones to end users grew 20.3 percent to reach 301 million units.
15/12 11:27 - Dutch Watchdog Issues Sanction to Google
The Dutch Data Protection Authority (Dutch DPA) is pushing Google to change how it handles users' private data by the end of February or may face fines of €15 million.
15/12 09:35 - HGST To Acquire Skyera
Western Digital's HGST has completed an all-cash acquisition of Skyera, a developer of solid-state storage systems for scale-out cloud and enterprise data centers.
15/12 07:52 - Crossbar Demonstrates Breakthrough Resistive RRAM at IEDM 2014
Start-up company Crossbar announced today at IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) a breakthrough in 3D RRAM architecture that could allow the development of a 1TB RRAM memory chips that have the size of a postage stamp.
15/12 06:52 - WhatsApp Could Soon Reach Your Desktop
Popular social mobile messaging app is rumored to be developing a PC version of its service.
15/12 06:50 - Sony Asks Media Outlets To Delete Leaked Data
Sony Pictures Entertainment is pressing media outlets against using data hackers have leaked about the studio, according to a letter sent to groups including The New York Times.
15/12 06:49 - Tizen Phone Launch Delayed Again
The future of the Tizen operating system remains uncrtain as Samsung Electronics has once again postponed the launch of a Tizen smartphone.
13/12 05:19 - CloneBD Blu-ray Media Converter Released
Slysoft has just released CloneBD, a software that lets you copy your unprotected Blu-ray discs to all known disc formats such as ISO or BD, and all kind of devices like smart phones and tablets.
12/12 14:41 - Google Seeks For Research Proposals For "Web of Things"
Google imagines a a world in which access to networked technology defies the constraints of desktops, laptops or smartphones, and is soliciting proposals for pioneering research related to the Internet of Things.
12/12 14:39 - Adobe Buys Fotolia, Announces Creative Cloud Jump
Photoshop maker Adobe Systems announced plans to buy stock photography company Fotolia for $800 million and a quarterly jump in subscribers of Creative Cloud.
12/12 10:19 - Facebook Says No To 'dislike' button
Facebook's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said that there will not be a 'dislike' button but the social network is considering offering other tools that could be used to express negative sentiments for a post.
12/12 10:19 - YouTube Lets You Create Animated GIFs
Youtube has started testing out a new way of letting users share content, allowing them to create animated GIFs and share them the same way they would share full videos.
12/12 10:18 - TSMC Chairman Sees Technical Hurdles In keeping Up With Moore's Law
Despite the progress in the ultraviolet lithography (EUV) technology, it seems that the global semiconductor industry will face major technical difficulties on fulfilling the requirements of Moore's law.
12/12 05:26 - Samsung Started Production of Apple A9 SoC in 14nm FinFET
Samsung Electronics has reportedly begun production of the new A9 application processor (AP) for Apple's next-generation smartphone, using the 14nm FinFET microprocess for the first time.
12/12 05:25 - Xbox One Outsells PS4 For The First Time
Since Microsoft and Sony’s next generation consoles launched in late 2013, PlayStation 4 has been outselling the Xbox One, until last month.
11/12 17:22 - Cisco Wants To Analyze Everything
Cisco Systems announced Thursday "connected analytics," a mix of hardware, software and services based on sensor data, designed to analyse information in real-time so that companies can respond in time.
11/12 16:08 - Microsoft to Provide More Windows 10 Details Next month
Microsoft on Thursday issued invitations to a Jan. 21 media event slated to reveal more of the features of the Windows 10 operating system.
11/12 09:59 - Toshiba's New Canvio AeroCast Wireless HDD Lets You Play Digital Content On Your TV
Toshiba today introduced the Canvio AeroCast Wireless Hard Drive, a device that blends the benefits of high-capacity external storage with the wireless freedom.
11/12 08:03 - Project Maelstrom: BitTorrent's Browser Enters Alpha Phase
BitTorrent has announced that Maelstrom, its decentralized web browser project, has been released in its very first alpha test version.
11/12 06:49 - Sony Launches PlayStation 4 And PlayStation Vita In China
Sony Computer Entertainment will launch the PlayStation business in the People's Republic of China on January 11, 2015, with the release of PlayStation 4 (CUH-1000 series) for 2,899 RMB ($468) and PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) (PCH-2000 series) for 1,299 RMB ($210).
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Site singapourien HardwareZone

Dernière mise à jour le 31/05/2010 à 05:15
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Catégories : Informatique, Hardware, Mobiles
29/03 04:45 - Sonos ZonePlayer S5 Debuts in Singapore
Already available in more than 60 countries, the Sonos ZonePlayer S5 music player is finally in Singapore.
25/02 13:16 - COOL-ER eBook Reader Reaches Singapore
McCoy partners with Interead to bring in the COOL-ER ebook reader and Asia's first eBookStore.
18/02 10:00 - Find Out More About 3D Technology at Seminar Series TWO
Organized by Egg Story Digital Arts School, the Seminar Series TWO will feature well-known speakers like Peter Hillman from Weta Digital.
11/02 03:20 - Microsoft and Sim Lim Square Partner Against Piracy
Microsoft Singapore today announced a partnership with Sim Lim Square that aims to help protect and educate consumer against piracy.
25/01 07:56 - Singapore Press Holdings Expands Advertising Opportunities
Singapore Press Holdings Ltd has added a new platform for businesses seeking to reach potential customers through the Internet.
22/01 11:55 - Samsung Fulfils Commitment to SYOG
Samsung committed its sponsorship with the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games (Singapore 2010) as a Worldwide Partner and Presenting Partner of the Digital Concierge for Singapore 2010.
20/01 10:55 - Motorola Launches the DEXT
Motorola and Singapore Telecommunications has introduces the Motorola DEXT.
19/01 03:55 - M1 Preparing for LTE Trial in February
Undertaken in collaboration with Nokia Siemens Networks, the trial will last two months.
14/01 12:55 - RIM Introduces the BlackBerry Storm2 Smartphone in Singapore
The BlackBerry Storm2 Introduces a next generation SurePress technology based on an electronic system to provide tactile feedback when the touch-screen is pressed.
11/01 02:55 - Connecting Google Nexus One to 3G
Bought the Google Nexus One over the weekend, and having some trouble getting onto the 3G network in Singapore? Here's what you'll need to do.
09/12 03:55 - RIM Launches BlackBerry Bold 9700 in Singapore
The new BlackBerry Bold 9700 presents an array of communications and multimedia features in a compact design for both professional and personal use.
08/12 07:55 - ShowNearby Location Services Used by First Aid Corps
First Aid Corps has adopted ShowNearby's PathFinder and Product Locator tools to reduce sudden cardiac arrest deaths in Singapore.
07/12 09:55 - Fujitsu Appoints SG Distributor For Servers and Storage Systems
Fujitsu announces Ingram Micro as the official distributor in Singapore for its PRIMERGY server line and ETERNUS range of storage systems.
07/12 08:55 - iPhone Price Plans Round-Up
With M1's price plan finally revealed, here's a quick round-up of all three telcos and their price plans as of now.
07/12 08:55 - M1 Announces iPhone Price Plans
M1 announces their plans and rates for the iPhone.
07/12 02:55 - StarHub Announces iPhone Price Plans
StarHub's price plans for the iPhone have been announced.
02/12 08:55 - Street View on Google Maps comes to Singapore
Google today announced the launch of Street View in Singapore, allowing users to view and navigate 360 degree street-level imagery of Singapore.
25/11 10:55 - HWM Singapore Gets Brand New, Classy Look
HardwareMAG Singapore (HWM) will sport a brand new look for its December 2009 edition, featuring a redesigned cover and pages, as well as new editorial content.
19/11 11:45 - LTA and Google Collaborate on Google Map Features
Commuters and motorists can now better plan their trips on Google Maps through a unique collaboration between Google and Singapore's LTA.
09/11 03:40 - StarHub to Also Offer iPhone by End of Year
Looks like Apple's iPhone will now be available to all telco providers for sale at the end of the year instead of just SingTel.
05/11 06:10 - Vote For Your View on Google Maps Street View
Google received almost a thousand suggestions, ranging from the well-known to the more unusual, reflecting the range of interesting places and cultural hot-spots within Singapore.
27/10 05:55 - RIM Announces Blackberry App World for Singapore and Indonesia
Research In Motion today announced that BlackBerry App World, the official app store for BlackBerry smartphones, is now available for users in Indonesia and Singapore.
26/10 08:55 - ASUS Power Users' Seminar
ASUS recently conducted a seminar with hardware enthusiasts to introduce its new P55 motherboards and to solicit feedback for its products.
23/10 03:55 - Norton Launches New 2010 Products with New Detection Technologies
New detection technologies to help fight cybercrime are found in Norton's latest 2010 products.
15/10 03:40 - Challenger Funan to Host Midnight Win 7 Launch Party
Singapore's IT superstore to launch Microsoft's Windows 7 with an unprecedented retail offer at 12am 22nd Oct 2009.
14/10 08:40 - New M1 PhotoPrint Service Gives 10 Free Photo Prints Each Month
M1 customers can now conveniently upload and store their photographic memories with M1â??s new online photo storage and printing service.
13/10 10:40 - Rednano Mobile Offers New Food Directory with StarHub and M1
SPH Search's mobile platform, Rednano Mobile, has teamed up with StarHub and M1 on an exciting new venture â?? a special directory for food lovers.
13/10 09:40 - iPhone Confirmed for M1
And it's finally time. M1 has announced that it has reached an agreement with Apple to bring the iPhone to Singapore later this year.
12/10 07:41 - Samsung Pixon12 Now Available in Singapore
As the world's first 12 megapixel full-touch screen camera phone, the Samsung Pixon12 is designed to meet the growing demands of today's discerning consumers.
12/10 03:41 - Nokia N97 mini Limited RAOUL Edition Incoming
Limited to only 1000 units, the upcoming Nokia N97 Mini will come with a Raoul edition that is sure to turn heads on the streets.
08/10 12:40 - Epson Launches New Concept Showroom in Singapore
Epson launches new concept showroom in Singapore to cater to evolving digital imaging needs.
02/10 12:40 - StarHub Launches Smart Plans
StarHub announced a new range of SIM-only mobile plans called SmartSurf that comes with no contract and is specifically designed for smartphone users in Singapore.
02/10 09:40 - M1 HSPA+ network first in Asia Pacific to deploy MIMO
M1's HSPA+ network will now be able to deliver Singapore's fastest mobile broadband download speed of up to 28 Mbps in selected areas after the completion of further network upgrade.
01/10 04:40 - e-Cop and StarHub Form Strategic Partnership
e-Cop and StarHub announced a strategic partnership to provide an integrated managed service for StarHubâ??s Internet Clean Pipe solution for business continuity against DDoS attacks.
25/09 06:35 - TSR Introduces Singapore's First Mini Pocket-Size Projector
TSR's new pico-projector is targeted at working professionals as well as students on the go, conveniently allowing them to make presentations and watch movies anywhere.
14/09 13:35 - SingTel Launches Social Networking Phone INQ Mini 3G
SingTel mobile customers will soon become the first in Asia and to get their hands on the 3G social mobile phone, the new INQ Mini 3G.
11/09 06:35 - M1 Launches MiFi 2352 at Comex 2009
Novatel Wireless and MobileOne (M1) today announced that MiFi, Novatel Wireless' tiny battery-powered Intelligent Mobile Hotspot will debut in Asia at COMEX 2009.
09/09 05:35 - HTC Presents Optimum Mobile Experience at Attractive Prices
HTC presents a price make-over to some of its finest range of phones - the HTC Magic, HTC Touch Cruise '09 and HTC Touch HD.
07/09 13:35 - M1 Launches Novatel Wireless MiFi 2352 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot
M1 and Novatel Wireless introduces the industry's first ultra portable credit card-sized Intelligent Mobile Hotspot that allows users to create their own personal Wi-Fi hotspots.
07/09 06:35 - NAVTEQ Voice Now Available for Singapore
Enriched with NAVTAQ's voice phonemes for its maps in Singapore, navigation systems can provide much more robust turn-by-turn guidance.
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Site anglais Total Video Games

Dernière mise à jour le 18/12/2014 à 06:10
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19/12 11:06 - UK Chart: Skyrim Is Your Christmas No.1 News
Bethesda's epic RPG beats Activision's Modern Warfare 3 to the coveted Xmas No.1 spot...
16/12 16:28 - This Player Has Mad Battlefield 3 Skillz, Yo! News
Perhaps the most impressive display of Battlefield 3 dogfighting skills we've seen...
16/12 15:38 - 10 More Nintendo 3DS Ambassadors Games Now Available News
Nintendo completes its 3DS Ambassadors program with 10 Game Boy Advance titles...
16/12 13:14 - Rockstar Explains Why GTA III's Claude Was Silent News
The reasoning behind Rockstar's decision to have a silent protagonist in its first 3D GTA game...
16/12 12:15 - Skyrim Is The Fastest Selling Game Ever On Steam News
Valve's digital-download service proves to be a happy partner for Bethesda's TESV: Skyrim...
13/12 17:00 - Miyamoto Steadies The Boat, Definitely Isn't Retiring News
Following reports of his possible retirement, Shigeru Miyamoto sets the record straight...
13/12 16:21 - Codemasters Announces DiRT Showdown News
New title will bring arcade thrills to Codies' supreme series of rally games...
13/12 14:29 - Sony Confirms Ueda's Departure From Team Ico News
Ico and Shadow of the Colossus visionary, Fumito Ueda leaves Sony...
08/12 15:42 - Joe Danger Coming To XBLA Next Week News
December 14th release date nailed down for Joe Danger: Special Edition...
08/12 14:41 - OnLive Comes To Tablet Devices And Smartphones News
New OnLive app for iOS and Android devices pioneers cloud gaming on-the-move...
08/12 12:06 - Miyamoto Says He Might Step Down, Nintendo Denies It News
Legendary Nintendo designer, Shigeru Miyamoto teases game industry with talk of retirement...
07/12 13:45 - The Last Guardian's Executive Producer Resigns News
The future of Team Ico's next title becomes hazier following Fumito Ueda's alleged departure...
07/12 11:35 - Sledgehammer Games Hiring For New Call Of Duty Title News
Sledgehammer's Call of Duty dev team working on an "unannounced high-end console title"...
06/12 17:04 - Max Payne 3 - New Screens News
Four new shots from Max Payne 3 focus on some of the game's firearms...
06/12 16:11 - The Last Guardian "Still In Production", Confirms Ueda News
After rumours of his departure from Team Ico, Fumito Ueda confirms that The Last Guardian's development is ongoing...
06/12 15:36 - 2K Games Reveals The Darkness II's 'Vendettas' Mode News
A new 4 player co-op mode is set to grace The Darkness II...
05/12 14:15 - UK Chart: Modern Warfare 3 Completes A Month On Top News
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 tallies four weeks atop the UK charts...
29/11 17:19 - TVG Comp: Win £200-Worth Of Gaming Accessories News
Two lucky winners will receive some Gunnar gaming specs and a Turtle Beach headset...
28/11 17:58 - LA Noire Creator's New Game Is 'Whore Of The Orient' News
Happy Feet film studio, Kennedy-Miller Mitchell acquires the rights for Brendan McNamara's next opus...
28/11 12:05 - UK Chart: Modern Warfare 3 Still Top News
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 streaks to three straight weeks at No.1...
24/11 15:59 - EA Signs Messi To FIFA Brand News
Former PES cover star to grace the boxes of future FIFA games, starting with next year's FIFA Street...
24/11 15:00 - Sony To Avoid PS4 Launch "Significantly Later" Than Xbox 720 News
SCEE's CEO and President provides the strongest indication yet of Sony's PS4 intentions...
24/11 13:18 - EA Makes Good On PS3 Battlefield 3 Pledge News
Those who purchased Battlefield 3 on PS3 will receive a free copy of Battlefield 1943 after all...
23/11 13:19 - Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 - New Screens News
City Interactive shows off the power of CryEngine 3...
21/11 12:42 - UK Chart: Modern Warfare 3 Records 'Double-Kill' News
Activision's latest Call of Duty retains the No.1 spot for the second week running...
17/11 17:23 - Max Payne 3 - Design & Technology ViDoc #1 News
Rockstar takes a closer look at Max Payne 3's animation, gunplay, and AI...
16/11 17:03 - Skyrim Ships 7 Million, Sells Over 3.5 Million In Two Days News
Bethesda announces impressive launch sales for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim...
14/11 14:54 - UK Chart: Shock As Modern Warfare 3 Debuts At No.1 News
The jewel in Activision's crown gleams more brightly than ever before...
14/11 12:10 - GTA V Lead Voice-Actor Unearthed News
Internet sleuthing all but confirms Albert De Silva as a lead character in GTA V...
11/11 14:31 - Modern Warfare 3 Shatters Day-One Sales Record News
6.5 million unit sales recorded in North America and the UK alone on day-one...
11/11 11:55 - Steam Database And Forums Hacked News
Valve officially drops anchor on the Steam forum hacks that first emerged last Sunday...
10/11 13:59 - LA Noire Director Working On New Project News
Brendan McNamara sets his sights on another ambitious, story-led project...
10/11 12:06 - 3D Revamps For 2D Zelda Games May Be Next News
A Link To The Past could be the next Zelda game to get a 3D revamp...
09/11 13:51 - Max Payne 3 Multiplayer To Have "Elements Of Story", Says Houser News
Rockstar's co-founder, Dan Houser drops an enticing mission statement for Max Payne 3's multiplayer...
09/11 12:13 - XCOM Pushed Into 2013 Fiscal Year News
Take-Two Interactive delays XCOM from its previously announced March 2012 release...
07/11 12:29 - UK Chart: Uncharted 3 Charts At No.2 News
Battlefield 3 sees off an offensive from the biggest PS3 exclusive of the year...
04/11 12:21 - New Alan Wake Game Heading To Xbox Live [UPDATE] News
Major Nelson confirms that the next Alan Wake game will be distributed via Xbox Live...
03/11 17:10 - Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Patriots Announced News
Ubisoft announces the next instalment in its Rainbow 6 series, due in 2013...
03/11 12:25 - GTA V Set Exclusively In Los Santos, Multiplayer Confirmed News
No San Fierro or Las Venturas in GTA V as the series returns to Los Santos...
03/11 11:04 - Joe Danger Coming To Xbox 360 News
Joe Danger Special Edition will side-step onto XBLA "soon"...
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Site américain 1UP.com

Dernière mise à jour le 18/12/2014 à 06:10
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06/04 14:59 - [NEWS] Listen to the Final 1UP Podcast Ever
As you know, 1UP.com has breathed its last. Such are the vicissitudes of business. Happily, Jose Otero managed to pull together a startling number of former 1UP staff during Game Developers Conference this year for one final podcast. Not everyone was there due to the last-minute nature of this...
28/02 12:27 - [NEWS] A Plea for the Gaming Industry to Respect Gamers
Although the economy might not be in the thick of a recession as it once was, that doesn't mean things are going especially great for videogame publishers. Take Electronic Arts, for instance, which hasn't exactly set the world on fire with its performance as of late. The start of the next...
27/02 11:59 - [NEWS] Moving Forward and Looking to Indies, Not Better Graphics
Excited as I was to finally see a next-generation console, much of the PlayStation 4 software we saw last week struck me as underwhelming. It was pretty, certainly, and I'm all for beautiful games; I paid a great deal to upgrade my PC in 2011 so that Battlefield 3 would look its finest, and it...
22/02 15:25 - [NEWS] The Orwellian Superheroes of Watch Dogs and inFamous: Second Son
the eyes watching you and the voice enveloping you. Asleep or awake,
working or eating, indoors or out of doors, in the bath or in bed
-- no escape. Nothing was your own except the few cubic
centimeters inside your skull. -- George Orwell, 1984

22/02 11:08 - [NEWS] PS3 Digital Games Could Be a Gentle Way of Easing Us Into Streaming on PS4
Much like their disc-based counterparts, PlayStation 3 downloadable games won't be supported on PlayStation 4. What that means is your entire PlayStation Network library is going to have to stay put, and won't be carried over to the next generation as many people were hoping it would. That's no...
21/02 16:04 - [NEWS] It's True: 1UP has Reached Its End
The corporate version:
21/02 14:44 - [NEWS] The Games Industry Loses an Exceptional Individual as Kenji Eno Passes Away
Kenji Eno, famed game designer and composer, passed away yesterday from heart failure at the age of 42. Eno was truly a unique individual, both in terms of the games he worked on over the course of his more than two-decade-long career and the bold way he operated.

One of Eno's first...
21/02 00:10 - [NEWS] Can PlayStation 4 Restore Our Lost Love for Sony?
I used to love Sony.
20/02 22:44 - [NEWS] PS4's Encouraging Start Centers Around Sharing and Developer Friendliness
It's true, the games are ultimately what we are most concerned with when we talk about a games console. But when they are first announced, it's the systems themselves that are often the most fascinating topics. This is perhaps truer than ever before in the case of the PlayStation 4, what with the...
20/02 21:09 - [NEWS] 1UP's PlayStation 4 Roundtable: Opinions, Analysis, and Community Reactions
Jose Otero: At the PlayStation event, Sony showed some of the best and worst kept secrets in the gaming industry. We all got our first peek at the PlayStation 4's controller and the rumored social features, like the ability to allow other users to spectate the games you're currently playing. I...
20/02 20:08 - [NEWS] PlayStation 4's First Games Aim to Impress, But Lack a Desired Next-Gen Feel
As expected, today's big Sony event focused solely on one thing: the newly announced PlayStation 4. The presentation clocked in at two hours and covered a wide variety of subjects, although many of the key details -- a specific release date, a price, plans for its online service -- were nowhere...
20/02 12:24 - [NEWS] 1UP Reacts to Sony's PlayStation 4 Coming Out Party
The future of PlayStation is set to be revealed in just a matter of hours. 1UP will be in New York City to see firsthand what is widely presumed to be the unveiling of the PlayStation 4. As we get closer to the start of the event -- scheduled to begin at 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern -- you'll find a...
19/02 17:45 - [NEWS] As the PlayStation 4 Makes Its Debut, Sony Needs to Provide a Satisfactory "Why"
After an unusually long console cycle, we're now just a day away from the reveal of the PlayStation 4. Sony hasn't been especially coy about what the purpose of tomorrow's event is, though it has been reluctant to provide any information that could clue us in on its plans for its next home...
18/02 19:10 - [NEWS] It's Too Soon to Write Off the PS4 Controller Prototype's New Functionality
The unveiling of the PlayStation 4 is still two days away, yet we've already heard a great deal about what to expect from it. Last week, an alleged picture of the system's controller was published by Destructoid, and despite being only a single image, it was extremely telling. It showed off two...
15/02 22:03 - [NEWS] PODCAST: 1UP Takes a Trip to Outer Space
This week we put together a show that ties into our site's cover story theme, "It Came From Outer Space." Join host Jose Otero along with guests Bob Mackey, Marty Sliva, IGN's Ryan McCaffery for games discussion. The crew gathers to discuss Aliens: Colonial Marines and trade impressions from next...
15/02 16:58 - [NEWS] After an Abysmal January, 3DS's Turnaround Provides Hope for Wii U's Future
Knowing the Wii U's immediate sales prospects weren't as great as it had hoped is what prompted Nintendo to recently slash sales projections for the console. Rather than expecting to sell 5.5 million units by the end of March, it was now expecting 4 million units to be sold by that same point....
14/02 09:50 - [NEWS] BitSummit Aspires to Demonstrate Japan's Independent Development Scene Is Alive and Well
Digital distribution has given the independent games scene a major boost. No longer are publishers or shareware discs needed to get the creations of small developers with no marketing budgets or prowess into the hands of gamers. Over the last decade, we've seen the level of attention indie games...
11/02 15:05 - [NEWS] Here's One Rumored Detail About the Next Xbox That Piques My Interest
Much of the recent talk about Durango, the code name for the next-generation Xbox, has been about its rumored always-online requirement. Aside from the fact that you'd need an Internet connection in order to use the system, this would also supposedly block the use of secondhand games, potentially...
08/02 11:45 - [NEWS] Rayman Legends Going Multiplatform Lets Down Wii U Owners And Nintendo
Rayman Legends was, for myself and many others, a major reason to pick up a Wii U early on. Although it was known more than a month in advance of the system's launch that Legends would be coming in the first quarter of 2013, rather than in November as originally planned, it had been a game touted...
06/02 15:31 - [NEWS] The Exciting Prospect of a J.J. Abrams-Valve Collaboration
The prospect of a keynote discussion at the DICE Summit between Gabe Newell and J.J. Abrams seemed intriguing enough. After all, the two are some of the biggest names in their respective fields, Newell being the co-founder of Valve and Abrams being one of the most prolific producers and directors...
05/02 14:19 - [NEWS] Sly Cooper's Alarmingly Quiet Launch Emphasizes the Need for Change
You might not know it, but Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time was released today. It's a PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita exclusive that you can pick up right this very second, although you could be forgiven for not realizing it -- and not just because Dead Space 3 is the week's biggest release.
31/01 14:42 - [NEWS] VIDEO: Fire Emblem: Awakening Hands-On
We'd love to have a review of Fire Emblem: Awakening ready for you, but the game's length, depth, and punishing challenge have prevented our own Jeremy Parish from finishing his duties in an unreasonably timely fashion. But since we didn't want to leave you hanging, Jeremy and I recently sat down...
30/01 17:16 - [NEWS] An (Admittedly Futile) Cry for Less Annualization And More Breathing Room
It is something we see far more often than many of us would like: A game hits it big and the publisher responsible for it proceeds to annualize it or, at the very least, provide each subsequent release with little breathing room before yet another follow-up is released. The short-term rewards for...
29/01 13:05 - [NEWS] Making Sense of Warren Spector's Junction Point Being Shut Down
Following rumors that began to circulate yesterday, the news was made official today: Junction Point Studios is the latest game development studio to be shut down. While far from outright shocking, considering the moves its parent company had made in recent years, this does call attention to how...
28/01 17:11 - [NEWS] 1UP Spends 10 Minutes in The Cave
Evenafter wrapping up myreview of TheCave,I still find myselfcompletely smitten by the game. Ron Gilbertand the folks at Double Fine created the kind of experience that makesme remember why I fell in love with an entire genre in the first place,and for that, I'm truly grateful. That's not to...
25/01 16:38 - [NEWS] The Crew of Infinity Faces an Invasion Next Week on Spartan Ops
The second half of Spartan Ops' first season continues and sets up an unexpected invasion of the UNSC Infinity, as a combination of Covenant and Promethean forces storm the decks of Halo 4's massive starship. What's Catherine Halsey and the rest of the crew up to? You'll just have to tune in and...
25/01 11:04 - [NEWS] Looking Ahead to Respawn's Debut Game (Hopefully) Taking a Step Beyond Call of Duty
This spring will mark three years since Respawn Entertainment was established by Jason West and Vince Zampella, the founders of Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward. While you wouldn't expect development to have begun immediately at a brand-new studio, enough time has now passed that it seems...
23/01 21:14 - [NEWS] PODCAST: 1UP Staff and Friends Gather to Talk About Nintendo and More
Honestly, I don't enjoy it when 1UP podcasts change to new names but it's happened many times. Remember 1UP Yours? That eventually became Listen UP, which then turned into 4 Guys 1UP, and then In This Thread after that. Sheesh, what's in a name? Well, a lot really. And I much as I've enjoyed the...
23/01 15:19 - [NEWS] South Park Goes to Ubisoft, Vigil And Darksiders Abandoned in Messy THQ Breakup
Four years ago, Ubisoft was heavily advertising its games around episodes of South Park. In the next few months, it'll likely be doing that once again, only this time it will be doing this as the publishers of the newest South Park game, The Stick of Truth. Ubisoft was among the companies today...
23/01 11:31 - [NEWS] Wind Waker HD, Redefining Zelda, And Third-Party Collaborations Show Wii U Means Business
Since it first debuted in October 2001, Nintendo Direct has been used for many things, from detailing Miiverse to delivering some of the most important details about Wii U (namely, its price and release date). Despite being only just over half an hour in length, the Direct event broadcast this...
16/01 15:17 - [NEWS] Win an iCade or iCade Mobile in Retronauts' Arcade Fan Fiction Contest!
No, you're not seeing things; we originally ran this contest a few weeks ago, but it mostly went ignored by our well-meaning readers thanks to the approaching Christmas holiday. That said, we've decided to re-launch it with a brand new due date for entries. Check out the information below to find...
27/12 18:27 - [NEWS] 1UP's Favorite Games of 2012: Paper Mario Sticker Star
games can be many things to many people, so the idea of proclaiming a
single one as the best of 2012 strikes us as a little limiting. This
year, instead of screaming at each other for hours in a sweaty,
smoke-filled room until we emerge with a handful of winners,...
27/12 16:51 - [NEWS] 1UP's Favorite Games of 2012: Lumines Electronic Symphony
Video games can be many things to many people, so the idea of proclaiming a
single one as the best of 2012 strikes us as a little limiting. This year, instead of screaming at each other for hours in a sweaty, smoke-filled room until we emerge with a handful of winners, your
friends at...
27/12 15:07 - [NEWS] 1UP's Favorite Games of 2012: Sound Shapes
games can be many things to many people, so the idea of proclaiming a
single one as the best of 2012 strikes us as a little limiting. This
year, instead of screaming at each other for hours in a sweaty,
smoke-filled room until we emerge with a handful of winners,...
27/12 14:03 - [NEWS] 1UP's Favorite Games of 2012: Halo 4
games can be many things to many people, so the idea of proclaiming a
single one as the best of 2012 strikes us as a little limiting. This
year, instead of screaming at each other for hours in a sweaty,
smoke-filled room until we emerge with a handful of winners,...
27/12 13:17 - [NEWS] 1UP's Favorite Games of 2012: Nintendo Land
games can be many things to many people, so the idea of proclaiming a
single one as the best of 2012 strikes us as a little limiting. This
year, instead of screaming at each other for hours in a sweaty,
smoke-filled room until we emerge with a handful of winners,...
27/12 12:00 - [NEWS] 1UP's Favorite Games of 2012: Dragon's Dogma
games can be many things to many people, so the idea of proclaiming a
single one as the best of 2012 strikes us as a little limiting. This
year, instead of screaming at each other for hours in a sweaty,
smoke-filled room until we emerge with a handful of winners,...
27/12 10:00 - [NEWS] 1UP's Favorite Games of 2012: Spec Ops: The Line
games can be many things to many people, so the idea of proclaiming a
single one as the best of 2012 strikes us as a little limiting. This
year, instead of screaming at each other for hours in a sweaty,
smoke-filled room until we emerge with a handful of winners,...
26/12 20:26 - [NEWS] 1UP's Favorite Games of 2012: Rhythm Heaven Fever
games can be many things to many people, so the idea of proclaiming a
single one as the best of 2012 strikes us as a little limiting. This
year, instead of screaming at each other for hours in a sweaty,
smoke-filled room until we emerge with a handful of winners,...
26/12 18:30 - [NEWS] 1UP's Favorite Games of 2012: Dust: An Elysian Tale
games can be many things to many people, so the idea of proclaiming a
single one as the best of 2012 strikes us as a little limiting. This
year, instead of screaming at each other for hours in a sweaty,
smoke-filled room until we emerge with a handful of winners,...
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09/09 20:00 - Dell Enters Unified Data Center Fray Against Cisco, HP, IBM
With each company stepping into the Information Technology ring for battle, only the strong will survive. Dell, like many others have decided to join into the Data Center Battle Royal. No body slamming necessary, but tag teaming with a few members; Brocade Communication Systems and Scalent...
06/09 06:00 - AMD Rolls Out 40-Watt Six-Core Opteron
Advanced Micro Devices have developed a greener product. This time, the struggling x86 challenger turned its focus toward the latest 6 core product, Instanbul. The latest Opteron with 6 cores now has an energy efficient version that consumes 40 watts. Unlike the other x86 competitors product, it...
04/09 18:00 - Mozilla pushes out Firefox update 3.5.3
The Mozilla group have updated their Firefox web browser with version 3.5.3. Check out the update here.
03/09 02:00 - Western Digital shipping high-speed 2TB hard drive
In a battle to win the high capacity market, Western Digital has started have turned it up a notch. The company released their 2TB 7200 RPM disk in Black Caviar and RE4. Both consumer and Enterprise versions feature a 5 year warranty. Check out the blurb here.
03/09 02:00 - 'Nehalem'-Based Sun Fire x4170 Is a Compelling 1U Server Choice
Sun, who was recently purchased by Oracle, is still churning out new product. The x4170 is a 1U server box with the following specs; Dual socket with support upto 2.9Ghz. 18 DDR3 slots for upto 144GB of memory. Upto 4 channel SAS interfaces and Quad Gigabit controllers and 3 PCIe slots.
03/09 02:00 - New school year brings 'Green IT' college degree
Going back to School? Well, IBM and Nebraska's own Metropolitain Community College has decided to collaborate on the first degree in, Green Data Center Management. The degree focuses on areas such as Disaster recovery, Virtualization, and Security. Check out the story here.
02/09 03:50 - Apple's new OS geared for multicore future
While some operating systems focus on eye candy and widgets, Apple is hard at work on their latest operating system, Snow leopard and something called, GCD. Grand Central Dispatch. Grand Central Dispatch is a component of the new Snow Leopard OS that is supposed to ease the use of thread...
02/09 01:50 - Iomega announces high performance NAS appliances
Iomega, announced a new appliance. The former ZIP disk maker introduced the ix4-200d network attached storage appliance. The product features support upto 8TB with 4 hard disk, dual Gigabit adapters and iSCSI block level access. Check out the blurb here.
26/08 03:50 - Big Iron Mainframes Versus x86 Servers: What You Need to Know
If you thought that Mainframes were a thing of the past, think again. With a footprint the size of a consumer refrigerator, a mainframe can replace 1500 Xeon based servers. With up to 85 percent lower power consumption in return. eWeek has posted a slide show comparing the difference between...
26/08 03:50 - The wraps are coming off IBM's Power7
IBM approaches the market with the next iteration of Power processors, series 7. The Power 7 processor features 8 cores with 4 SMT per core for up to 32 threads per processors. The chip also has Dual DDR3 memory controllers with bandwidth up to 100GB per chip. Level 3 cache now have a capacity of...
21/08 19:50 - Ten Hot IT Certifications for 2009
IT certifications help employers distinguish people when applying for certain positions. With a recession in place, it would be wise to arm your credentials with a certification. CIOInsight published a slideshow showcasing the 10 hottest certs for an IT person to be aware of. Check it out here
21/08 19:50 - New MCITP Title for Windows 7
Certification aficionados, Microsoft has rolled out the MCITP certification for Windows 7. The certification is called, Enterprise Desktop Support Technician 7. The new requirement is that you pass one of two exams from the HDI. Help Desk Institute. This is the first time Microsoft has made an...
21/08 01:50 - Mozilla releases Thunderbird software update
The Mozilla developers pushed out an update for their Mail client application, Thunderbird, with version Check it out here.
19/08 03:50 - Wi-Fi via White Spaces
The 802.11 spec that now features the 5Ghz band (N) went official in 2008 for consumers. However, it was only a marginal step from the previous 2.4Ghz band that was introduced 8+ years ago. With all the Television stations migrating from analog to HD. There are alot of unused band space auctioned...
07/08 01:50 - 5 Tools for the thrifty IT manager
Information Technology staff are always looking to save a dollar. With the recession in place, it would very wise to do so. Bill Silvey has posted an article about 5 free tools for the cheap IT manager. Check out the article here.
07/08 01:50 - Mozilla pumps out 3.5.2 and 3.0.13
The Mozilla group pushed out to updates to their web browsers. Update 3.5.2, and update 3.0.13.
25/07 19:50 - IT Employment Forecast
Baseling mag posted an IT employment forecast this week. The forecast covers the job growth in numbers and percentages of the current and future aspects of the industry. If you work or are currently seeking work in the Information Technology industry, then this maybe for you. Check out the slide...
23/07 01:50 - Mozilla releases update 3.0.12
The Mozilla group releases FireFox update 3.0.12. Check it out here.
19/07 19:50 - Happy Birthday to the Massa of the Masses
Today on 7/19, is the birthday of the Senior Editor, Jim Kirk. Happy Birthday boss. :^)
19/07 03:50 - Windows Home Server Service Pack 3 beta
Microsoft's Technet have posted a beta to their Service Pack 3 for the Windows Home Server Operating System. The beta has a few new features such as;
18/07 19:50 - New Opterons Heat Up Competition Between AMD, Intel
Advanced Micro Devices Opteron series have expanded with additional product. The company earlier this month added a six core Opteron processor codenamed; Istanbul. A six core Opteron in two flavors; HE and SE models. The HE is a 6 core processor with a 55w consumption for low wattage...
18/07 19:50 - Mozilla releases update 3.5.1 of Firefox
The Mozilla group pushed another update this week to their Firefox browser with version 3.5.1. The update takes note of stability security enhancement.
15/07 03:51 - Survey: Many businesses plan to skip Windows 7
So many business plan to skip Windows 7 on release? If they skipped Vista, and they skip Windows 7, then when do IT Administrators throw in the towel on XP? Surely an 8 year old Operating system has reached it's peak, right? Ina fried of Cnet has posted an interesting observation of response from...
11/07 21:50 - Should Apple Even Care About the Enterprise?
With Microsoft on the rise with the push of Windows 7 coming after the summer and more enterprises looking to transition, should apple even care about the enterprise?
07/07 01:50 - AMD rolls out another Opteron
Advanced Micro Devices rolls out another Server and Workstation processor. The codename: Suzuka, is the new single socket Opteron of the 1000 series processors. With a top clock of 2.9Ghz, a larger cache capacity of 6MB and a low consumption 10% less, this processor will target the SMB server and...
04/07 15:50 - Happy 4th of July
On behalf of the 2CPU staff, have a Happy 4th of July. :)
27/06 17:50 - Mozilla rolls out another update
The Mozilla group of developers have pushed out, yet another update. This update applies to the beta version of the browser, FireFox 3.4. Last week, the company released version 3.4vb4. This week marked the release of version 3.5rc3 beta.
18/06 03:50 - Nine Career Mistakes for IT Pros To Avoid
Global Knowledge editor, Linda Leung has posted an article about the Nine career mistakes for IT Professionals to avoid. I won't spoil any of them, but will direct you to the article. Check it out here.
18/06 01:50 - Mozilla updates web applications
The Mozilla software team pushed out an update to their Release Candidate, FireFox 3.5 with update version, B4. Last week, the developers also pushed out FireFox version, 3.0.11. Security vulnerabilities have been addressed with these updates as well as stability.
13/06 05:50 - Apple finalizes PowerPC divorce with OS upgrade
With Apple, there was a time when the company adored the PowerPC RISC base platform. The last PowerPC platform Apple invested in was the G5. However, with the fall out with International Business Machines, the company has adopted the Intel x86 base processors. With Apple pushing their latest...
05/06 01:50 - AMD ships six-core 'Istanbul' Opteron CPU ahead of schedule
With competition on the horizon, Advanced Micro Devices prepares for the running of the bulls. The company went forward early with the latest server product, Instanbul. The processor with six cores, and 45nm process is packaged and ready to go. With current socket compatibility of socket 1207,...
28/05 03:50 - Microsoft releases Service Packs for Vista
With Windows 7 on the way this summer, it's still imperative for the software giant to support their current operating system Windows Vista. Last year the company Service Pack 1 in an attempt to apply a bandage to a slightly unappreciated welcome from buyers. However, this year the company have...
21/05 05:45 - Ten Dying IT Skills
With Information Technology being forever changing, one has to wonder: What skills are still relevant for the field? Well, Linda Leung of Global Knowledge group posted up an article listing the top ten IT skills dying in the field today. Check it out here.
21/05 05:45 - Appro Combines Intel, Nvidia Chips in HPC Cluster
Want more power in your Server Room? You can buy a rack of blade processors. Or, you can combine Graphic processors and CPU's in the Server room. Appro combined Intel's Nehalem EP Xeon processors and Nvidia's Telsa series base graphics processing units. With over 300 cpus and over 18,000 GPU's,...
08/05 03:45 - Oracle Database Certification 11g: Program with PL/SQL
Oracle, whom recently acquired Sun have posted an exam for Database administrators. The exam is in beta state with a window of 4/15 - to 8/15. The exam focuses on PL/SQL introduction and fundamentals of it. The time length is 3.5hrs.
04/05 03:45 - Mozilla updates their Browsers
The Mozilla group have pushed their updates out to their web browsers.
30/04 15:45 - Beta in May: Windows 7, Configuring Exam
Microsoft working on the Windows 7 exams for this year was reported previously. Now, the announcement of a beta exam to be posted in May from the 5th to the 18th. This is a MCTS base exam, which is essentially the equivalent of the MCP.
30/04 05:45 - Oracle snatches Sun Microsystems for $7.4 billion
As the rumors have been uttered throughout the industry for last few months, Sun was up for sale. However, no one knew who would purchase a large entity in such times as this recession has had upon us. With enough buyers posting their bids, AMD was rumored to be one of the bidders. Oracle. The...
26/04 19:45 - Ubuntu 9.04 for Desktop, Server and Netbook Systems
Your favorite open source Operating system is back in gear. Ubuntu 9.04 released for the Desktop, Netbook and Server platforms.
26/04 19:45 - EMC Offers Iomega Rackmount Server for Under $2000
If you can remember what a Zip drive is, then you're already familiar with the company who produced the product. However, you may not be familiar with their latest products. Such as; Iomega StorCenter Pro, iX4-200R is a 1U Rackmount Network Attached Storage appliance. The appliance has 4 Disk...
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28/11 11:27 - test
testing post testing ignore
22/11 10:49 - Massive Assault on D2D
Of interest for turn based trategy fans, especially hardcore online players.

Man2 offerings:
A.I. opponents for training
3D engine
"Fancy Camera" captures the most dramatic moments
Play multiple games simultaneously
Play games at your convenient...
31/10 10:55 - Halo: The Movie indefinitely postponed
Halo Holding
Jackson, Microsoft kill movie development for now.

October 31, 2006 - Halo producers Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh, along with Microsoft, are putting the much-anticipated movie version of the hit video game franchise on ice. Following recent reports that development...
06/10 07:36 - Gothic 3 Release/Demo
Gothic 3 release dates have been in flux for last year or so. "Its Gold in August....no wait....September....opps make that October; but only for German release, you guys In U.S./canada gotta wait till Jan '07...".
Hopefully G3 wont turn out to be the distributing mess that G2 & NotR...
27/09 08:49 - Of Mice & Men [brain mapping]
MS co-founder Paul Allen offers a web based 3D atlas that maps the genes in a mouses brain .

The Atlas implies hope for cures of brain disorderslike Alzheimers, Parkinsons, autism, depression addiction etc. If you, a family member or friend is suffering a brain malady, you know how...
15/08 13:01 - Make your own 360 games with XNA Game Studio
Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express
Code your own 360 titles! New project lets anyone develop. The Net Yaroze walked the same road. Will Microsoft succeed?
by Gerry Block

August 14, 2006 - Gamefest, Microsoft's yearly show for game developers, kicks off today. The event...
11/08 01:35 - Director found for Halo movie?
Supposedly. It's Neill Blomkamp.


Well, here's what GameStop says about the guy:

Who is Neill Blomkamp? The announcement describes him "as one of the most innovative and original artists currently working in short films and commercial advertising." The...
21/06 18:08 - TiVoToGo and the PSP
TiVo released a new Desktop update today - version 2.3 - that features automatic transfers and support for the PSP.

The new TiVo software allows users to convert their recorded television shows from their networked Series2 TiVo DVR to their PC, PSP or video iPod with the company's...
14/06 14:57 - Sce Announces New Controller For Playstation 3
Los Angeles, May 8, 2006 – Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) today announced the new controller for PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3), which will become available as standard with the system. The new controller can be experienced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) held from May 10...
14/06 14:56 - Emming Brings Classic Puzzle-solving Gameplay To The Psp
FOSTER CITY, Calif., May 23, 2006 – Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. announced today the release of Lemmings™, now available throughout North America for the PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) system. Celebrating its 15th anniversary this year and developed by Team 17,...
11/05 07:42 - Firefox latest version....
...incase Mozilla users missed the browser update like I did, Firefox
has been released;

07/04 12:29 - Microsoft Acquires Lionhead Studios
Sir Peter Molyneux's company joins Microsoft's growing empire.
by Wade Steel

April 6, 2006 - Cementing the relationship that began with the development and release of the Fable franchise for the Xbox and PC, Microsoft Game Studios (MGS) announced today that it had purchased...
04/04 10:47 - Production news
Old news by now...

POSTED: 3/27/2006 10:07 AM

After a decade of production, Sony has finally pulled the plug on PlayStation One production. The console was originally launched in Japan in December 1994, selling more than...
01/04 10:12 - Gothic 3...oh no...
...say it ain't so:

That JoWooD has received an substantial offer for the XBox rights of Gothic 3 by an American concern.

That G3 release has been pushed back to near 4th quarter '06.
16/03 18:10 - PSP news blowout
Sony Computer Entertainment chief Ken Kutaragi outlined the PSP's future as part of an hour-long speech at the Spring 2006 PlayStation Business Briefing in Tokyo on March 15. Here's the skinny:

- Shipments of the PSP have crossed 15,000,000 units worldwide

- America...
14/03 18:52 - Playstation 3 Delayed to 2007
Sony Shares Drop on Report PlayStation 3 Delayed to November

March 15 (Bloomberg) -- Shares of Sony Corp., the world's biggest video-game maker, fell as much as 2 percent after a newspaper reported the company will delay the debut of its PlayStation 3 console to November from its...
15/02 06:59 - Intel Dual Core price cut due.
Motivation to get on the dual core bandwagon is near. Intel is due to announce in April price cuts from 13% to 50% on the 900 series processor. Additional cuts to come in 3rd quarter '06. For example, a model 950 3.4 ghz currently tagged @ $637 is scheduled for cut to $316 in April & cut...
15/02 06:59 - Intel Dual Core price cut due.
Motivation to get on the dual core bandwagon is near. Intel is due to announce in April price cuts from 13% to 50% on the 900 series processor. Additional cuts to come in 3rd quarter '06. For example, a model 950 3.4 ghz currently tagged @ $637 is scheduled for cut to $316 in April & cut...
22/11 08:13 - Black Friday
Online sites have leaked a few Black Friday specials, much to the objections of national retailers .

To point; HP Pavillion laptop with CD/DVD-RW optics for $398, a Canon digital camcorder for $249, Platonics Bluetooth wireless cell phone headset for $9, Axion portable DVD player for...
22/11 08:13 - Black Friday
Online sites have leaked a few Black Friday specials, much to the objections of national retailers .

To point; HP Pavillion laptop with CD/DVD-RW optics for $398, a Canon digital camcorder for $249, Platonics Bluetooth wireless cell phone headset for $9, Axion portable DVD player for...
09/09 08:37 - Op Flashpoint 2 ?
Im anxiously awaiting the sequel to Codemasters 2001 game Operation Flashpoint.
As I understand it, Op Flash 2 is currently in limbo due to difference of opinion between the publisher & developer over release dates & company take overs.

Bohemia assures the gaming...
09/09 08:37 - Op Flashpoint 2 ?
Im anxiously awaiting the sequel to Codemasters 2001 game Operation Flashpoint.
As I understand it, Op Flash 2 is currently in limbo due to difference of opinion between the publisher & developer over release dates & company take overs.

Bohemia assures the gaming...
09/09 08:37 - Op Flashpoint 2 ?
Im anxiously awaiting the sequel to Codemasters 2001 game Operation Flashpoint.
As I understand it, Op Flash 2 is currently in limbo due to difference of opinion between the publisher & developer over release dates & company take overs.

Bohemia assures the gaming...
26/08 07:03 - Halo goes Hollywood
20th Century Fox & Universal studios hacked out a deal to pay Microsoft $5 million and a cut of ticket sales for the rights to make a Halo movie. This is something Hollywood has been after since summer of '02 .
Universal spokesman , said Fox & Universal studios were aiming for a...
26/08 07:03 - Halo goes Hollywood
20th Century Fox & Universal studios hacked out a deal to pay Microsoft $5 million and a cut of ticket sales for the rights to make a Halo movie. This is something Hollywood has been after since summer of '02 .
Universal spokesman , said Fox & Universal studios were aiming for a...
26/08 07:03 - Halo goes Hollywood
20th Century Fox & Universal studios hacked out a deal to pay Microsoft $5 million and a cut of ticket sales for the rights to make a Halo movie. This is something Hollywood has been after since summer of '02 .
Universal spokesman , said Fox & Universal studios were aiming for a...
09/08 14:58 - One BAD-A** gamer
09/08 14:58 - One BAD-A** gamer
read about it here
21/07 03:26 - Additional GTA San Andreas news
"Grand Theft" maker blames hackers for sex scenes

News source: Reuters 7/21/05

By Lisa Baertlein

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Hackers are responsible for a downloadable modification that enables sexually explicit minigames to be played in the...
21/07 03:26 - Additional GTA San Andreas news
22/06 18:41 - Video Games Live ANNOUNCES NATIONWIDE TOUR DATES
Video Games Live Brings Celebrated Creative and Technical Team on Board To

Recreate Distinctive Game Environments Using Music, Video, Lasers, Lighting and Special Visual Effects

Los Angeles - June 22, 2005 - Renowned video game composers,...
10/06 18:05 - May VGR Contest Winner
...and the winner is..............
for the review of
Thief 2X Shadows of the Metal Age

Congratulations Aku!
10/06 12:15 - May VGR Contest Winner
...and the winner is..............
for the review of http://www.videogamereview.com/PRD_337729_3764crx.aspx]Thief 2X Shadows of the Metal Age

Congratulations Aku!
18/05 11:27 - Playstation 3 vs. Xbox 360
18/05 11:27 - Playstation 3 vs. Xbox 360
Playstation 3 vs. Xbox 360
by Audioholics

E3 Wrapup and Ongoing Discussions as the Dust Settles

As this was the week for major gaming platform announcements at E3, including both the Xbox 360 and Sony's new Playstation 3, we decided to give a quick run-down of the...
18/05 07:02 - First Encounter Assault & Recon
18/05 07:02 - First Encounter Assault & Recon
For those who shoot, soon to be released , F.E.A.R is rumored to provide creepy atmosphere, slow-mo gameplay option & dazzling graphics.

Check out some of the screens, they remind me of cross between HL original & Splinter...
16/05 06:57 - NOVIY DISK to showcase 7 PC Games At E3
16/05 06:57 - NOVIY DISK to showcase 7 PC Games At E3

May 16, 2005 - Noviy Disk will showcase seven key titles from its 2005 game slate at the 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo (booth # 6503, Kentia Hall)

Night Watch
From the...
13/05 16:20 - Microsoft Unveils Xbox 360
Microsoft unveiled the Xbox 360 on Thursday at the XXX trade show and on a televised special on cable network MTV.

Microsoft launched its latest offering in the gaming war on Thursday as it showed off its new Xbox 360. Billed as more than just a gaming console, the Xbox 360 looks...
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18/12 03:04 - [Risk Assessment, Technology Lab, North Korea...] State-sponsored or not, Sony Pictures malware ?bomb? used slapdash code
Malware was just good enough to do the job, perhaps what North Korea intended.
18/12 02:00 - [Features, Law & Disorder, Ministry of Innovation..] Making the Internet a utility?what?s the worst that could happen?
A cable lobby lawyer reveals the industry?s darkest fears.
18/12 01:00 - [Law & Disorder, drones, New York City] NYC lawmaker wants to ban drones except for cops with warrants
Unmanned aerial vehicles could be forbidden for hobbyists and companies.
17/12 23:55 - [Risk Assessment, hack, North Korea...] US government fingers North Korea as the Sony hackers
Officials unsure whether the White House will respond.
17/12 22:58 - [Opposable Thumbs, arcade, level 257...] Namco to open Pac-Man-themed restaurant in Suburban Chicago
"Level 257" entertainment complex will open in Shaumburg, Illinois in January.
17/12 22:25 - [Law & Disorder, Technology Lab, browsers...] Windows Browser Ballot comes to an end as EC obligation expires
It was designed to stimulate competition in the browser market.
17/12 22:20 - [Law & Disorder, movies, sony hackers...] After hackers? terror threats, Sony cancels The Interview?s theatrical release [Updated]
Carmike Cinemas, with 278 theaters across 41 states, was first to pull film on Tuesday.
17/12 21:26 - [Risk Assessment] Hacking tutorials, identity documents gain popularity on black market
'Guarantees' for stolen merchandise, as premium credit cards flood market.
17/12 21:10 - [Law & Disorder, Scientific Method, fossil fuels...] New York state to ban fracking for natural gas
State health commissioner's report suggests the unknowns are too large.
17/12 20:47 - [Law & Disorder, Risk Assessment, Technology Lab...] ICANN e-mail accounts, zone database breached in spearphishing attack
Password data, other personal information of account holders exposed.
17/12 20:26 - [Law & Disorder] US telcos can operate in Cuba as part of new reform, White House says
Diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba have been suspended since 1961.
17/12 20:10 - [Gear & Gadgets, Ministry of Innovation, Anandtech] AnandTech snapped up by parent company of Tom?s Hardware and LaptopMag
Founder and Editor-In-Chief Anand Shimpi left for Apple in August.
17/12 19:47 - [Ministry of Innovation, broadband, cable...] 100Mbps Internet available to 59% of US, while gigabit still at just 3%
At the other extreme, 2 percent of Americans can?t even get 3Mbps.
17/12 18:26 - [Scientific Method, geology, life...] Curiosity samples methane surges in Martian atmosphere
Point to a dynamic and local process?possibly biological?that's releasing the gas.
17/12 17:59 - [Ministry of Innovation, amazon prime instant video] Netflix: Offline video watching is ?never going to happen?
PR director says users won't even need offline options "in five years' time."
17/12 17:35 - [Opposable Thumbs, apple, grand theft auto v...] Sell it somewhere else: How retailer restrictions affect the game market
With government out of our hair, are retailers acting as the new censors?
17/12 16:32 - [Gear & Gadgets, blackberry, blackberry classic] Keep living in the past with the BlackBerry Classic
BlackBerry preaches to its shrinking choir with a Bold-style throwback.
17/12 15:54 - [Law & Disorder, Ministry of Innovation, AT&T...] FCC expected to fine Sprint $105 million for overcharging customers
Cramming charges have also led to trouble for AT&T and T-Mobile.
17/12 15:18 - [Risk Assessment, Technology Lab, denial-of-service] Meet FlashFlood, the lightweight script that causes websites to falter
Bringing big database-driven sites to their knees just got a little easier.
17/12 14:19 - [Opposable Thumbs, controversy, Greenlight...] Controversial shooter Hatred reinstated on Steam Greenlight [Updated]
Valve reverses its decision just one day after taking the game down.
17/12 01:22 - [Infinite Loop, Ministry of Innovation, Apple Pay..] Cards supported by Apple Pay now reflect 90% of card transaction volume in US
Almost two months later, the service has the support of dozens of new services and banks.
16/12 23:24 - [Infinite Loop, Ministry of Innovation, apple...] Apple ceases online sales in Russia due to extreme ruble fluctuations
Apple has already tried increasing iPhone prices as Russia's currency crisis continues.
16/12 21:52 - [Staff] Ars was briefly hacked yesterday; here?s what we know
Readers, please change your passwords.
16/12 21:40 - [Law & Disorder, Ministry of Innovation, FCC...] ?Shadowy? anti-net neutrality group flooded FCC with comments [Updated]
Form letter campaign makes it appear Americans don't support net neutrality.
16/12 21:25 - [Gear & Gadgets, dealmaster] The Dealmaster has a Windows 7 Pro-packing Dell laptop for $649.99
It's got a 2Ghz Intel Core i7-4510U processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 1TB hard drive.
16/12 20:40 - [Opposable Thumbs, Humble Bundle, humble store...] Microsoft tells J.S. Joust devs their game is ?NOT possible? on Windows
PlayStation Move-enabled game only on Mac and Linux for now, will be open sourced.
16/12 20:12 - [Law & Disorder, Risk Assessment, Technology Lab...] Feds used Adobe Flash to identify Tor users visiting child porn sites
Operation Torpedo relied on long-abandoned Metasploit Decloaking Engine.
16/12 19:35 - [Risk Assessment] Sony Pictures hackers make terrorist threat against opening of ?The Interview?
?Guardians of Peace? invoke 9/11 attack in latest message, post CEO?s e-mails.
16/12 19:20 - [Law & Disorder, bitcoin, butterfly labs] Judge lifts federal control of Butterfly Labs but keeps a cautious eye
Bitcoin miner maker: "Public labeling? as scammers has caused irreparable harm."
16/12 19:07 - [Law & Disorder, Fourth Amendment, warrantless spyi] Cops illegally nailed webcam to utility pole for 6 weeks to spy on house
Pan-and-zoom webcam spied 24 hours a day. Feed was saved to external hard drive.
16/12 18:53 - [Ministry of Innovation, t-mobile] T-Mobile steers customers away from cheap plans with data rollover program
"Data Stash" structured to push customers onto higher-priced plans.
16/12 18:43 - [Law & Disorder, cameras, Los Angeles] Los Angeles cops latest to jump on the body-worn camera bandwagon
Mayor: "LA will be a national leader in the use of these cameras."
16/12 18:08 - [Infinite Loop, Law & Disorder, Apple iTunes antitr] Jury finds for Apple in iTunes case, throws out billion-dollar lawsuit
After just a few hours of deliberation, jury nukes a 10-year antitrust case.
16/12 16:43 - [Gear & Gadgets, amazon echo, iFixit] iFixit Amazon Echo teardown reveals a bit of computer, a lot of speaker
Cylindrical home assistant is harder to put back together than to tear apart.
16/12 16:33 - [Opposable Thumbs, david braben, Elite...] Elite: Dangerous hits 1.0, is now available to the public
Galaxy opens wide to newcomers, with a cash awards for first "Elite" players.
16/12 16:23 - [Law & Disorder, Ministry of Innovation, Comcast...] Comcast to stop blocking HBO Go and Showtime on Roku streaming devices
Roku complained that ISPs could demand payment to un-block streaming services.
16/12 16:10 - [Scientific Method, Staff, climate change...] Skeptics, deniers, and contrarians: The climate science label game
Describing climate science doubt is harder than describing the science.
16/12 16:00 - [Ars Technica Videos, Features, Gear & Gadgets...] From PC to Navy, Ars pits casual flight sim skills against a real cockpit trainer
"You probably would have clipped noses off the planes lined up on the flight line there."
16/12 15:29 - [Opposable Thumbs] Hands-on: Drawn to Death tops Sony?s list of big-ticket 2015 games
We also went hands-on with big Sony exclusives The Order: 1886 and Until Dawn.
16/12 14:51 - [Scientific Method, Biology, life...] Is Mars habitable? That?s tougher to answer than you might think
Early conditions could have fostered life, but would it survive to the present?
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Site américain GameDev.net

Dernière mise à jour le 18/12/2014 à 06:10
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Catégories : Jeux Video, Développement
18/12 04:18 - Some help using vertex buffer with std::vector.
I'm trying to use a vector to create a vertex array and copy it into a vertex buffer, but so far, it is not working as well as I would have hoped.... Only one vertex is being copied into the vertex buffer and not the rest of vertices. I wonder , what I am doing wrong? Here's my code:
18/12 01:08 - Missing Microsoft DLLs in Win8.1 x64 when compiling in x64
I'm compiling my project for x64 architecture the first time, on Win8.1 x64.
I'm using MinGW64.
It compiles fine, and I also recompiled the DLLs I use (Boost, SFML, and prebuilt Qt binaries using the same compiler).
Upon running, it crashes complaining...
17/12 23:30 - Memory leak in c# client
I've got a strange memory leak happening, well, it's more of a gaping memory hole rather than a leak.
My c++ engine and game application runs fine but I've recently written a C# editor into which I'm housing my engine.  I'm using the window handle from a c# panel and...
17/12 22:37 - Boost c++ How to Deserialize Element of Container
Hello all!
I've been searching the internet for some time, now, on the topic, and haven't seemed to find anything of value.
The situation at hand, is that I have vectors of objects serialized, using Boost serialization. It works great, and is an effective...
17/12 19:37 - 3d Collision Detection
Hi Guys,
I've been reading about 3d collision detection, 1st time doing it, I see there are intersection & distance based methods. What do you recommend? Any suggestions?
17/12 18:58 - a little dilema abotu glut
I started to develop my simple 2D engine in linux, but at the time I wanted to check it on windows , it was very easy to move it beacuse I wrote the engine with glut and glew, so it took me 10 mintues to compile the engine in windows . 
the problem is that i feeling glut...
17/12 16:50 - Best code to use for a web browser game
I know you guys get a lot of questions like the one above, but...
the only coding I have ever done has been VBA/SQL; I have a banking background. Lately I have become interested in developing a web browser game and mobile app counterpart, just as a...
17/12 16:45 - Should the player be just another entity in the etities list?
Should the player be just another entity in the entities list?
perhaps with additional player specific data?
or should the player be a separate stand alone data structure with no entry in the entities list?
sometimes i see the player as...
17/12 15:34 - better way of loading images? SDL2
I want a better way of loading images. Currently I am using SDL2 with SDL_images. I would like to use it in a class and load it to my game. Currently mine is using pointers but I'd like to change that. I can supply the code I have so far if thats needed and maybe someone can explain a way of...
17/12 12:21 - first person camera rotations to 2d sprite rotation
 if i have a first person camera and a 2d radar, howdo i use the camera rotations for the sprite 2d rotations for the placement of the player on the radar
i think what i first need todo is
D3DXVec3TransformCoord on either the view matrix or the inverse...
17/12 08:49 - constructor for class that contains another class and constructor C++
i have this:

template class t3dpoint {
_cType x;
_cType y;
_cType z;

t3dpoint() : x(_cType(0.0)), y(_cType(0.0)), z(_cType(0.0)) //t3dpoint() : x(_cType(0.0) etc
{ }

17/12 08:26 - Marketing a game?!
Hey guys , i`m not really sure i`m posting this in the right place, but here we go.
I made a small game for android , and it`s up on google, but i`m not getting too many downloads ).It`s not really such a great game (my first ever game + i started learning only about one year ago and have...
17/12 08:09 - what is the best sofware for...
I tried to search for software to make my 2d game
this my question, hope you all have the answar  :
1. what is the best software to make a 2D game
2.what is the best software to make audio and music for the game
17/12 02:46 - Copy texture between contexts
Hello, I'm rather new to D3D programming, but I'm thrown at a fairly advanced problem.
I'm writing a plugin for a game that, at the end of each frame, presents me an ID3D11ShaderResourceView with the rendered view on a texture. I can request an ID3D11Texture2D from...
17/12 02:17 - Outline effect on selected objet
Hi all,
I want to achieve a correct outline shader because post-process edge detection shows all edge, not only the outline.
The effect needed to be is like this image : http://i.stack.imgur.com/ubl0J.jpg
I only see to render second time the object with scaling on it using...
17/12 01:47 - Something good for beginners... maybe
It seems to be a full development environment with a python based scripting system.
Free and open source, extensible through C++.
multi platform output
Take a look at there features page yourself, they just had their...
16/12 22:20 - Templated constructor "overwrites" regular copy-ctor
EDIT: Ok, I'm a dumbass. Defining the second non-const reference copy-ctor is the right way, and it only didn't support the symbol because I just switched to the test-project which didn't have a compile-dependency set for the engine-lib. Why don't you forget I asked that... I'll just leave it up...
16/12 21:17 - Preventing Camera from being Upside down ...

I have a rather interesting problem; on random occasions my camera, via the view matrix I believe, appears "upside down".

The camera will be pointing in the right direction and at the right position but the view completely inverted.

I feel a little...
16/12 20:52 - Flash game Greenlit, need someone to make wrapper for Steam API! (Paid)
Hello fellow developers!
Our game Castle just got Greenlit yesterday and we would really like to integrate some nice Steam features like leaderboards and achievements, etc. The problem is their Steamworks SDK is in C++, and the only programming language I know is AS3.
16/12 20:43 - Simple imageBuffer Problem
I think this should be a fairly straight forward thing to figure out, but I'm having problems getting data into my fragment shader from a texture buffer object.
Problem Summary: When I eventually get to the shader and call imageLoad it is always...
16/12 20:24 - declare custom types of ints?
is there a way to declare custom types of ints?
say i have a subroutine:
PlayAnimation(int AnimationID,int ModelID);
i'd like to declare AnimationID and ModelID to be different types,
so if i accidentally code:
16/12 19:45 - Here is a simple Python Program that can Interpret a sentence (help)
I have made a simple python program that has no dependencies (only string manipulation) that can interpret a sentence based on word associations.It sorta feels good right now, but every word that has punctuation is interpreted as one word, and I can't interpret it separately. Now this is a...
16/12 19:45 - A Python Program that can Interpret a sentence (help)
I have made a simple python program that has no dependencies (only string manipulation) that can interpret a sentence based on word associations.It sorta feels good right now, but every word that has punctuation is interpreted as one word, and I can't interpret it separately. Now this is a...
16/12 18:16 - html & opengl ( what should i use or should i recreate html render engine )
Hello everyone! First of all, i have no idea how browsers like chrome, for example, works.
What i need is to render a web page into quad but in that quad area, buttons and others stuff should work. My engine supports only one window right now but perhaps that won't be the problem...
16/12 17:46 - Implementing pathfinding... server or client?
There's a server/client RTS engine called ORTS. In one of their documents, "On the Development of a Free RTS Engine", they mention basic gameplay tasks, like pathfinding, are implemented client-side ("Low Level AI Components" section of the document linked below).
This sounds...
16/12 12:11 - Differences in setting point size in shader and main
Hello everybody,
at the moment I am trying to set the point size depending on a zoom level in my OpenGL 3.3 viewer. I found that in my environment there is a difference between using glPontSize in the C++ program and using gl_PointSize in the vertex shader.When I zoom out the pointsize...
16/12 11:37 - Terrain tesselation and collision
I'm having issues wrapping my head around how tesselation and collision can work. My understanding of terrain tesselation is based on the nvidia demo/whitepaper: https://developer.nvidia.com/sites/default/files/akamai/gamedev/files/sdk/11/TerrainTessellation_WhitePaper.pdf
16/12 11:14 - trying to avoid using if statements - is this good idea ?
I would like to do that every object in my game can changed to filled or non filled .
so instead of using if , so I made an array that get  0 or 1 , and number of vertexs , and return the draw mode 
0 or 1 means non filled or filled

const GLenum...
16/12 10:26 - Animation questions (many questions :P)
Alright, so I've struggled with loading and animating models using assimp for a couple weeks now, and it's by far one of the more difficult things I've come across since I started programming (basically, any of my programming deficiencies seem to be rearing their ugly heads in trying to implement...
16/12 08:47 - Starting my own game engine - please don't laugh.
Hey everyone! How's it going? First of all this is not the standard post of "I want to do my game engine because pro people do it". I'm starting a game company that relies heavily on Unity and C# and that's perfectly fine for me, but I want to understand a little bit more of the metal involved....
16/12 04:46 - How Do Terraria Animations Work?
I'm wondering how the Terraria animations work. Are there just many frames squeezed together? Or it is like a 3D rig with built in animations? I'm very curious and would like to know for future reference. Far as I know, Terraria was coded in C# and Visual Studio was used as the IDE....
16/12 04:45 - Animation timer?
Hey guys,
So I ran into a very obvious problem, I've been trying to run an animation but it runs too quick. I hate to fetch for code but I have no idea how to write a timer function.
basically all i need to do is create a timer function and after every 800...
16/12 02:28 - 0 experience in programming and game development
Well, im finishing school this year and i am leaned to begin a career as a game dev, i really like animations, modeling, cinematics, etc. but i never tried making any of these, also i have 0 experience in programming, i love playing games and thats why im choosing to start in this trade.
15/12 20:52 - Pathfinding AI in an ECS game
when I have an ECS system, where the entities are only ids, the components PODs and the systems (in my case managers, because systems are low level) have all the logic.
How can I implement Pathfinding. My thought is, that I have a component PathfindingComponent,...
15/12 20:26 - problem with variable time, updating objects created on the same frame at different times
Let's say I'm creating 3 objects in one instance of time.
I am using a variable time step, and 10ms go by.
within that 10ms, 3 objects are created, but 1 is supposed to be created in 1ms, the other in 2ms, and the third in 5ms.
If all these...
15/12 19:09 - I don't know how can I solve that problem in efficient way .
Hello everyone .
I developed collision dectecion system that based on the old and the new position of objects - their Displacements .
but now I faced with with a bigger problem .

circle in point A jumed to point G , the engine calculate and...
15/12 17:35 - Do i have to make basic games again after break in gamedev?
Hello guys,
I have tried to program games in C++ and created games with SDL like Pong, Black Jack and Space Invaders style game, but I took a break because of university and job as php developer. It is about year or morr since

Tl ; DR
I took long break from gamedev but...
15/12 16:34 - Visual studio 2013 HLSL compiler Question
Hello, I am struggling to set the shader version, i have a pixel shader and a vertex shader in the properties of that file i tell it to use 5_0, but when i compile and run the program the visual studio graphics analyzer tells me i am using 4_0_level_9_1. this is a problem because i want to...
15/12 15:57 - How does "DXUTGetGlobalResourceCache().CreateTextureFromFile" correctly?
Hi @ all,
i am started with directX programming in C++. I use the book  "Spieleprogrammierung mit directX 11 und c++"
from "Susanne Wigard". Now i have a problem which i cant find a solution:
I tried to load a texture from a file, like in the book, with the...
15/12 15:57 - How does "DXUTGetGlobalResourceCache().CreateTextureFromFile" correctly?
Hi @ all,
i am started with directX programming in C++. I use the book  "Spieleprogrammierung mit directX 11 und c++"
from "Susanne Wigard". Now i have a problem which i cant find a solution:
I tried to load a texture from a file, like in the book, with the...
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Site allemand NGEmu

Dernière mise à jour le 08/06/2010 à 18:25
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Catégories : Jeux Video, Emulation
16/12 19:20 - PCSX2 Playground 1.0.0395 and new forum
09/12 22:20 - EmuControlCenter 0.9.8 R2 released
09/12 19:20 - Jpcsp: first playable game
31/10 04:20 - Dolphin: r1007 and Wiimote support
31/10 04:20 - Lxdream 0.9 “Shiny” released
24/09 02:20 - Dolphin SVN r609
13/09 05:20 - SSF 0.10 Protoype Released
12/09 08:20 - Yabause 0.9.7 Released
12/09 08:20 - SSF 0.10 Test Released
12/09 05:20 - iDeaS Beta 2 Released
12/09 05:20 - DeSmuME 0.8.0 Beta2 Build 08-09-10 Released
12/09 05:20 - Xebra 080904 Released
12/09 05:20 - CDVD by Gabest 0.1.0 Released
29/08 05:20 - Demul 0.4.7a released!
29/08 05:20 - Xebra 08/08/27 released!
29/08 05:20 - JPCSP progress!
29/08 05:20 - CXBX WIP updates!
29/08 05:20 - iDeaS beta released!
29/08 05:20 - NullDC 1.0.3 released!
11/08 05:20 - HDD plugin for PCSX2, coming soon
11/08 05:20 - Despertar del Cementerio V6 released
11/08 05:20 - Tiny update from JPSX
11/08 05:20 - GSdx 0.1.9 released
11/08 05:20 - iDeaS released for Linux
11/08 05:20 - VBA-M svn 595 released
03/08 20:20 - EmuControlCenter 0.9.8b bugfix release
03/08 20:20 - lxdream 0.8.4 released
03/08 20:20 - @ES public beta 6 released
26/07 11:20 - Sign of live from PJ64
22/07 02:20 - nJoy 0.3 & Dolphin SVN r50 released!
20/07 14:20 - DSP HLE audio plugin for Dolphin
20/07 14:20 - Makaron Test 10/1
20/07 11:20 - New Gekko beta for N'Sider members
18/07 17:20 - Xebra 07/12/2008 released!
17/07 17:20 - A new PSP emulator: Jpcsp
15/07 11:20 - NeonDS v0.2.1 released
15/07 11:20 - VBA-M SVN 583 released
14/07 05:20 - Dolphin SVN R5 source released!
06/07 02:20 - LilyPad v0.9.2 released
05/07 14:20 - Buzz plugin for PCSX2
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Site américain InfoWord

Dernière mise à jour le 16/09/2014 à 17:35
16/09 04:30 - Docker nets $40 million in funding, hopes to hook bigger fish: Enterprises
Credit: iStockphoto Docker's been enjoying plenty of uptake in the enterprise, but now there's a new symbol of its success: dollar signs.
15/09 14:19 - FTC warns of using big data to exclude consumers
The collection and analysis of big data holds great promise, but may also lead some companies to create profiles of consumers leading to discrimination, the chairwoman of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission said Monday.
15/09 12:13 - Facebook's TODO project is a big push to evolve the world of open source
Facebook has partnered with several large companies to kick off a new project called TODO that aims to improve the way open source software is developed and consumed. Facebook, Google, and many other big businesses have come to rely on open source projects, such as the MySQL database, to run...
15/09 08:47 - Pyston compiler cranks up Python thanks to LLVM
Fast development or fast execution, take your pick. Python programmers elect to go with the former, but have always sought ways to make their choice of language run a little faster.
15/09 07:26 - A wireless router may someday charge your mobile devices
For all intents and purposes, the new Apple Watch is not a mobile device that uses wireless charging. While its charging cable uses magnetic inductive coupling, the wire must still physically attach to the watch in order to work. In contrast, George Holmes sees a day not so far from now when...
15/09 07:08 - How network virtualization is used as a security tool
When people think of network virtualization, the advantages that come to mind typically include faster provisioning of networks, easier management of networks and more efficient use of resources. But network virtualization can have another major benefit as well: security.
15/09 04:40 - New data center protects against solar storms and nuclear EMPs
In Boyers, Pa., a recently opened 2,000-sq.-ft. data center has been purpose-built to protect against an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), either generated by a solar storm or a nuclear event. The company that built the facility isn't disclosing exactly how the data center was constructed or what...
15/09 04:19 - Latest Windows 9 leak shows unified notification center
It's something we've wanted for a while -- a single, unified place for all Windows notifications. If the latest leaked video of Windows 9 is any indication, it looks like we'll finally get our wish.
15/09 04:17 - Does Apple have a breakout product in its smartwatch?
The rumors had swirled for months, and they materialized this week when Apple unveiled its first wearable device, the Apple Watch. It's, of course, much more than a timepiece -- it's a fitness tracker with an accelerometer and heart rate monitor to follow your workout. It offers a bevy of apps as...
15/09 04:05 - How to build a great data science team
Enterprises that want to launch big data initiatives -- or even more ambitiously, seek to create an "analytics culture"  -- invariably should answer a handful of critical questions before spending money and allocating resources: What's the business case for analytics? Which big data tools...
15/09 03:53 - Oracle to acquire content storage management company Front Porch Digital
Oracle has signed an agreement to acquire Front Porch Digital, a provider of technology for migrating, managing and monetizing large-scale media content. The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Oracle said late Sunday that it expects the transaction to be closed this year....
15/09 03:46 - Sprint, Windstream traffic routing errors hijacked other ISPs
Internet traffic routing errors made by U.S. operators Sprint and Windstream on the same day last week underscore a long-known Internet weakness, posing both security and reliability issues. Both of the errors involved Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), an aging but crucial protocol that is used by...
12/09 12:11 - Google offers $100,000 cloud credit for startups
Looking for more success stories to add to its portfolio, Google has assembled a starter package to help startup businesses ramp up operations with free Google Cloud Platform services. Startups that qualify will get a $100,000 credit for Google Cloud Platform services, along with around-the-clock...
12/09 10:07 - Why HP bought Eucalyptus: An easy way to go hybrid
When HP announced it was purchasing Eucalyptus Systems, the company behind an open source project for creating
12/09 07:45 - Data protection authorities find privacy lapses in majority of mobile apps
Many mobile apps request too many permissions and don't explain how they collect users' personal information, a study of 1,211 popular apps by the Global Privacy Enforcement Network has found. The majority of the apps reviewed did not adequately explain to users how they were collecting and using...
12/09 04:08 - Yahoo says it faced $250,000 daily fines for defying U.S. surveillance requests
The U.S. government once threatened to fine Yahoo $250,000 a day if it failed to assist with its surveillance efforts, Yahoo said Thursday. Yahoo said it was threatened with the fines after it challenged surveillance powers granted to the U.S. government under the Protect America Act of 2007. The...
12/09 03:56 - HP buys cloud provider Eucalyptus, Marten Mickos to lead HP Cloud
Hewlett-Packard has agreed to buy cloud platform provider Eucalyptus, stepping up HP's efforts in the growing field of cloud computing, Eucalyptus CEO Marten Mickos will manage HP's cloud business and report directly to Meg Whitman, HP's chairman, president and CEO, HP announced Thursday.
12/09 03:00 - How platforms attract developers: Docker shows the way
Credit: iStockphoto While everyone covets developers, not everyone gets them. Take a look across the industry -- it's littered with the corpses of would-be platforms that never caught on with developers.
12/09 03:00 - WatchKit tools pave the way for Apple Watch app developers
Credit: Reuters/Stephen Lam
12/09 03:00 - CloudBees enterprise PaaS bites the dust
CloudBees has decided to pull the plug on Run@Cloud, its PaaS aimed at enterprise Java developers.
11/09 14:15 - SAP spices up its predictive analytics and visualization apps
SAP has made a series of updates to its InfiniteInsight predictive modeling software and Lumira data-visualization tool in a bid to shore up its foothold in the analytics market.
11/09 12:21 - Leaked Windows screenshots look legit -- and hold some surprises
Early this morning, two German-language blogs, Computerbase.de and
11/09 11:39 - Microsoft expanding Windows on Devices program
Microsoft is expanding a program to put Windows in smart devices, robots and Internet-connected appliances, following overwhelming response for developer hardware. The company is currently putting a stripped-down version of Windows 8 on Intel's Galileo development board to bring the OS to a...
11/09 11:26 - Former Red Hat CTO now head of Google Cloud
Brian Stevens, the former CTO for Red Hat, is now managing Google Cloud. As Red Hat CTO, Stevens was instrumental in preparing the enterprise Linux software provider for the cloud, including its adoption of the OpenStack software for running cloud services.
11/09 08:31 - Why Microsoft pulling KB 2889866 OneDrive for Business patch is actually good news
September's Update Tuesday included a bunch of Office patches,
11/09 08:31 - Why Microsoft pulling KB 2889866 OneDrive for Business patch is good news
September's Update Tuesday included a bunch of Office patches,
11/09 07:35 - Windows 9 leak shows multiple desktops, notifications, new Start menu, and more
A batch of leaked screenshots from the next version of Windows show just how far Microsoft will go to win back desktop users.
11/09 07:04 - How Google's tiff with certificate authorities can impact you
Miffed certificate authorities are calling on Google to give websites more time to upgrade the security used in browser-to-server communications before displaying warnings in Chrome. The CAs are upset over Google's roughly six-month timetable for ratcheting up the notices that begin this month...
11/09 06:52 - Are your co-workers killing your productivity?
Feeling frustrated, stuck and unproductive at work? Blame your co-workers. In a recent study by project management platform provider Taskworld, 50 percent of survey respondents said their performance and productivity at work was directly affected by their co-workers; 48 percent of respondents...
11/09 06:00 - Piston and Mirantis release dueling OpenStack upgrades
Two new editions of OpenStack hint at how vendors are trying to bring in customers by alleviating OpenStack's common pain points: installation, upgrades, and maintenance.
11/09 05:05 - Enemies no more, McAfee and Symantec agree to share threat data
The recently launched Cyber Threat Alliance has been given a big boost with the news that Intel's McAfee division and former arch-enemy Symantec are to join the industry group whose mission is to create the first significant cross-vendor movement of threat data. The CTA was announced in May with...
11/09 05:01 - SAP, Ericsson team up for management of mobile devices and apps
SAP and Ericsson have joined forces to help enterprises manage mobile devices and apps as a service. The partnership will turn SAP's Mobile Secure software suite for mobile device management, security, and applications into a cloud-based service that carriers can sell to enterprises.
11/09 04:56 - T-Mobile takes Wi-Fi voice and text everywhere
T-Mobile USA is making a big bet on Wi-Fi, offering unlimited voice calls and text messaging over any Wi-Fi network on every new smartphone it sells, including on networks outside the U.S. The new offering, called Wi-Fi Un-leashed, is open to all subscribers to the carrier's Simple Choice plans....
11/09 04:33 - Microsoft's new Update Tuesday looks a whole lot like the old Black Tuesday
We're now in the second month of Microsoft's new avowed "Update Tuesday" patching pr
11/09 03:00 - Version 1.0 of JetBrains' CLion IDE will include C/C++ support
With its CLion IDE, development tools vendor JetBrains is adding C and C++ to its roster of supported languages.
11/09 03:00 - Splunk's log analysis framework adds C#, .Net tools
Splunk, the framework for analyzing logs that's grown into a broad-scale data analytics platform, has gained a new array
10/09 12:25 - Why Microsoft and Google can never copy Apple's Handoff
10/09 11:51 - The Android One could gut the market for high-end Android phones
Compared to the glitz and fanfare surrounding Apple's announcement Tuesday of the iPhone 6 and the long-awaited Apple Watch, next week's expected debut in India of Google's Android One smartphones should be a more modest affair. It certainly will be treated that way by the media. 
10/09 11:11 - Five million Gmail addresses and passwords dumped online
An archive containing nearly 5 million Gmail addresses and plain text passwords was posted Tuesday on an online forum, but the data is old and likely sourced from multiple data breaches according to one security firm. A user with the online alias "tvskit" posted the archive file on a Bitcoin...
10/09 06:49 - WD leapfrogs Seagate with world's highest capacity 10TB helium drive, new flash drives
Western Digital's (WD) HGST subsidiary on Tuedsay announced it has added 8TB and 10TB hard drives to its HelioSeal product line, which hermetically seals in helium in order to reduce internal drive friction and power use. WD also announced its first NVMe (non volatile memory express) product with...
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Site danois MSFN

Dernière mise à jour le 18/12/2014 à 05:45
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11/12 11:06 - [Mixed, thepiratebay] Can The Pirate Bay Make A Comeback?
In recent years The Pirate Bay took several steps to make the site as resilient as possible, moving from a full-fledged BitTorrent tracker to a...
11/12 08:32 - [Mobile, Security, fraud...] Warning over malicious apps that can rack up large bills on mobile phones
Mobile phone users have been warned to watch out for malicious apps that cause bills of hundreds of pounds to be racked up without people?s...
11/12 07:51 - [Microsoft, bitcoin, payment] Microsoft adds Bitcoin as a payment option for buying digital content
Microsoft has announced that it is now accepting Bitcoin as a payment option for buying digital content. The integration allows you to add funds to...
11/12 00:46 - [Featured, Microsoft, microsoft office] Microsoft tells Windows 10 users to uninstall Office
Microsoft today took the unusual step of telling users running Windows 10's Technical Preview to uninstall Office before applying one of December's...
11/12 00:39 - [Microsoft, Security, microsoft...] Bonus Windows updates fix other Windows updates
The Patch Tuesday updates were enough to keep track of, but they weren't all the security updating Microsoft did on Tuesday. The company also...
11/12 00:31 - [Featured, Microsoft, microsft...] Microsoft Exec: Expect Windows 10 to Be Released Next Fall
Microsoft expects to have its new Windows 10 operating system on the market by autumn 2015, slightly later than previous comments had suggested....
13/10 12:32 - Microsoft Patch Tuesday for October 2014
This month, Microsoft will be publishing nine updates across multiple products, including: Windows itself, Internet Explorer, Office, and the...
13/10 12:32 - Microsoft Patch Tuesday for October 2014
This month, Microsoft will be publishing nine updates across multiple products, including: Windows itself, Internet Explorer, Office, and the...
02/10 11:07 - [Featured, Microsoft, microsoft...] Microsoft Announces ?Windows 10?
[dropcap]M[/dropcap]icrosoft Corp announced its 'Windows 10' operating system on Tuesday to replace the largely unpopular Windows 8, skipping a...
30/09 20:39 - Microsoft Announces 'Windows 10'
Microsoft Corp announced its 'Windows 10' operating system on Tuesday to replace the largely unpopular Windows 8, skipping a number to mark a leap...
30/09 20:39 - Microsoft Announces 'Windows 10'
Microsoft Corp announced its 'Windows 10' operating system on Tuesday to replace the largely unpopular Windows 8, skipping a number to mark a leap...
30/09 09:35 - Microsoft to unveil Windows 9 later today, here's the details
It's September 30th everyone. Later today, Microsoft is expected to unveil "Windows 9" to technology enthusiasts and journalists. The event was...
30/09 09:35 - Microsoft to unveil Windows 9 later today, here's the details
It's September 30th everyone. Later today, Microsoft is expected to unveil "Windows 9" to technology enthusiasts and journalists. The event was...
29/09 09:43 - Confirmed: Windows 9 to be a free upgrade for Windows 8 users
Multiple Windows 9 reports have suggested that Microsoft is considering releasing the upcoming platform as a free download to certain existing...
29/09 09:43 - Confirmed: Windows 9 to be a free upgrade for Windows 8 users
Multiple Windows 9 reports have suggested that Microsoft is considering releasing the upcoming platform as a free download to certain existing...
19/09 20:14 - [Microsoft, microsoft, windows 9] Windows 9 leak shows multiple desktops
[dropcap]A[/dropcap] batch of leaked screenshots from the next version of Windows show just how far Microsoft will go to win back desktop users.

19/09 20:08 - [Applications, Featured, Microsoft...] NTLite 1.0.0 build 1994 beta
Built with a particular attention on ease of use so that you can focus on more important things around customization choices. Dynamic menus, easy...
12/09 11:17 - [Applications, Featured, Microsoft...] Aero Glass for Windows 8.x
Your windows will be rendered with transparent borders. This look allows you to see what is behind the border. The key element is the blurring of...
10/09 20:23 - Russian hackers publish nearly 5 million Gmail passwords
Nearly 5 million Gmail passwords were published on a Russian-language bitcoin security forum on Tuesday, according to a report from The Daily...
10/09 20:23 - Russian hackers publish nearly 5 million Gmail passwords
Nearly 5 million Gmail passwords were published on a Russian-language bitcoin security forum on Tuesday, according to a report from The Daily...
19/06 13:29 - Microsoft security could have been disrupted by email
Microsoft was forced to patch its malware detector this week after it discovered a bug that allowed attackers to disable the protection with an email...
19/06 13:29 - Microsoft security could have been disrupted by email
Microsoft was forced to patch its malware detector this week after it discovered a bug that allowed attackers to disable the protection with an email...
19/06 13:15 - Facebook back up after short but widespread outage
Facebook's website went down temporarily on Thursday, showing an error screen when users attempted to log on to the social network. "Sorry, something...
19/06 13:15 - Facebook back up after short but widespread outage
Facebook's website went down temporarily on Thursday, showing an error screen when users attempted to log on to the social network. "Sorry, something...
21/05 15:53 - eBay Hacked: eBay To Ask Users To Change Passwords
eBay Inc. said beginning later today it will be asking eBay users to change their passwords because of a cyberattack that compromised a database...
21/05 15:53 - eBay Hacked: eBay To Ask Users To Change Passwords
eBay Inc. said beginning later today it will be asking eBay users to change their passwords because of a cyberattack that compromised a database...
07/05 12:06 - Google Chrome Experimenting With Safer URLs for Users
The latest beta version of the Google Chrome Web browser includes potential URL protection that could make it harder for phishing schemes to take...
07/05 12:06 - Google Chrome Experimenting With Safer URLs for Users
The latest beta version of the Google Chrome Web browser includes potential URL protection that could make it harder for phishing schemes to take...
05/05 15:15 - How to keep your XP-based system running indefinitely
I know you love XP and I know you're tired of wringing your hands every time Microsoft releases a new operating system version, knowing that you're...
05/05 15:15 - How to keep your XP-based system running indefinitely
I know you love XP and I know you're tired of wringing your hands every time Microsoft releases a new operating system version, knowing that you're...
03/05 06:14 - Microsoft patches IE bug in Windows XP, but it's a huge mistake
Microsoft, after officially retiring Windows XP back in April, has decided in its infinite wisdom to issue a patch for the Internet Explorer zero-day...
29/04 20:44 - Adblock Plus drops support for IE6 and IE7
Adblock Plus today announced it is finally dropping support for Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7. As a result, the next version of Adblock...
29/04 20:03 - Firefox 29 Debuts With New Australis User Interface
Mozilla officially released Firefox 29 today, providing users with the first major overhaul of the open-source browser's user interface since Firefox...
29/04 09:55 - Microsoft Stops Charging for Skype Group Video Calling
The company loosens restrictions on Skype's group video calling feature, enabling multiple Mac and Xbox users to chat simultaneously.
Microsoft has...
29/04 09:50 - Internet Explorer Exploit Leaves XP Users High and Dry
Even when a fix is developed for the latest IE threat, Windows XP users won't get it. That's a good reason for them to upgrade their OS. A new...
27/04 09:56 - Vulnerability in Internet Explorer Could Allow Remote Code Execution
Microsoft is aware of limited, targeted attacks that attempt to exploit a vulnerability in Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, Internet...
27/04 09:56 - Vulnerability in Internet Explorer Could Allow Remote Code Execution
Microsoft is aware of limited, targeted attacks that attempt to exploit a vulnerability in Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, Internet...
26/04 23:03 - Windows 8.1 update ‘to be released this autumn with start menu’
Microsoft's update to Windows 8.1 could be released in a matter of months and is set to include a start menu, according to Russian pirate group WZOR....
26/04 23:03 - Windows 8.1 update to be released this autumn with start menu
Microsoft's update to Windows 8.1 could be released in a matter of months and is set to include a start menu, according to Russian pirate group WZOR....
26/04 22:05 - Bug in Microsoft Security Essentials Downs Windows XP Machines
Microsoft pushed out a bad update to its Security Essentials software, crashing Windows XP machines and underscoring the fragility of the Windows XP...
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Site américain Neowin.net

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24/07 22:57 - Microsoft offers tips to adapt Windows 8 apps for Windows 8.1 preview
Microsoft is offering a number of tips to developers of Windows 8 apps so they can adapt them to work with the new features added for the preview version of Windows 8.1. Read more...
24/07 22:27 - Microsoft confirms Xbox One game self publishing plans; details coming later
Microsoft's Marc Whitten has confirmed that the company will indeed allow for game developers to self publish games for the Xbox One, but details will be revealed later. Read more...
24/07 21:57 - Ballmer states that Windows is not selling well enough, next gen Surface in testing
Microsoft's executive team held an internal conference on the campus today to talk about the latest earnings report and dropped a few other important nuggets of info. Read more...
24/07 20:43 - Microsoft: There are ways besides blocking sites to keep online porn from kids
In a new blog post, Microsoft' Chief Online Safety Officer says that parents are finding ways to keep online adult content away from kinds besides simply blocking those sites. Read more...
24/07 20:13 - Microsoft may change course and allow Xbox One games to be self published
A new rumor claims that Microsoft plans to change their policies for the Xbox One and allow independent game developers to release games for the console without needing a publisher. Read more...
24/07 19:43 - Microsoft partners with Azul Systems to bring OpenJDK to Windows Azure
Microsoft Open Technologies has announced a partnership with Azul Systems that will bring Oracle's Java to Windows Azure sometime later in 2013 using the OpenJDK specification. Read more...
24/07 19:13 - Google announces Chromecast, streams Chrome to your TV
Google has announced Chromecast which streams content to almost any TV. This follows the cancelled Nexus Q and poorly adopted Google TV, has Google finally succeeded in the home entertainment space? Read more...
24/07 18:43 - Google Announces Nexus 7 refresh, Android 4.3
The much awaited refresh to the Google Nexus 7 series has finally been officially announced. Having been leaked previously over and over, the specs confirm what most already know. Read more...
24/07 16:06 - Microsoft and Facebook lobby against NSA in April-June, Google/Yahoo stay quiet
Microsoft and Facebook were the only tech giants to lobby against the laws that allowed the NSA to conduct its PRISM program but even so, it wasn't a strong effort by either company. Read more...
24/07 15:24 - Michael Dell improves offer slightly to take Dell private
Dell has postponed its shareholder vote on going private again, this time to August 2nd, but this time they will have a slightly better share offer from Michael Dell to consider. Read more...
24/07 14:49 - NVIDIA demos next-gen mobile chip, Project Logan, in new videos
NVIDIA is revealing more about its next generation mobile chip, which has the code name Project Logan, along with some new videos that show off its graphical capabilities. Read more...
24/07 13:47 - Microsoft sets Xbox One game prices at £50 in UK
Microsoft has revealed the cost of Xbox One games in the U.K. to be £49.99, the same price as the cost of newly released Xbox 360 games. The company previously announced the U.S. price of $59.99. Read more...
24/07 12:10 - White Xbox One development kit revealed
An Xbox developer has confirmed the existence of a white Xbox One, which as been used as a development kit internally at Microsoft. Could it be a glimpse at a future release? Read more...
24/07 11:37 - EE post good Q2 results, everyone everywhere wants 4G apparently
EE were the first network in the UK to offer 4G capabilities to the consumer. Now, figures released show they are not only doing well, but gaining customers at 4G like speeds! Read more...
24/07 11:07 - Leaked images & video claims to show new 5-inch Blackberry A10
A new video claims to show the upcoming Blackberry flagship, the A10. The device is rumored to have a 5-inch screen, a dual-core processor and it's expected to launch around the winter holidays. Read more...
24/07 10:37 - NVIDIA announces 12GB Quadro K6000 "fastest GPU ever"
NVIDIA has unleashed upon the world the Quadro K6000 graphics card. The card, which is aimed at pros, comes with a massive 12GB of DDR5 memory, three times that of the K5000. Read more...
24/07 10:07 - Tim Cook: high-end smartphone market hasn't peaked
Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, said today that he doesn't believe that the high-end of the smartphone market is actually saturated. But he also hinted the company is addressing its absence from the low-end. Read more...
24/07 09:31 - New Nexus 7 unveiled by Best Buy ahead of Google event
Best Buy has published its pre-order pages confirming previous spec leaks and outing all the info on Google's brand new Nexus 7 tablet, ahead of the actual launch event later on today. Read more...
24/07 09:01 - Study: Facebook is depressing but Instagram maybe even more so
If you've ever thought that Facebook seemed depressing you were completely right according to scientists. And it seems Instagram may be even more so as it "purifies this one aspect of Facebook". Read more...
24/07 08:04 - Apple site hack done "in the name of research", complete overhaul inbound
A security researcher based in London has stepped forward and claimed responsibility for the hack that occurred almost a week ago on the Apple Developers website, which is still down. Read more...
24/07 07:10 - Intel's fanless and energy efficient Haswell chip coming later this year
Intel says a new version of its latest Core processor, code name Haswell, that will be fanless and use less energy, is coming by the end of 2013, that could be used in Windows 8.1 notebooks. Read more...
24/07 06:40 - New Microsoft infographic gives Windows XP a retirement party
A new infographic released by Microsoft gives Windows XP its own retirement party as it tries to show businesses why they should make the move to Windows 8 and 8.1. Read more...
24/07 04:07 - Microsoft Paint is the canvas for 97-year-old legally blind artist
97 year old Hal Lasko is an artist who creates his works with Microsoft Paint and spends ten hours a day on his craft. Lasko is currently selling prints of his creations on his website. Read more...
23/07 22:37 - Xbox Live currently experiencing service disruption [Update: It's fixed]
Microsoft's Xbox Live service is experiencing some downtime at the moment, as some users are unable to sign in via the Xbox 360 console, Windows 8, Windows Phone and Games For Windows Live. Read more...
23/07 22:24 - Apple sells 31.2 million iPhones and 14.6 million iPads in Q2 2013
Apple has announced it has sold 31.2 million iPhones and 14.6 million iPads in the second quarter of 2013, along with 3.8 million Mac's. Apple generated $35.3 billion in revenues for the quarter. Read more...
23/07 21:54 - Three new Windows 8.1 preview fixes released
Microsoft has released three more bug fixes for the public preview of Windows 8.1, which includes a stability improvement when the OS uses the SkyDrive cloud service. Read more...
23/07 21:15 - Analyst: Xbox One could outship PS4 three-to-one in 2013
Baird analyst Colin Sebastian claims that, according to their own checks of parts supply chains, shipments of the Xbox One could be ahead of the rival PS4 console by as much as three to one. Read more...
23/07 20:45 - Microsoft releases final version of Office 2010 SP2
Microsoft has quietly released the final version of Office 2010 SP2, containing a number of fixes and improvements for the software, after releasing a beta version in April. Read more...
23/07 19:15 - Three new Droid smartphones from Motorola coming from Verizon
Verizon Wireless has announced it will sell three new Droid smartphones from Motorola, the Droid Mini, Droid Ultra and Droid Maxx, in August, with pre-orders starting today. Read more...
23/07 18:45 - Rumor: Ashton Kutcher may soon be promoting Lenovo Windows 8 PCs
A new report claims that actor Ashton Kutcher is close to signing a $10 million deal with PC maker Lenovo that, if true, will likely see the man who played Steve Jobs promoting Windows 8 PCs. Read more...
23/07 18:15 - James Larus, leader of Microsoft's Singularity OS project, departs company
James Larus, the leader of Microsoft's now shut down Singularity OS project, has left the company after 16 years to become the new dean of computer science at Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne. Read more...
23/07 17:21 - Microsoft Research helping to create new short looping videos
A new paper that was co-created by a team at Microsoft Research describes a new way of creating short videos that can be placed in an infinite loop for sharing with others. Read more...
23/07 16:51 - 99.7% of Windows Phone 8 apps run on 512MB devices
Many folks believe that having only 512 MB RAM on your phone leads to a sub-par experience but a recent report clearly shows this isn't the case when it comes to Windows Phone 8 games and apps. Read more...
23/07 15:56 - Windows Phone leader answers complaints about lack of new OS features
The leader of Windows Phone at Microsoft, Joe Belfiore, posted a rare note on the company's support forums this week to answer complaints that new features for the OS are not being added fast enough. Read more...
23/07 15:26 - Nokia came up with Lumia brand name in one day
In a new article about Nokia, its CEO Stephen Elop revealed that he insisted that the company's leadership team come up with the brand name for their Windows Phone devices, Lumia, in one day. Read more...
23/07 14:25 - Microsoft releases update to OneNote Android app
Microsoft has released a new update to the Android version of its OneNote app, designed to fix a problem with the app not loading on devices with NVIDIA Tegra 2 processors. Read more...
23/07 12:20 - Netflix announces profitable Q2, but investors still worried
Netflix has released its quarterly report and it seems the video streaming company has had a great quarter with profits and revenue seeing a substantial increase. However, investors are still nervous. Read more...
23/07 11:50 - Apple celebrates 1 billion podcast subscriptions
Apple is celebrating a new milestone: 1 billion podcast subscriptions. This format has become on of the most popular entertainment mediums out there with countless episodes being released every day. Read more...
23/07 11:20 - EZTV and YIFY-Torrents latest in series of UK ISP blockades
Following yesterdays news on blocking porn through ISP filters for UK citizens, anti-piracy group FACT has won a court order to block two more torrent sites, citing "mass access to infringing content" Read more...
23/07 10:08 - LiveLeak app releases for Android
The official LiveLeak app has released for Android, promising mobile access to all the Russian dashcam videos you'll ever want and then some more. An iOS app remains in the works as well. Read more...
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Site américain NewsForge

Dernière mise à jour le 03/03/2009 à 16:45
01/01 14:00 - A new year, a new Linux.com
31/12 14:00 - Android-powered G1 phone is an enticing platform for app developers
30/12 14:00 - Municipalities open their GIS systems to citizens
29/12 14:00 - Interclue and the pitfalls of going proprietary
26/12 14:00 - Patterns and string processing in shell scripts
25/12 14:00 - Best wishes to you
24/12 14:00 - Displaying maps with OpenLayers
23/12 19:00 - Revised Slackware keeps it simple
23/12 14:00 - FLOSS Manuals sprints to build quality free documentation
22/12 19:00 - Nix fixes dependency hell on all Linux distributions
22/12 14:00 - Three plugins for better online social networking
19/12 19:00 - The annoyances of proprietary Firefox extensions
19/12 14:00 - Open source programming languages for kids
18/12 19:00 - openSUSE 11.1 makes Christmas come early
18/12 14:00 - Three ways to create Web-accessible calendars on your intranet
17/12 19:00 - Barracuda offers a new -- and free -- alternative to Spamhaus
17/12 14:00 - Where has my disk space gone?
16/12 21:16 - Ubuntu-sponsored FOSScamp builds community
16/12 14:00 - Tracking build status with Pulse
15/12 19:00 - Condensing with Open Text Summarizer
15/12 09:00 - Four simple but essential WordPress plugins for site administrators
12/12 19:00 - Managing your movie collection with Griffith
12/12 09:00 - How to sync Evolution with Google's PIM apps
11/12 19:00 - GameLayers gets on track with Ruby on Rails
11/12 19:00 - Amarok gets a facelift
10/12 19:00 - K12Linux founders hand off project to the Fedora community
10/12 09:00 - Programming GNOME applications with Vala
09/12 19:00 - Funambol's CEO sees AGPL as essential for FOSS in cloud computing's future
09/12 09:00 - Protecting networks with SmoothWall Express
08/12 16:00 - Manage your mbox file with Archmbox
08/12 09:00 - Creating geographical charts with EuroOffice Map Chart
05/12 20:00 - VMGL brings 3-D effects to VMs
05/12 16:00 - Keeping an eye on your Web proxy usage with Squid Graph
05/12 09:00 - PC/OS: Insert CD, use desktop
04/12 20:00 - Go-OO: The best office suite you never knew you used
04/12 16:00 - Installing Ruby on Rails in Linux
04/12 09:00 - Quickly share your screenshots with JShot
03/12 20:00 - Indian GNU/Linux advocate and independent FOSS consultant Raj Mathur (video)
03/12 16:00 - KNDISwrapper is half-done, but far from half-baked
03/12 09:00 - Bidirectional filesystem syncing - DirSync Pro vs. Unison
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Site américain Slashdot (Complet)

Dernière mise à jour le 18/12/2014 à 05:45
18/12 03:04 - [australia] Over 9,000 PCs In Australia Infected By TorrentLocker Ransomware
First time accepted submitter River Tam writes Cybercriminals behind the TorrenLocker malware may have earned as much as $585,000 over several months from 39,000 PC infections worldwide, of which over 9,000 were from Australia. If you're a Windows user in Australia who's had their files encrypted...
18/12 01:11 - [google] Google Proposes To Warn People About Non-SSL Web Sites
mrspoonsi writes The proposal was made by the Google developers working on the search firm's Chrome browser. The proposal to mark HTTP connections as non-secure was made in a message posted to the Chrome development website by Google engineers working on the firm's browser. If implemented, the...
18/12 00:36 - [business] Startup Magic Leap Hires Sci-Fi Writer Neal Stephenson As Chief Futurist
First time accepted submitter giulioprisco writes Magic Leap, a secretive Florida augmented reality startup that raised $542 million in October, hired renowned science fiction writer Neal Stephenson as its "Chief Futurist." Stephenson offers hints at the company's technology and philosophy:...
17/12 23:51 - [military] Navy Develops a Shark Drone For Surveillance
An anonymous reader writes The Navy is testing a new underwater drone called GhostSwimmer, which is designed to a href="https://www.yahoo.com/tech/navy-develops-ghostswimmer-drone-that-looks-like-105375377914.html">look like a shark and conduct surveillance work. It is being adapted by the chief...
17/12 23:05 - [google] Google Strikes Deal With Verizon To Reduce Patent Troll Suits
mpicpp writes Google Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc. struck a long-term patent cross-license agreement to reduce the risk of future patent lawsuits, the latest in a string of deals that signal a slowdown after years of aggressive patent wars. The deal effectively bars the companies from...
17/12 22:23 - [movies] Top Five Theaters Won't Show "The Interview" Sony Cancels Release
tobiasly writes The country's top five theater chains — Regal Entertainment, AMC Entertainment, Cinemark, Carmike Cinemas and Cineplex Entertainment — have decided not to play Sony's The Interview. This comes after the group which carried off a massive breach of its networks...
17/12 21:40 - [moon] NASA Tests Feasibility of 3D Printing on the Moon and Other Planets
ErnieKey writes A major application of 3d printing that could revolutionize space travel would be using 3d printers to create structures on non-terrestrial bodies like the moon, other planets, and even asteroids. Researchers from NASA's Kennedy Space Center have been working to develop solutions...
17/12 20:58 - [books] Book Review: Build Your Own Website: A Comic Guide to HTML, CSS, and WordPress
MassDosage writes "At the the risk of exposing my age I remember building my first website using a rudimentary Unix text editor (Joe) and carefully handcrafting the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) while directly logged on to the web server it was being served from. Back then Cascading Style...
17/12 20:16 - [ai] Research Highlights How AI Sees and How It Knows What It's Looking At
anguyen8 writes Deep neural networks (DNNs) trained with Deep Learning have recently produced mind-blowing results in a variety of pattern-recognition tasks, most notably speech recognition, language translation, and recognizing objects in images, where they now perform at near-human levels. But...
17/12 19:55 - [android] Manufacturer's Backdoor Found On Popular Chinese Android Smartphone
Trailrunner7 writes that researchers at Palo Alto Networks have found a backdoor in Android devices sold by Coolpad. "A popular Android smartphone sold primarily in China and Taiwan but also available worldwide, contains a backdoor from the manufacturer that is being used to push pop-up...
17/12 19:37 - [opensource] What Will Microsoft's "Embrace" of Open Source Actually Achieve?
Nerval's Lobster writes Back in the day, Microsoft viewed open source and Linux as a threat and did its best to retaliate with FUD and patent threats. And then a funny thing happened: Whether in the name of pragmatism or simply marketing, Microsoft began a very public transition from a company of...
17/12 18:52 - [cloud] The Joys and Hype of Hadoop
theodp writes "Investors have poured over $2 billion into businesses built on Hadoop," writes the WSJ's Elizabeth Dwoskin, "including Hortonworks Inc., which went public last week, its rivals Cloudera Inc. and MapR Technologies, and a growing list of tiny startups. Yet companies that have tried...
17/12 18:10 - [news] In Breakthrough, US and Cuba To Resume Diplomatic Relations
HughPickens.com writes: Peter Baker reports at the NYT that in a deal negotiated during 18 months of secret talks hosted largely by Canada and encouraged by Pope Francis, the United States will restore full diplomatic relations with Cuba and open an embassy in Havana for the first time in more...
17/12 17:27 - [military] Army To Launch Spy Blimp Over Maryland
FarnsworthG writes: A multi-billion-dollar Army project will soon be able to track nearly everything within 340 miles when an 80-yard-long blimp is hoisted into the air over Maryland. Way to be subtle, guys. From the article: "Technically considered aerostats, since they are tethered to mooring...
17/12 17:01 - [storage] Backblaze's 6 TB Hard Drive Face-Off
Esra Erimez writes: Backblaze is transitioning from using 4 TB hard drives to 6 TB hard drives in the Storage Pods they will be deploying over the coming months. With over 10,000 hard drives, the choice of which 6TB hard drive to use is critical. They deployed 45 and tested Western Digital...
17/12 16:44 - [technology] New Cargo Ship Is 488 Meters Long
An anonymous reader writes: The BBC reports on the construction of Prelude, a new ship that will be the world's longest vessel. It is 488 meters long and 74 meters wide, built with 260,000 tons of steel and displacing five times as much water as an aircraft carrier. Its purpose is to carry an...
17/12 16:03 - [piracy] Sony Leaks Reveal Hollywood Is Trying To Break DNS
schwit1 sends this report from The Verge: Most anti-piracy tools take one of two paths: they either target the server that's sharing the files (pulling videos off YouTube or taking down sites like The Pirate Bay) or they make it harder to find (delisting offshore sites that share infringing...
17/12 15:22 - [space] NASA Study Proposes Airships, Cloud Cities For Venus Exploration
An anonymous reader writes: IEEE Spectrum reports on a study out of NASA exploring the idea that manned missions to Venus are possible if astronauts deploy and live in airships once they arrive. Since the atmospheric pressure at the surface is 92 times that of Earth, and the surface temperate is...
17/12 14:40 - [programming] New AP Course, "Computer Science Principles," Aims To Make CS More Accessible
theodp writes: "CS Principles," explains the intro to a Microsoft Research talk on a new Computer Science Toolkit and Gaming Course, "is a new AP course being piloted across the country and by making it more accessible to students we can help increase diversity in computing." Towards this end,...
17/12 13:57 - [science] A New Law For Superconductors
TaleSlinger sends word of a newly-discovered "mathematical relationship — between material thickness, temperature, and electrical resistance — that appears to hold in all superconductors." The work (abstract), led by Yachin Irvy, comes out of MIT's Research Laboratory of Electronics....
17/12 13:14 - [space] SpaceX To Attempt Falcon 9 Landing On Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship
An anonymous reader writes: SpaceX has announced that at the conclusion of its next rocket flight, it will attempt a precision landing of its Falcon 9 first stage onto an autonomous ocean platform. They say the odds of success aren't great, but it's the beginning of their work to make this a...
17/12 10:17 - [ai] Economists Say Newest AI Technology Destroys More Jobs Than It Creates
HughPickens.com writes: Claire Cain Miller notes at the NY Times that economists long argued that, just as buggy-makers gave way to car factories, technology used to create as many jobs as it destroyed. But now there is deep uncertainty about whether the pattern will continue, as two trends are...
17/12 08:36 - [space] Spacecraft Spots Probable Waves On Titan's Seas
sciencehabit writes: It's springtime on Titan, Saturn's giant and frigid moon, and the action on its hydrocarbon seas seems to be heating up. Near the moon's north pole, there is growing evidence for waves on three different seas, scientists reported at a meeting of the American Geophysical...
17/12 07:12 - [medicine] Researchers Accidentally Discover How To Turn Off Skin Aging Gene
BarbaraHudson sends this excerpt from The Province: While exploring the effects of the protein-degrading enzyme Granzyme B on blood vessels during heart attacks, professor David Granville and other researchers at the University of British Columbia couldn't help noticing that mice engineered to...
17/12 06:21 - [google] ODF Support In Google Drive
An anonymous reader writes: Google's Chris DiBona told a London conference last week that ODF support was coming next year, but today the Google Drive team unexpectedly launched support for all three of the main variants — including long-absent Presentation files. You can now simply open...
17/12 05:12 - [network] Single Group Dominates Second Round of Anti Net-Neutrality Comment Submissions
New submitter aquadood writes: According to the Sunlight Foundation's analysis of recent comment submissions to the FCC regarding Net Neutrality, the majority (56.5%) were submitted by a single organization called American Commitment, which has "shadowy" ties to the Koch brothers' network. The...
17/12 03:09 - [internet] A Domain Registrar Is Starting a Fiber ISP To Compete With Comcast
Jason Koebler writes: Tucows Inc., an internet company that's been around since the early 90s — it's generally known for being in the shareware business and for registering and selling premium domain names — announced that it's becoming an internet service provider. Tucows will offer...
17/12 01:06 - [nasa] 11 Trillion Gallons of Water Needed To End California Drought
mrflash818 points out a new study which found that California can recover from its lengthy drought with a mere 11 trillion gallons of water. The volume this water would occupy (roughly 42 cubic kilometers) is half again as large as the biggest water reservoir in the U.S. A team of JPL scientists...
17/12 00:26 - [biotech] Brain Stimulation For Entertainment?
An anonymous reader writes: Transcranial magnetic stimulation has been used for years to diagnose and treat neural disorders such as stroke, Alzheimer's, and depression. Soon the medical technique could be applied to virtual reality and entertainment. Neuroscientist Jeffrey Zacks writes, "it's...
16/12 23:44 - [verizon] Verizon "End-to-End" Encrypted Calling Includes Law Enforcement Backdoor
An anonymous reader sends this quote from TechDirt: As a string of whistle blowers like former AT&T employee Mark Klein have made clear abundantly clear, the line purportedly separating intelligence operations from the nation's incumbent phone companies was all-but obliterated long ago. As...
16/12 23:01 - [programming] Dr. Dobb's 38-Year Run Comes To an End
An anonymous reader writes: Dr. Dobb's — long time icon of programming magazines — "sunsets" at the end of the year. Editor Andrew Binstock says despite growing traffic numbers, the decline in revenue from ads means there will be no new content posted after 2014 ends. (The site will...
16/12 22:20 - [business] Attorney Yasir Billoo Explains NDA Law (Video)
Yasir Billoo, an attorney with Golden & Grimes in Miami, Florida, is licensed to practice law in both Florida and California, and works heavily in the areas of business/commercial law, employment and labor, and civil appeals. Yasir also has a business-oriented blog titled Small Business Law....
16/12 21:37 - [mars] Curiosity Detects Mysterious Methane Spikes On Mars
astroengine writes: A gas strongly associated with life on Earth has been detected again in the Martian atmosphere, opening a new chapter in a decade-old mystery about the on-again, off-again appearance of methane on Mars. The latest discovery comes from NASA's Curiosity rover, which in addition...
16/12 20:54 - [education] Ask Slashdot: How Should a Liberal Arts Major Get Into STEM?
An anonymous reader writes: I graduated with a degree in the liberal arts (English) in 2010 after having transferred from a Microbiology program (not for lack of ability, but for an enlightening class wherein we read Portrait of the Artist). Now, a couple years on, I'm 25, and though I very much...
16/12 20:12 - [it] In IT, Beware of Fad Versus Functional
Lemeowski writes: Cloud, big data, and agile were three of the technology terms that were brandished the most by IT leaders in 2014. Yet, there could be a real danger in buying into the hype without understanding the implications of the technologies, writes Pearson CTO Sven Gerjets. In this...
16/12 19:29 - [court] Apple Wins iTunes DRM Case
An anonymous reader sends word that Apple's iTunes DRM case has already been decided. The 8-person jury took only a few hours to decide that the features introduced in iTunes 7.0 were good for consumers and did not violate antitrust laws. Following the decision, the plaintiff's head attorney...
16/12 18:46 - [privacy] Uber Limits 'God View' To Improve Rider Privacy
mpicpp sends this report from CNN: Uber has rolled back employee access to its "God view" mode, which allows the company to track riders' locations and other data. The ride service company was faced with questions about its privacy policies from U.S. Senator Al Franken, following a series of...
16/12 18:04 - [technology] Virtual Reality Experiment Wants To Put White People In Black Bodies
Molly McHugh (3774987) writes with an intriguing use of VR technology: "It's as simple as making a light-skinned person feel connected to a virtual, darker skinned self—a thought experiment pretty much impossible without the immersive potency of VR. The effect is achieved by outfitting...
16/12 17:25 - [education] Touring a Carnival Cruise Simulator: 210 Degrees of GeForce-Powered Projection
MojoKid writes Recently, Carnival cruise lines gave tours of their CSMART facility in Almere, the Netherlands. This facility is one of a handful in the world that can provide both extensive training and certification on cruise ships as well as a comprehensive simulation of what it's like to...
16/12 16:43 - [privacy] Microsoft Gets Industry Support Against US Search Of Data In Ireland
An anonymous reader writes Tech giants such as Apple and eBay have given their support in Microsoft's legal battle against the U.S. government regarding the handing over of data stored in an Irish datacenter. In connection with a 2014 drugs investigation, U.S. prosecutors issued a warrant for...
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Site américain Inside Mac Games

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21/11 05:00 - Harness The Power Of Synonyms In Synonymy
November 21, 2014 5:00 AMSynonymy from JarvisFilms is available now for purchase and download at Mac Game Store. The unique puzzler challenges players to find paths between random words through a network of synonyms connecting them. Synonymy supports multiplayer and offers weekly challenges in...
21/11 05:00 - Weird Worlds: Return To Infinite Space Back On Macs
November 21, 2014 5:00 AMDigital Eel has announced the return of Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space to current Macs. The new version brings the game up to date with the Windows release and runs on OS X 10.9 or higher. Weird Worlds is a unique sci-fi roguelike which gives players the chance to...
21/11 05:00 - Mac Gamer HQ Releases This War Of Mine Gameplay Vid
November 21, 2014 5:00 AMThis War of Mine from 11 bit studios is available now for purchase at Mac Game Store. The unique adventure offers players the chance to take charge of a group of civilians struggling to survive in a besieged city lacking food, medicine, and safety.In This War Of Mine you...
21/11 05:00 - Weird Worlds: Return To Infinite Space Back On Macs
November 21, 2014 5:00 AMDigital Eel has announced the return of Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space to current Macs. The new version brings the game up to date with the Windows release and runs on OS X 10.9 or higher. Weird Worlds is a unique sci-fi roguelike which gives players the chance to...
21/11 05:00 - This War Of Mine At MGS
November 21, 2014 5:00 AMMac Gamer HQ has posted a new gameplay video showcasing the recently released This War of Mine from 11 bit studios. The adventure game provides a unique perspective in war games, following the struggles of a group of civilians in a war torn city rather than the exploits...
21/11 05:00 - Harness The Power Of Synonyms In Synonymy
November 21, 2014 5:00 AMSynonymy from JarvisFilms is available now for purchase and download at Mac Game Store. The unique puzzler challenges players to find paths between random words through a network of synonyms connecting them. Synonymy supports multiplayer and offers weekly challenges in...
21/11 05:00 - Mac Gamer HQ Releases This War Of Mine Gameplay Vid
November 21, 2014 5:00 AMThis War of Mine from 11 bit studios is available now for purchase at Mac Game Store. The unique adventure offers players the chance to take charge of a group of civilians struggling to survive in a besieged city lacking food, medicine, and safety.In This War Of Mine you...
21/11 05:00 - This War Of Mine At MGS
November 21, 2014 5:00 AMMac Gamer HQ has posted a new gameplay video showcasing the recently released This War of Mine from 11 bit studios. The adventure game provides a unique perspective in war games, following the struggles of a group of civilians in a war torn city rather than the exploits...
20/11 05:00 - Surprise Attack Of Particulars At MGS
November 20, 2014 5:00 AMParticulars from Surpise Attack is available now for purchase and download at Mac Game Store. The unique fusion of arcade action and puzzle solving features the story of Alison, a young physicist with a troubled past, and places players in control of a single quark as...
20/11 05:00 - Mount & Blade Rides Onto Macs
November 20, 2014 5:00 AMTakeWorlds Entertainment's Mount & Blade: Warband and M&B: Napoleonic Wars DLC are available now for purchase and download at Mac Game Store. The medieval action title Warband gives players the chance to lead men into battle in a struggle for territory and power,...
20/11 05:00 - Fill And Cross World Contest & Royal Riddles Available
November 20, 2014 5:00 AMFill and Cross World Contest and Fill and Cross Royal Riddles are now available for purchase and download at Mac Game Store. Both games feature more than 100 unique puzzles set in a variety of colorful locations and more than 4 hours of gameplay to enjoy.Fill and Cross...
20/11 05:00 - Light Battles Darkness In Enclave
November 20, 2014 5:00 AMTopWare Interactive's Enclave is now available for purchase and download at Mac Game Store. The fantasy RPG offers two unique story driven single player campaigns, more than 25 missions, 12 playable character classes, and 5 end bosses to defeat.The people of Light and...
20/11 05:00 - Septerra Core Now At MGS
November 20, 2014 5:00 AMSepterra Core from TopWare Interactive is available now for purchase and download at Mac Game Store. The fantasy role playing game features over 140 characters, a varied storyline, the ability to choose up to nine party members, and a strategic combat system combining...
20/11 05:00 - Surprise Attack Of Particulars At MGS
November 20, 2014 5:00 AMParticulars from Surpise Attack is available now for purchase and download at Mac Game Store. The unique fusion of arcade action and puzzle solving features the story of Alison, a young physicist with a troubled past, and places players in control of a single quark as...
20/11 05:00 - Merchants Of Kaidan Available For Purchase
November 20, 2014 5:00 AMForever Entertainment's Merchants of Kaidan is now available for purchase from Mac Game Store. The challenging trading game features a variety of RPG elements and challenges players to rise from humble beginning to become a wealthy merchant.Regain your riches, restore...
20/11 05:00 - Fill And Cross World Contest & Royal Riddles Available
November 20, 2014 5:00 AMFill and Cross World Contest and Fill and Cross Royal Riddles are now available for purchase and download at Mac Game Store. Both games feature more than 100 unique puzzles set in a variety of colorful locations and more than 4 hours of gameplay to enjoy.Fill and Cross...
20/11 05:00 - Mount & Blade Rides Onto Macs
November 20, 2014 5:00 AMTakeWorlds Entertainment's Mount & Blade: Warband and M&B: Napoleonic Wars DLC are available now for purchase and download at Mac Game Store. The medieval action title Warband gives players the chance to lead men into battle in a struggle for territory and power,...
20/11 05:00 - Combat Mission: Battle For Normandy 3.11 Patch Launched
November 20, 2014 5:00 AMBattlefront.com has released the 3.11 patch for Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy. The patch is not compatible with the 1.0 or 2.0 branches of the game, requiring the 3.0 Upgrade installed in order to use this patch. The update includes a variety of changes and...
20/11 05:00 - Jack Orlando Director's Cut Comes To Mac Game Store
November 20, 2014 5:00 AMJack Orlando Director's Cut from TopWare Interactive is now available for purchase and download at Mac Game Store. The adventure casts players in the role of Jack Orlando, a 1930's detective struggling to prove himself innocent of the charge of murder.1933 will go down in...
19/11 13:00 - Defenders Of Time Available
November 19, 2014 1:57 PMDefenders of Time from Four Lights is available now for purchase and download at Mac Game Store. The tower defense game features multiplayer action for up to 8 participants in a 4v4 match, very fast gameplay, the ability to resell your towers to get all your money back,...
19/11 13:00 - Holiday Jigsaw Thanksgiving Day Offers Puzzling Fun
November 19, 2014 1:57 PM8 Floor Games' Holiday Jigsaw Thanksgiving Day is available now for purchase and download at Mac Game Store. The digital version of the classic jigsaw puzzle features 500 Thanksgiving themed images, adjustable game difficulty, and a hint tool.We want to thank all those...
19/11 13:00 - Pre-Order Pillars Of Eternity Now And Receive In-Game Items
November 19, 2014 1:57 PMParadox Interactive and Obsidian Entertainment have announced that Pillars of Eternity, the fan-funded role-playing game (RPG) inspired by classics of the genre, is now available to pre-order with a discount available for early purchasers. Pre-orders of the game will also...
19/11 05:00 - Jack Orlando Director's Cut Comes To Mac Game Store
November 19, 2014 5:00 AMJack Orlando Director's Cut from TopWare Interactive is now available for purchase and download at Mac Game Store. The adventure casts players in the role of Jack Orlando, a 1930's detective struggling to prove himself innocent of the charge of murder.1933 will go down in...
19/11 05:00 - Light Battles Darkness In Enclave
November 19, 2014 5:00 AMTopWare Interactive's Enclave is now available for purchase and download at Mac Game Store. The fantasy RPG offers two unique story driven single player campaigns, more than 25 missions, 12 playable character classes, and 5 end bosses to defeat.The people of Light and...
19/11 05:00 - Septerra Core Now At MGS
November 19, 2014 5:00 AMSepterra Core from TopWare Interactive is available now for purchase and download at Mac Game Store. The fantasy role playing game features over 140 characters, a varied storyline, the ability to choose up to nine party members, and a strategic combat system combining...
19/11 05:00 - Merchants Of Kaidan Available For Purchase
November 19, 2014 5:00 AMForever Entertainment's Merchants of Kaidan is now available for purchase from Mac Game Store. The challenging trading game features a variety of RPG elements and challenges players to rise from humble beginning to become a wealthy merchant.Regain your riches, restore...
19/11 05:00 - Combat Mission: Battle For Normandy 3.11 Patch Launched
November 19, 2014 5:00 AMBattlefront.com has released the 3.11 patch for Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy. The patch is not compatible with the 1.0 or 2.0 branches of the game, requiring the 3.0 Upgrade installed in order to use this patch. The update includes a variety of changes and...
17/11 05:00 - Fist Of Jesus Available Now At MGS
November 17, 2014 5:00 AMFist of Jesus from KISS is available now for purchase and download at Mac Game Store. Based on the short film of the same name, the action game focuses on the adventures of Jesus and Judas as they battle a world filled with zombies after the resurrection of Lazarus goes...
17/11 05:00 - Tales Of Aravorn: Seasons Of The Wolf Released
November 17, 2014 5:00 AMWinter Wolves recently announced the release of Tales of Aravorn: Seasons of the Wolf. Set in the same world as Loren The Amazon Princess, the fantasy RPG gives players the chance to take the role of Shea or Althea, twins from the village of Ninim, who embark on an epic...
17/11 05:00 - IMG Reviews The Wolf Among Us
November 17, 2014 5:00 AMInside Mac Games' Steven Marx has posted a new review of Telltale Games' The Wolf Among Us. Based on Bill Willingham's award-winning comic book series FABLES and licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, The Wolf Among Us features a cast of fairy tale characters...
17/11 05:00 - Get Rich In Gold Rush! Anniversary
November 17, 2014 5:00 AMGold Rush! Anniversary from KISS is available now for purchase and download at Mac Game Store. The adventure is an update of the classic 80's Gold Rush!, once again taking players back to the year 1849 to find their fortune in California. In 1988, Rush appeared with Gold!...
14/11 15:00 - The Day Stays The Same In Randal's Monday
November 14, 2014 3:54 PMRandal's Monday is available now for purchase and download at Mac Game Store. The adventure game puts players in the role of Randal, a horrible best friend who is cursed to relive the same Monday until he can undo the mistake which led to his friend's suicide.Randal wakes...
14/11 15:00 - Royal Envoy 3 Comes To MGS
November 14, 2014 3:54 PMPlayix's Royal Envoy 3 is available now for purchase and download at Mac Game Store. The fantasy titles challenges players to explore the unknown South Ocean in 114 challenging levels spanning 15 unique islands.South Ocean. HMS "Islandshire" is exploring the white spots...
14/11 15:00 - Combat Mission: Red Thunder V1.01 Released
November 14, 2014 3:54 PMBattlefront.com has announced the release of a new patch for Combat Mission: Red Thunder. Version 1.01 includes a number of improvements and fixes, including more stable internet play. The standalone game returns to the Eastern Front for Operation Bagration in 1944. Red...
14/11 15:00 - Warlords Of Draenor Available Now
November 14, 2014 3:54 PMBlizzard Entertainment has officially announced the release of the next expansion for its popular fantasy MMO World of Warcraft. Warlords of Draenor, the fifth expansion for the game, sends players to Draenor "at a pivotal moment in history to fight against and alongside...
14/11 15:00 - Mac Gamer HQ Reviews GRID 2
November 14, 2014 3:54 PMMac Gamer HQ has posted a new review of Feral Interactive's GRID 2. Developed and published by Codemasters for PC and consoles, GRID 2 is the successor to GRID, previously released on the Mac by Feral. There are technically better games out there, but the appeal of Grid...
12/11 05:00 - Save Up To 50% During Anuman Adventure Week
November 12, 2014 5:00 AMIt's Anuman Adventure Week at Mac Game Store and eager shoppers can save up to 50% on a variety of Anuman Interactive's adventure titles. The popular titles on offer include Atlantis: The New World, Dracula Resurrection, Egypt: The Heliopolis Prophecy, and Syberia.Check...
12/11 05:00 - Save Up To 50% During Anuman Adventure Week
November 12, 2014 5:00 AMIt's Anuman Adventure Week at Mac Game Store and eager shoppers can save up to 50% on a variety of Anuman Interactive's adventure titles. The popular titles on offer include Atlantis: The New World, Dracula Resurrection, Egypt: The Heliopolis Prophecy, and Syberia.Check...
12/11 05:00 - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Handsome Jack DLC Launched
November 12, 2014 5:00 AMAspyr Media, 2K, and Gearbox Software have announced the release of the Handsome Jack Doppelganger Pack, the first add-on content pack for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. The DLC features a fifth playable character for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, adding hours of shoot...
12/11 05:00 - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Handsome Jack DLC Launched
November 12, 2014 5:00 AMAspyr Media, 2K, and Gearbox Software have announced the release of the Handsome Jack Doppelganger Pack, the first add-on content pack for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. The DLC features a fifth playable character for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, adding hours of shoot...
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Site italien GamersHell.com

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17/12 22:01 - This War of Mine v1.2 Patch Deployed
The update will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted
17/12 21:59 - Space Safari Joins Steam Greenlight
Created with the tradition of classic platformers such as Mega Man and Metroid in mind
17/12 21:58 - The Debut 22 Bundle Released
Spend $5 or more and you'll get the Chiptune album The Dominant Idea by Gem Tos from the Data Airlines label
17/12 21:52 - Dying Light Interactive Video
Create your unique playthrough by making decisions and get an early taste of Dying Light. Delve into an open world that's full of possibilities
17/12 21:49 - Echo of Soul Video Dev Diary
The video discusses the game's features and what sets it apart from other games in the genre
17/12 21:43 - Hazelight Officially Announced, Teaser Video Available
Hazelight is made up of the core team behind Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
17/12 21:27 - Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations v1.06 Patch Deployed
Interface, AI & mechanics improvements and gameplay additions
17/12 20:46 - Roche Fusion Coming Next Month, Lauinch Video Available
An arcade space shoot 'em up with all things combined people love from the classics, adding modern gameplay mechanics and lots of eyecandy
17/12 20:43 - The Awakened Fate Ultimatum Dated, Screens Unveiled
The sequel to Guided Fate Paradox coming next March
17/12 20:33 - Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy Revealed
From the creators of Demon Gaze
17/12 20:28 - Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance Announced, First Screens Revealed
Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance brings together a completely new cast of characters to tell a tale of rebellion and revenge
17/12 20:19 - Ascension: Deckbuilding Game Available on Steam
Conceived and designed by three Magic: the Gathering tournament champions
17/12 20:18 - Isaiah Austin Added to NBA 2K15 Roster
Available for free
17/12 20:16 - Construction Simulator 2015 Released on Steam
In Construction Simulator 2015, you take the controls of 15 realistic construction machines made by Liebherr, Still, and MAN
17/12 20:09 - Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Removed Games for Windows Live, Steamworks Added
The update is available now and will let players keep both Save Data and Achievements
17/12 20:06 - Kalimba Released for Xbox One
Formerly known as 'Project Totem', the Danish studio's platformer is out now
17/12 16:28 - Total War: Rome II Wrath of Sparta DLC Released, Video Available
Take Ancient Greece by storm
17/12 13:10 - Disorder Dated, Gameplay Video Revealed
Featuring broken-world mindscape levels that won Indie Bits 2014's Prettibyte Award
17/12 13:09 - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel The Holodome Onslaught DLC Released
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel's second batch of add-on content out now
17/12 13:05 - First Downloadable Content Released for WWE 2K15
Multiple downloadable content offerings available
17/12 12:58 - Dream Dodger Kickstarter Campaign Underway
What happens in your wildest dreams... becomes a video game
17/12 12:56 - Rakion v857 Client (International)
You can not run away from extreme strike sensation
17/12 12:38 - Survarium Beta Updated to v0.26
◦Added support for multiple equipment profiles and the ability to change the sets of equipment in battle, while the character is dead
17/12 12:30 - Trine Enchanted Edition Released for PS4 in Europe, Launch Trailer Available
Live the journey of three heroes - a Wizard, a Knight and a Thief – in a quest to save the kingdom from evil
17/12 12:13 - King of Wushu Announced for PS4, Videos Released
Martial Arts MOBA King of Wushu to arrive on Sony's next-gen console
17/12 09:03 - Approaching Infinity Released
Explore a science-fiction universe of infinite possibilities this December
17/12 08:59 - Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD Released on PS Vita, Screens Available
The third entry in the much-loved Oddworld series goes portable
17/12 08:54 - Tetris Ultimate Arrives on Next-Gen Consoles
Ubisoft puts a fresh twist on the classic block-sliding puzzler
17/12 08:51 - Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault New Video
New trailer to eecognize 70th anniversary of Battle of the Bulge
17/12 08:44 - Age of Blood Announced, Screens/Trailer Released
Action, adventure, and an enthralling story set on a world of fantasy versus science-fiction
17/12 08:19 - Loadout PS4 Version Released, New Screens Available
Blood-drenched free-to-play shooter now available via PlayStation Store
17/12 08:06 - SunAge: Battle for Elysium Released on Steam, Screens/Video Unveiled
A return to the roots of real-time strategy
17/12 07:58 - Sorcerer King Beta 3 Now Available, New Screens Revealed
Massive replayability comes to Stardock's asymmetrical fantasy 4X
17/12 07:51 - Divinity: Original Sin Gone Retail
Sequel to cult hit fantasy RPG out now for $39.99
17/12 07:41 - Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN Ships to North America
Are you ready to rock?
16/12 19:51 - Grand Theft Auto Online Heist Update Coming in 2015, Video Available
Featuring new gameplay, new vehicles, new weapons, new clothing and much more
16/12 19:43 - Herald Unveiled, Trailer/Screens Released
A choice-driven adventure inspired by the gameplay from The Walking Dead and other interactive dramas
16/12 19:26 - Archlord 2: Eternal Strife Released, Video Unveiled
New server also launched
16/12 19:22 - Destiny Patch Deployed
The one that followed Expansion I
16/12 19:15 - Two More DLCs Released for Payday 2
Available for purchase at $6,99 and $4,99 respectivelu
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02/05 23:33 - Call of Duty: Black Ops Now Available to Pre-Order
The newly announced Call of Duty: Black Ops is now available for you to pre-order at your local participating retailers.
02/05 23:33 - Bulletstorm Screens
LusoGamer has the first screens about Bulletstorm.
02/05 23:32 - Pre-Order Call Of Duty: Black Ops And Get It Day 1
"Those of you who already have your mind made up about purchasing Call of Duty: Black Ops should head over to..."
02/05 23:32 - MMOHut: Star Trek Online Free Trial Announced
MMOHut, "Star Trek Online has had a troubling launch. Complaints of an unfinished product rushed to release abounded. What's worse is that STO chose to stick to the archaic subscription model rather than embrace the new, rapidly growing free to play model. To entice players to give the game a...
02/05 17:34 - Star Wars: The Old Republic Inhabitants Page Added
IncGamers reports that BioWare has added an inhabitants page to the official Star Wars: The Old Republic site.

Anyone wanting to read up on the various creatures, droids and species that fill the SW:TOR universe can now refer here to find out all they need to know.
02/05 17:34 - InstantAction debuts online video game distribution service
On Friday morning, browser-based gaming innovator InstantAction announced the availability of its direct-to-consumer online video game distribution service that enables game publishers to embed premium video games anywhere on the Web, including blogs, and social media sites such as Facebook. The...
02/05 17:33 - GameXplain: Halo Reach Beta Impressions
GameXplain says: "The Halo: Reach Beta is upon us, and not to be left behind, the GameXplain crew made sure to be among the few to experience the game a little early. The beta is multiplayer only, and will be available to everyone who purchased Halo ODST starting Monday, but for now we were happy...
02/05 17:33 - InstantAction (finally) Launches, Shows off Secret of Monkey Island: SE
BNG writes: "That huge project InstantAction has been working on since the arrival of their new CEO Louis Castle back in July of last year has finally surfaced. Right now, within your browser, you can play The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition."
02/05 17:32 - Star Wars: The Old Republic ? Revealing Darth Malgus
IncGamers reports that BioWare has announced a new novel entitled Deceived, which tells the story of Darth Malgus, the Sith Lord who featured in the trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic.
02/05 17:32 - House, M.D. the PC game ? cool stuff giveaway
Legacy Games are releasing House, M.D. on PC May 10th and giving away loads of cool stuff to the first few buyers.
02/05 17:31 - Girls Or Tekken - Which Gets A Gamer's Attention?
This predicament is similar to that of the 'strippers or counter-strike' story from a while back. If only Kim Ha Yul or Han Ga Eun dressed up as Alisa or Lili, then maybe they would have gotten more attention from the gamers at a recent "Tekken Clash" tournament.

A quote from one...
01/05 17:12 - 'Halo: Reach' Beta Live Stream
Russ Frushtick of MTV Multiplayer writes:

"Starting today at 4PM Eastern and running for an hour, I'll be playing the "Halo: Reach" beta. The real, live, honest-to-goodness first public look at pure gameplay footage of the year's most anticipated shooter."
01/05 17:12 - PlayStation Store Update: Tuesdays Just Got a Little Better
Beginning next Tuesday, May 4, PSN Store Updates will be update on Tuesday.
01/05 17:11 - Playstation 3 May Releases
May is shaping up to be a great month for PS3. Take a look at some of the most anticipated games being released in the near future.
01/05 17:11 - 8 films that have most influenced videogames
Which are the movies that have most influenced the look and feel of videogames? Here are Den of Geek's suggestions...
01/05 17:09 - Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter - GPU benchmarks
PCGH ran graphics card benchmarks in Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter. As expected the Geforce GTX 480 is the fastest card, but especially with extreme anti-aliasing modes the Radeon HD 5870 is coming close. Depending on the video settings the GTX 470 is battling with the HD 5850 and the GTX...
30/04 22:41 - N4G temporarily closed for news submissions
We are now finally ready to reveal what we have been working on for the past 18 months or so. Unfortunately we will be forced to close the site for submissions and comments for a few days while we import data to the new site.
30/04 22:33 - Alan Wake DLC looking to polish animations and graphics even further
Alan Wake is due next month but already previews are showering praise over Alan Wake's atmosphere and great visuals. But it seems that Remedy is constantly trying to improve the world of Alan Wake, and have confirmed that they've learned a good deal about facial animation through the process of...
30/04 22:16 - Judge Judy Confused About a PS3 $2,500 Price
Koku writes: "Judge Judy is known for handling many different lawsuit cases at times she even makes it seem like a joke when it comes to some awful law suits such as the one between Keiona Nash and Marcel Scott. Marcel cheated on Keiona, and now she wants to sue Marcel for stealing her...
30/04 21:54 - UFC 2010: Undisputed - PS3 Vs 360 demo screenshots
Eurogamer Portugal published some exclusive screenshots comparing the two versions. Check them out.
30/04 21:45 - Mass Effect 2 DLC Announcement to come next week
According to the Mass Effect 2 website, Bioware plans to give away some nice information regarding future DLC for Mass Effect 2....
30/04 21:44 - 13 Extraordinary Halo Reach Screenshots, Shot By Gamers
Kotaku: Halo Reach, like Halo 3 before it, has an in-game screenshot tool. Play the game. Watch an interactive playback of what you did. Move the cameras. Snap your shots. In just one day, gamers have taken some amazing pictures.

See more for yourself at the Halo Reach section of...
30/04 21:41 - Hands-on: Alan Wake: So Good, It'll Scare You - Examiner
Microsoft is about to release one of the biggest games of 2010 and, arguably, one of the biggest Xbox 360 releases with the impending release of Alan Wake. Coming from Remedy, development team of Max Payne, Alan Wake is a psychological-thriller that will push gamers to their limits and have you...
30/04 21:38 - Some Retailers Showing a Double Standard?
DualShockers writes, "I've been reading some disturbing reports this week, since I've been following a couple forums focusing on Record of Agarest War. It seems GameStop is having issues putting this game on the shelf because of its Limited Edition packaging."
30/04 21:25 - New Alan Wake screens showcase combat and scenery
Microsoft has released 10 new screens from Alan Wake, showcasing the game's combat and some of the scenery.
30/04 21:11 - Eurogamer Iron Man 2 Review
There's a decent game lurking somewhere in Marvel's superhero, Iron Man. Maybe it's even a brilliant game. Sure, those palm-mounted laser cannons mean that he's going to enter most battles with his hands up, looking like he's dead set on capitulating, but he can fly, he can blast stuff into...
30/04 21:10 - All systems nominal: MechWarrior 4 Free is finally released
After nearly a year of delays due to legal pressure and other unforeseen issues, the free edition of MechWarrior 4 is here!
30/04 21:10 - Fanboys Who Believe Steve Jobs About Adobe Flash are Blind Idiots
Sean Nagasawa writes: "You would think that writing for a site named Go Fanboy would somehow prepare me for the continual onslaught of "fanboyism" and blind faith that some gamers have in corporations. But the way in which people eat up the BS Steve Jobs spews about Adobe and Flash being sub-par...
30/04 20:58 - IGN: How Much Did Activision's Deal With Bungie Cost?
Neither Activision nor Bungie would discuss specifics of yesterday's surprise 10-year publishing agreement. But to sign a developer with a pedigree like Bungie to a deal for one game would cost a pretty penny, let alone ten years worth. So how much coin did Activision have to pony up to land...
30/04 20:53 - XSEED game reveal is for the Wii or DS
XSEED has hinted on their official Twitter account that their upcoming announcement will be for a Nintendo platform.
30/04 20:49 - Ace Combat X2 Joint Assault: New Trailer, Screenshots and Info
Namco Bandai released a new trailer, a new batch of screenshots and new information about the newest PSP chapter of the Ace Combat series, Ace Combat X2: Joint Assault.

The most juicy piece of information is definitely the multiplayer mode, that not only will allow up to eight...
30/04 20:15 - Fallout 3 Combat Gear Mod Released
Tredmeister has announced the release of its Fallout 3 mod Steiner Combat Gear, now available for download. The mod adds a new vendor to the Rivet City Market who sells exotic camouflage clothing and equipment including dragonskin sets, backpacks, berets and more.
30/04 20:15 - Half-Life 2 Mod Multi-Moron Demo Released
Master Gir has announced the initial demo release of its Half-Life 2 co-op mod Multi-Moron, now available for download.
30/04 20:02 - Massive Game Flaws That We Just Accept
Regardless of whether you've noticed, or whether we're being completely pedantic about this whole issue, a lot of A-grade games have duff flaws in them. And what do we do? Accept it. We play all the way through the game ignoring some of the stuff that in any other title we'd have dashed back to...
30/04 19:54 - Halo: Reach Beta Gameplay Footage - Xbox Evolved
Xbox Evolved:

"We're playing the Halo: Reach multiplayer 24/7 and want to share the experience with you...kind of. Check this page out for gameplay videos. "
30/04 19:54 - Amazon $10-$20 Credit Game Deals Summary (updated 4/30)

"Amazon has recently added an number of upcoming titles to their $10-$20 video game credit promo.

Here is the updated $10-$20 Amazon Credit list:"
30/04 18:54 - Amazon Offers Insane Red Dead Redemption Deal

"The battle between Amazon and Walmart continues!

Pre-order Red Dead Redemption (360/PS3) for $59.99 at Amazon and get a free $20 Amazon gift card!

Red Dead Redemption is set to release on May 18, 2010."
30/04 18:48 - Top 10 RPGs of All Time
A list of the ten best rpgs ever made.
30/04 18:20 - Is The PS3 The Only Console I Need?
Ben Dutka: Look at it in terms of priority: what would I say are my favorite games - and possibly even the bestgames - of the generation so far? Well, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Heavy Rain, God of War III, Grand Theft Auto IV, Assassin's Creed II,...
30/04 18:07 - Project Natal Can Learn From the Player's Actions
SoftPedia writes: Project Natal, Microsoft's motion tracking solution that does not use any form of handheld controller, is set to be launched at some point during the fall of this year and the software giant is planning a big event on June 13 during which it will talk about the videogames that...
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Site américain Engadget

Dernière mise à jour le 18/12/2014 à 05:45
Catégories : Informatique, Hardware
17/12 23:32 - Sprint could face $105 million fine over unauthorized customer billing
Sprint can't catch a break. As if its financial woes weren't enough, the outfit was recently accused of letting consumers get billed for "tens of millions" of dollars in unauthorized charges for premium text messages between 2004 and 2013. The Consum...
17/12 21:57 - Cuba's renewed US relations will bring internet upgrades
It would be an understatement to call Cuba's existing telecoms modest -- roughly five percent of residents have internet access, and cellphone access is pricey at best. The US may just turn that situation around through its new deal with Cuba, though...
17/12 21:00 - webOS 2.0 will make LG's smart TVs much faster next year
The usual pre-CES flood of information is under way, and LG is announcing details of the webOS 2.0 package its smart TVs will ship with in 2015. Improving on the menus we already dug at last year's show, LG says that the new versions will improve mai...
17/12 20:13 - Engadget Daily: Sony postpones 'The Interview,' Gear VR review and more!
In case you hadn't heard, things are still going dreadfully south for Sony Pictures. In response to a new wave of threats from its GOP cyberattackers, the studio has been coerced to postpone its December 25th theatrical premiere of The Interview. Fin...
17/12 19:08 - Android Wear puts Inbox by Gmail updates on your wrist
You may have to give up a few things from Gmail to use Google's task-oriented Inbox email app, but smartwatch support isn't one them. The company has updated the app (on Android) to bring Android Wear support, letting you check mail, send replies and...
17/12 18:15 - US officials ID North Korea as source of Sony Pictures hack
According to CNN, NBC, and the New York Times, US officials will announce tomorrow that they've identified North Korea as the source behind a massive cyberattack against Sony Pictures. As a result of threats tied to the attack, Sony Pictures today ca...
17/12 17:51 - Uber explores using biometrics and lie detectors to screen drivers
Uber has come under fire for allegedly doing little to protect passengers from unscrupulous drivers, and it's determined to improve that reputation -- in some cases, using relatively unusual methods. The ridesharing company's recently hired Head of G...
17/12 17:17 - Hangouts for Gmail brings back the status update
Back when Google Talk ran Gmail-based chats, a handy custom status window made sure all your colleagues and pals knew what you were up to. When Hangouts took over, the tool fell by the wayside. Well, now it's back. Hangouts in Gmail allows you to del...
17/12 16:38 - Facebook's going after eBay and Craigslist with group-based selling
Facebook likes to experiment with little projects that could, someday, be as popular as Poking and Graph Search. One such project is enabling selected users to sell their unwanted items on the social network, in a move that'll surely strike terror in...
17/12 16:00 - Looking into the future: Samsung Gear VR review
You can finally buy a virtual reality headset and use it in your home. Right now -- today -- that is possible. It doesn't cost $10,000 and it doesn't come with caveats like, "This is made for developers." Samsung is officially the first to market wit...
17/12 15:30 - What to get when you want a smarter kitchen
It's that time of year again! You know, the one when you have to hand over your hard-earned cash or dole out the credit card digits to get the loved ones in your life a little something celebratory. Lucky you, we've got a slew of great recommendation...
17/12 14:49 - Navy drone swims like a shark to spy on foes
It's hard to covertly gather intelligence on the open seas; conventional drones and submarines make it rather obvious that something's up. The US Navy might just have a stealthier option with its experimental GhostSwimmer drone, which recently finish...
17/12 14:47 - Sony Pictures cancels 'The Interview' theatrical release (update)
Threats posted by the people behind the unprecedented hacking of Sony Pictures appear to have had the desired effect. The Wall Street Journal and The Hollywood Reporter both state, based on anonymous sources, that the largest movie chains will not de...
17/12 14:15 - BlackBerry's Classic throwback isn't just a gimmick
BlackBerry's Classic is a curious bit of fan-service, a seemingly conciliatory blend of old and new designed to appeal to Waterloo's die-hards. It might seem a little odd that the company would choose to go all retro on us smack in the middle of 2014...
17/12 13:36 - Hulu's former chief shows how he'll take on YouTube
If you've been wondering exactly how former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar would take on internet video heavyweights like YouTube, you now have your answer. Kilar's startup, Vessel, has both opened the doors to video producers and revealed just how you'll use ...
17/12 13:00 - Facebook's iPad app now fits in better with your tablet habits
If you use your iPad primarily for reading news and playing games, you're certainly not alone. Facebook definitely realizes that, which is why the social network has updated its iPad app with a new right-hand column (which only appears in landscape m...
17/12 12:32 - DARPA-funded mind-controlled robotic arm now works a lot better
At Expand NY in November, DARPA Director Arati Prabhakar talked about the erm, friendlier projects the agency is funding, including a mind-controlled robotic arm tested by Pittsburgh native Jan Scheuermann. Her test run has recently ended, but the Un...
17/12 12:00 - Netflix comes to Dish's TV set-top boxes
Not all conventional TV providers are at odds with Netflix. Dish just announced that its second-generation Hopper DVRs (and eventually Joeys) are getting an integrated Netflix app starting today. Yes, you can now jump from satellite broadcasts to int...
17/12 11:27 - PS3 and PS4 finally get Plex, and a whole world of streaming (update)
When Plex first arrived on the Xbox One, we figured it would only be a matter of time before the service made its debut on the PlayStation 4. It's taken two months, but finally the company has released an app for Sony's latest console, giving Plex Pa...
17/12 10:48 - BlackBerry's $450 'Classic' phone aims to bridge the past and present
It's been nearly 10 months since the folks in Waterloo announced the throwback BlackBerry Classic, but today's the day the thing officially breaks cover. Hooray? If it wasn't immediately obvious, the "Classic" moniker refers to the fact that the devi...
17/12 10:46 - Snapchat buys eyewear company that lets you record video on the sly
Snapchat quietly bought a company that makes eyewear with Google Glass-like video recording capability, according to hacked Sony emails spotted by Business Insider. Private messages from Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton's inbox revealed a $15 mi...
17/12 10:10 - OnePlus celebrates one year in business with a super-cheap power bank
Exactly one year ago, a little known company by the name of OnePlus arrived on the scene with plans to make "the perfect smartphone." The One certainly lives up to the hype under the hood, but thanks to a flawed invite process, getting your hands on ...
17/12 09:37 - Netflix says offline playback is 'never going to happen'
Ever since Netflix mistakenly said that offline viewing would come to Honeycomb tablets, we've waited (and opined) for the moment when it'd happen. Unfortunately, the streaming company is turning a blind eye to our needs as its head of communications...
17/12 09:00 - To-do list app Todoist now works on Android Wear devices
Calendar notifications are nice, but speaking for, er, other people, not so much if you also forgot to keep your phone nearby. Most of us at least remember to put our watches on, though, and productivity app Todoist now supports Android Wear with loc...
17/12 08:24 - Hulu's new Disney-ABC deal brings 'X-Men' and 'Resurrection'
While Amazon and Netflix take their fight to the awards arena, Hulu is still looking for ways to make its content library stand out. Of course, it has plenty of recently or currently airing TV shows, but these days it's all about the exclusives and t...
17/12 07:22 - When you jump, VERT tells you how high
The majority of fitness wearables concern themselves with walking or running, but what happens if your exercise is more vertical in nature? Step forward VERT, a wearable jump-rate monitor that tells you how fast you can jump, how high you can jump an...
17/12 06:19 - Curiosity detects organic molecules in Martian atmosphere and soil
NASA's Curiosity rover is still going strong on the red planet, observing the atmosphere and analyzing soil samples for the sake of future missions. For instance, the agency has revealed that the rover has sniffed out sudden methane spikes in the atm...
17/12 05:25 - Google brings mood-matching smart playlists to Play Music in the UK
Having millions of tracks available to play can be a blessing when streaming music, but with so much choice, it can often be difficult to find something that matches your mood. Google recognised that some Play Music subscribers could use a hand, so i...
17/12 05:11 - Steam is region-locking PC games to thwart low currency value exploits
Apple isn't the only one making changes to how it deals with the Russian ruble. Valve is taking measures to protect PC game publishers on its Steam platform too, as spotted by NeoGAF's ever-vigilant eyes. The online storefront is region-locking games...
17/12 04:04 - PocketQube kits make it easier for amateurs to build their own satellites
The PocketQube team wants to give even more people access to its relatively affordable 5cm x 5cm x 5cm microsatellites, so it now has ready-to-use kits up for sale on its online store. These kits contain (almost) everything one needs to assemble cube...
17/12 03:45 - Google blocks Gmail add-ons that can spy on your messages
Google isn't satisfied with securing Gmail itself from prying eyes; it's blocking sinister add-ons, too. The email service now supports Content Security Policy, which prevents web extensions from running code that could bypass security or otherwise w...
17/12 02:46 - Nintendo's next device will reportedly, bizarrely, be donut-shaped
There's an intriguing report from Kyodo that Nintendo will use Sharp's "free-form" LCDs on an oddly-shaped new console or other product. Sharp recently showed off IGZO-based displays that move the control circuits away from the bezel, allowing for fu...
17/12 01:16 - Sony can make any eyewear more like Google Glass
Sony has just announced a new attachable display module that can turn a "pair of fashionable glasses, goggles, sunglasses, or other type of eyewear" into smartglasses. And, yes, it's completely detachable so you can remove it whenever you want to. Th...
17/12 00:01 - SpaceX is going to land a rocket on a 'spaceport' barge
SpaceX's next test flight hopes to land one of its Falcon 9 rockets on a platform -- in one piece. The company puts the odds of success at around 50 percent "at best" but it's apparently a major step towards reusable space rockets - and cheaper trips...
16/12 22:37 - Google makes a few changes to its Drive apps on iOS and Android
You know that thing where you try and get as much work done as you can before the end of the year? Tie up loose ends so that you can start the new year with a clean slate? That seems to be the mindset over at Google: After adding Office-file conversi...
16/12 21:32 - The LAPD is getting a body camera for every officer on the street
We've seen a few police departments institute wearable cameras for their officers, but not to the scale of what Los Angeles is doing. The city is purchasing 7,000 body cameras for its cops in an effort to increase transparency, according to The LA Ti...
16/12 20:55 - The Big Picture: A Dragon heads to the International Space Station
The last time SpaceX's Dragon visited the International Space Station, they brought along some nifty presents that included the first zero-g 3D printer. SpaceX captured this photo of Dragon lifting off from Cape Canaveral in September on its fourth c...
16/12 20:03 - The author of 'Snow Crash' is working for an augmented reality company
Neal Stephenson's immersive swordfighting game might not have panned out, but that isn't deterring him from diving head-first into new technology ventures. The Snow Crash writer is now the Chief Futurist for Magic Leap, the secretive augmented realit...
16/12 19:36 - Twitter may tap Foursquare to make location more relevant in tweets
Twitter's been focused quite a bit on mainstream appeal over the past few years -- often to the point of ignoring aspects of its platform that sorely need some updating. Take the way Twitter handles location: You can manually add where you're tweetin...
16/12 19:01 - Apple halts online sales in Russia due to shaky currency
If you hadn't heard, the value of Russia's ruble is tanking -- and that's starting to make online store operators nervous. Apple tells Bloomberg that it has frozen internet sales in the country while its workers "review pricing." The company hasn't s...
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Site américain Joystiq

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Catégories : Jeux Video, Blogs
17/12 22:00 - Mega Man channels Cut Man to deal with Virtual Console prices
Capcom kicked off a sale on games in its Mega Man series through the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U eShops today. The sale coincides with the 27th anniversary of the iconic blue hero as well as the debut of another game on Nintendo's Virtual Console: Mega Ma...
17/12 21:00 - Report: Microsoft building game-streaming tech, 'Arcadia'
Microsoft has job openings within a new cloud-based Operating Systems Group, and one of the listings says the project is called "Arcadia." ZDNet reports that Arcadia is a new streaming system built on the Azure cloud and is poised to replace Microsof...
17/12 20:00 - 'Lords of the Fallen 2' in early stages of development
It looks like Bandai Namco's other brutally punishing action RPG, Lords of the Fallen, is getting a sequel. The news comes by way of developer CI Games executive producer Tomasz Gop, who confirmed on Facebook (and also to Eurogamer) that development ...
17/12 19:00 - Natural Selection 2 dev's 'Subnautica' dives into Steam Early Access
Natural Selection 2 developer Unknown Worlds launched its latest game on Steam Early Access this week, Subnautica. In it, players submerse themselves in an "alien underwater world" with brightly-colored creatures and environments, such as coral reefs...
17/12 18:00 - Veteran producer Tak Fujii departs Konami
Veteran producer Tak Fujii announced his departure from Konami today following a "great 20 years of creation." Fujii revealed the career move via Twitter, giving thanks to "all who supported, loved my titles." Fujii's time with Konami began in 1997, ...
17/12 16:00 - Joystiq Deals: Borderlands - The Pre-Sequel 48-hour sale
Joystiq Deals is offering the latest entry in Gearbox's acclaimed Borderlands series at a special price over the next 48 hours. Today and tomorrow only, you can grab a Steam-redeemable copy of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel for only $39.99, shaving $20 ...
17/12 15:00 - Amazon offers PS4, camera and two games for under $450
Black Friday is now a distant memory, but it's not too late to score a solid deal on a current-gen console in the days leading up to Christmas. Amazon is currently selling a PlayStation 4 hardware bundle that includes a PlayStation camera and two add...
17/12 14:00 - Destiny hot fix tweaks Crota's End raid drops
If you're suffering from a lack of level-boosting loot in Destiny's raids, Bungie has the cure for what ails you. A patch issued this week tweaks gear drop rates within The Dark Below's new raid mission Crota's End, ensuring that more players will re...
17/12 13:00 - Xeodrifter review: Snacktroid

There's a purity to Xeodrifter that I really admire. The 2D action exploration game is brief, but Xeodrifter explores its simple, well-executed mechanics to a T. It takes the best elements of other exploration-driven action games like Castl...
17/12 12:00 - Skylanders Trap Team Light and Dark expansions hit retail this weekend
Skylanders veterans will soon be able to master in-game elements never previously seen in the series via a pair of new Skylanders Trap Team expansion packs premiering at retail this weekend.

Trap Masters Knight Mare and Knight Light join the Skyland...
17/12 11:30 - Assassin's Creed: Unity patch is 40 GB on Xbox One for some
The fourth patch for Assassin's Creed: Unity arrived yesterday as a sizable 6.7 GB download. At least, that's the case for non-Xbox One players; some players using the Microsoft console are facing 40 GB downloads for the patch, effectively the size o...
17/12 10:18 - The Sims 4 update gets paid time off, adds holiday cheer
EA updated The Sims 4 this week, adding a significant amount of new content to the life simulation game. Your sims can now go after an athletic or business career like Hall of Famer or Business Tycoon and accrue paid time off for any of their occupat...
17/12 09:11 - Time-bending teen drama Life is Strange debuts next month
The debut episode of the DONTNOD-developed Life is Strange arrives on January 30, 2015, Square Enix announced today. The publisher commemorated the news with a new trailer showing the game in action. To see how Remember Me studio DONTNOD is mixing em...
17/12 08:00 - Disgaea 5 wings West in 2015
The now-dubbed Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance is coming to North America and Europe in fall 2015, NIS America announced this week. The newly revealed subtitle is tied to the game's Alliance Attack battle system. According to NIS, it lets main chara...
17/12 07:00 - PSN Store Update: Damn it Otacon, Get a Grip
Some six years after it hit retail shelves, you can now download Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots from the PlayStation Store. As such, you can now sort of ruin one of the game's most memorable moments. We're of course talking about that tongu...
17/12 06:00 - PSA: SSX free for Gold members on Xbox 360
It's tricky to rock a pun, to rock a pun with SSX. It's tricky.
It's tricky, tricky, tricky, tricky. So we didn't.

EA Canada's 2012 reboot of the trick-crazy snowboarding series is free right now via Games with Gold. That means Xbox 360 owners who a...
16/12 23:00 - Nostalgia attacks first in new Cosmic Star Heroine video
Maybe this footage of Zeboyd Games' upcoming PS4 and Vita roleplaying game Cosmic Star Heroine could look more like a time-displaced refugee from the dawn of the 32-bit era if its first moments featured the classic Square logo and Chrono Trigger them...
16/12 22:00 - WCW stars invade WWE 2K15 in wrestling game's first DLC
In this corner, from Atlanta, Georgia, weighing in at over 400 megabytes, is the first post-launch DLC for WWE 2K15: a pack featuring five stars of the squared circle who made their names in World Championship Wrestling.

Included in the DLC are Fit ...
16/12 21:00 - LittleBigPlanet 3 finds Frozen DLC, refuses to Let It Go
Having conquered movies, music and the minds of children everywhere, characters from Disney's animated mega-hit Frozen now join Captain America and Pixar's Toy Story cast among the wide range of licensed costume options found in LittleBigPlanet 3.

16/12 20:00 - Dragon Age: Inquisition add-ons expand multiplayer, go Deluxe
Today, Dragon Age: Inquisition gets a piece of free multiplayer content and a $10 upgrade that elevates the Standard Edition of the game to the Deluxe Edition, all across PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The free multiplayer expansion is titled D...
16/12 19:00 - Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 targets 2016 release for PS4, Xbox One, PC
A new entry in the million-selling Sniper: Ghost Warrior series is "deep in development" for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC platforms, developer CI Games announced today.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 will feature a blend of precision shooting and st...
16/12 18:00 - Payday 2 enlists its first woman gang member in new DLC
Murderous thieves though they may be, the masked crooks of Payday 2 are a progressive bunch and have hired a new female member going by the pseudonym "Clover" to join their heists, assuming you buy the game's newly-available character pack.

16/12 17:30 - Assassin's Creed: Unity patch 4 is nearly 7GB, out today
The fourth patch for Assassin's Creed: Unity will roll out today on Xbox One and PS4, and it's due to hit PC later in the week. Ubisoft has said that the fourth patch for Assassin's Creed: Unity will fix "most of the remaining issues" in the game - w...
16/12 17:00 - New expansion takes Forza Horizon 2 off-roading in a storm
Open-world racing hit Forza Horizon 2 grows a little larger today with the launch of the Storm Island expansion, a DLC addition that adds new cars, new areas and new events to the already sizable racer.

Like the Rally Expansion Pack for the original...
16/12 16:30 - Joystiq Deals: 2-in-1 Lightning and Micro-USB charging cable
Joystiq Deals has a discount for you today that will keep your mobile devices fully charged and ready for action. Today's StackSocial-branded six-foot charging cable features both Lightning and Micro-USB plugs, making it an ideal all-in-one charging ...
16/12 16:00 - Halo: Master Chief Collection patch aims at stability, matchmaking
Halo: The Master Chief Collection received another patch this week aimed at fixing the game collection's matchmaking, parties, roster and other issues. The latest update is expected to improve the "reliability" of matchmaking and also guarantee that ...
16/12 15:45 - Joystiq Streams: Silent night, Dying Light
Do not go gentle into that zombie fight/shambling corpses should burn and rave at close of day/Rage, rage against the hordes of Dying Light.

Techland has been working on the zombie apocalypse train for years now, determined to make the best possible...
16/12 15:00 - Landmark visual novel Steins;Gate heads west on PS3, Vita next year
Acclaimed Japanese visual novel Steins;Gate will be localized and released in North America and Europe next year for the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, publisher PQube announced today.

Taking place on the streets of Japanese electronics shopping distric...
16/12 13:00 - GTA Online heists breaking and entering 2015 with new trailer
Grand Theft Auto 5 will get its cooperative online heist missions in early 2015, Rockstar Games revealed today. The developer originally expected to add heists to GTA Online this past spring, apologizing for the delay later in June. As of November, R...
16/12 12:00 - Humble Bundle milestones: $50M to charity, $100M to devs
Humble Bundle has raised more than $50 million for charity since launching its first sale in May 2010 - the Humble Indie Bundle, as it was called back then. That bundle introduced the idea of "pay what you want" pricing and offered customers power ov...
16/12 11:04 - Countdown to 2015 Xbox sale starts: Dark Souls 2, Resident Evil, more
Microsoft kicked off its "Countdown to 2015" sale today on the Xbox Store, discounting a myriad of games with bigger price cuts for Xbox Live Gold members. This week's deals are good until December 22 and feature Lords of the Fallen at 40 percent off...
16/12 10:00 - Destiny goes dark below $30 (well, it's $29.99) on Amazon
If you've been patiently holding out on Destiny, if the Dark Below expansion is prompting a relapse, or if you've always fancied a picnic in space with Bill Nighy, then head on over to Amazon. PS4 and Xbox One copies are half-price there at $29.99, b...
16/12 09:00 - Shadow of Mordor rings in Lord of the Hunt DLC today
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor today welcomes into its fellowship the "Lord of the Hunt," Warner Bros. informs Joystiq. The DLC will be available to purchase on its own for $10, or you can acquire it through the $25 you-shall-not season pass. Lord of...
16/12 08:00 - Save the cheerleader later, watch Until Dawn's PSX demo now
When Sony debuted a new Until Dawn sequence at PlayStation Experience, the whole thing took on the surreal feel of a game show. As Supermassive's Pete Samuels walked through the choices in the teen horror game, the crowd yelled out their votes for wh...
16/12 07:00 - Hearthstone begins Android rollout
Blizzard is rolling stones out, specifically of the Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft variety. The free-to-play collectible card game is available now for Android in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and Blizzard says a full worldwide rollout is due "...
15/12 22:00 - Final Fantasy composer records symphonic album at Abbey Road
Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu is crafting an album of symphonic music from the Final Fantasy series, to be recorded at London's Abbey Road Studios and released digitally in early 2015 through Merregnon Studios. The album plays off of the Final...
15/12 21:00 - Warhammer Quest announced for Steam, arrives in January
Warhammer Quest will receive a PC, Mac and Linux version early next year, Rodeo Games announced. The strategy game based on Game Workshop's original 1995 board game will launch on Steam on January 7, 2015. The video game adaptation of Warhammer Quest...
15/12 20:00 - Praise the Sun: Dark Souls Steamworks update now available
Following a short delay, developer From Software has issued an update for the PC's Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition that replaces its native Games for Windows Live functionality with a full suite of Steamworks components.

Additionally, from now unt...
15/12 19:00 - Director Shawn Levy on why he left the Minecraft movie
Night at the Museum director Shawn Levy has left the Minecraft film adaptation, citing creative differences with the game's developer, Mojang.

"[Warner Bros.] asked me to develop how might this ever be a story for a movie, because it's a non-narrati...
15/12 18:00 - Tomb Raider: DE, Dark Souls 2 drop to $20 each on Amazon
Heads up if you're in a rush to find last-minute Christmas gifts: Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (Xbox One/PS4) and Dark Souls 2 (Xbox 360/PS3) are $19.99 apiece on Amazon right now, making either an ideal pick for the gamers on your shopping list.
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18/12 02:57 - [Article, Digital Media, PlayStation...] Plex is rolling out to Sony PS3 and PS4 game consoles
Plex, who makes one of the most popular media server and client software, has never been shy about adapting any platform it can manage to get on. Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Roku, Xbox, even NAS devices. Now the organization reaches out to yet another community. While jokingly saying at...
18/12 01:51 - [Article, Chromebook, Google...] Krispy Kreme wants customers to talk to strangers using Google Hangouts on Chromebooks
As a fat guy, I love doughnuts; it's like its in my DNA. If the detectives on Law and Order took a sample of my blood, and looked under a microscope, they would see sprinkles and frosting swimming around with the platelets and stuff. If they were hunting for a robbery suspect called...
17/12 22:42 - [Article, Beta, Microsoft...] Over 1.5 million Windows 10 Technical Preview users, nearly a third use it daily
Microsoft's Gabe Aul has given an insight into how the Windows 10 Technical Preview has been received by testers. In a blog post, Aul reveals that there are more than 1.5 million registered Windows Insiders testing out preview builds, and that nearly a third of this number -- around 450,000 --...
17/12 19:23 - [Article, Cloud, Enterprise...] Microsoft's view of 2015: Internet of Things, security, and machine learning
Companies are always forward-looking, but it's at this time of year that this is really focused on. Consumers are excited to see what products they'll be able to get their hands on in the year ahead, businesses want to know what services the coming year has to offer, and technology enthusiasts...
17/12 17:36 - [Article, Bing, Microsoft] Microsoft's Bing predicts 2015 -- Patriots win Super Bowl, Beyoncé gets Best Album Grammy
Do I believe in psychics? No. I do not believe that people have magical powers that can predict the future. With that said, I like watching the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo, on TV. If you aren't familiar, she claims to talk to the dead, and transmits messages from the deceased to their...
17/12 17:01 - [Article, Developer Tools, Enterprise Computing...] Sinch enables low-cost SMS integration for apps and websites
Businesses are increasingly turning to mobile to communicate with both customers and employees. But whilst attention tends to be focused on apps, SMS messaging still has its place. Communications platform Sinch is announcing the launch of its SMS API, making it easier for developers to integrate...
17/12 16:30 - [Article, Amazon, Android...] BlackBerry launches the Classic -- a smartphone with an old-school keyboard
BlackBerry is not a company that's afraid to do things a little differently, and this is something that's perfectly demonstrated by its latest release. Rather than eschewing the physical keyboard like most smartphones, the BlackBerry Classic embraces it. The square 720 x 720 screen is comparable...
17/12 15:54 - [Article, Security] The top 10 worst security breaches of 2014
Another year, another batch of damaging security breaches. It seems that as time goes on companies are becoming more and more vulnerable to hackers, viruses and malware. 2013 saw some massive data scandals in terms of records stolen, yet 2014 has trumped it with some truly staggering breaches in...
17/12 15:40 - [Article, Apple, iPad...] Apple puts sales on hold in Russia as rouble collapses
The financial crisis in Russia is beginning to have an impact on the rest of the world. The value of the rouble has been fluctuating tremendously, but is generally on a downward trajectory -- it plummeted in value by 20 percent so far this week. For Apple the uncertainty about how things could...
17/12 14:48 - [Article, Free Software] First look: Veeam EndPoint Backup BETA
Back in October, enterprise virtualization specialists Veeam Software announced Veeam EndPoint Backup FREE, a free file and image-based backup tool for Windows. The package is currently only available as a private beta -- you must sign up at their website and wait to receive a download link --...
17/12 14:09 - [Article, Education, Security] 35 percent of all security breaches take place in higher education
Higher education institutions with their rapid turnover of students' devices each year present particular problems when it comes to protecting data. A new infographic from enterprise security and backup specialist SysCloud looks at the risks higher education bodies face and how they can improve...
17/12 13:09 - [Article, Microsoft, Start button...] Get a classic Start menu in Windows 10
Windows 10 is very much a work in progress, but one feature that?s definitely going to be around in the final release is the Start menu. Microsoft has done a clever job of blending the traditional Start menu with the divisive Start screen found in Windows 8.x. I?m a big fan of this approach, and...
17/12 13:08 - [Article, Apple Pay, gaining momentum] Apple Pay gaining momentum as more companies sign up
Apple has announced that its mobile payment service Apple Pay has received even more support -- now 90 percent of all credit purchases by volume in the United States can be achieved by using Apple Pay. SunTrust, Barclaycard, USAA, and dozens of other companies have joined the likes of Citibank...
17/12 12:23 - [Article, Chrome OS, Google...] Chrome OS is great, but Microsoft doesn't need to worry... yet
Not long ago I wrote asking if we still needed Windows. It's an interesting question without a real answer. On the one hand, many folks don't need it, as a Chromebook will suffice for what they do -- checking email and browsing websites. On the other hand, some people do need Windows for the...
17/12 11:04 - [Article, Apple, iPhone 6] BuQu's PowerArmour case protects iPhone 6, doubles battery life
There are just two things I?d improve about Apple?s new iPhone -- its durability and battery life. Both are reasonable, but could be better. This is where BuQu?s PowerArmour case comes in. It will protect your device from drops, and provide up to 100 percent extra battery life. What?s not to...
17/12 10:31 - [Article, Digital Lifestyle] Modern technology brings friends and family closer together
A new piece of research is arguing against the belief that modern technology is unsociable and interferes with families spending quality time together. The research, commissioned by Tesco, found that almost a quarter of Brits surveyed felt better connected to friends and family thanks to gadgets...
17/12 09:02 - [Article, Digital Lifestyle] Hub It can now charge your devices wirelessly
I reviewed Hub It a couple of weeks ago, and described it as an "essential, fully customizable sync and charging station for all your devices". I liked it so much in fact, I persuaded its creators, Eggtronic, to giveaway two to BetaNews readers. Enter here (but be quick, the giveaway ends soon)....
17/12 09:00 - [Article, Google] Google reveals top searches for 2014
Another year is rolling to a close, and needless to say, another kajillion searches have been performed on Google over the course of 2014. And as ever, Google has taken the time to post about the most searched for terms which users have been desperate for info on throughout 2014. So what was the...
17/12 08:03 - [Article, Firefox, Free Software] Grab every link on a web page with Copy All Links (Firefox)
You?re at a web page, maybe reading a forum post, looking at a list of links. You?d like to copy them somewhere, maybe share them with someone else. But your browser has no way to work with every link on a page, so you must copy them individually, select all the text and edit it later, maybe just...
17/12 02:44 - [Article, Google, Open Source] Google makes End-to-End open source -- moves project to GitHub
Back in June, Google announced an alpha Google Chrome extension called "End-to-End ". This project was designed to easily encrypt traffic between two points. Having encryption be easy is key, as users will avoid complicated solutions. The problem is, not everyone uses Chrome; some people prefer...
17/12 00:10 - [Article, Android Wear, Smartwatches] Pebble smartwatch gets an Android Wear notifications update
Like it or not, wearable technology seems to be here to stay. While, the likes of Google Glass remain aloof to most customers thanks to pricing, smartwatches have become fairly commonplace. Apple plans to enter the market, but Pebble and Google are already becoming established. Now the two...
16/12 20:49 - [Article, Gmail, Google...] Google increases security for desktop Gmail with Content Security Policy support
Google today revealed a new feature for Gmail that should help to increase inbox security. Newly added support for Content Security Policy (CSP) keeps Gmail extensions in check to ensure that none are malicious or try to interfere with your Gmail session. It's essentially server-side malware...
16/12 18:20 - [Article, Facebook, Mobile...] Twitter could be on the verge of introducing auto-playing video ads
A little over a year ago, Facebook introduced videos that play automatically. If a report from AdWeek is correct, it looks as though others thought that this was a great idea because Twitter is reportedly considering implementing the same feature. As this is a report that appeared in AdWeek, it...
16/12 18:02 - [Article, Google, Verizon] Google and Verizon sign patent license agreement -- lawyers probably crying
There are a lot of lawyers in the world, and in order to support their families, they must work. This means that lawsuits are essential for the overall economy; sad but true. Lately, it seems like a lot of tech companies are suing each other over patents, and quite frankly, it is tiring. I am...
16/12 18:00 - [Article, Digital Lifestyle] Hush smart earbuds promise the perfect night's sleep
A new Kickstarter project promises a better night?s sleep using smart earbuds and noise-canceling technology. Hush can provide a silent environment no matter how much noise is taking place around you, by actively recording and playing opposite sound waves in order to cancel out any potential...
16/12 17:43 - [Article, Microsoft, Smartphones...] Microsoft brings Lumia 635 to Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile USA and Sprint
Windows Phone is a great operating system. If you disagree, you are wrong. Sure, it has frustratingly low app availability, including a lack of Google apps, but the underlying OS is wonderful. Live tiles are useful, and the UI is smart and attractive. Hell, the hardware is wonderful too, and...
16/12 17:09 - [Article, Apple, eBay...] Apple, Amazon, HP, Verizon and others back Microsoft's fight against US government
Microsoft is currently embroiled in a legal battle with the US government, and the fight has led to an unlikely alliance between several rival companies. Microsoft was handed a government order requesting access to emails stored at a datacenter in Ireland. The company has been battling the order...
16/12 16:15 - [Article, Security] Interested in encrypting your data? Here's what you need to know [infographic]
There is more than one way to keep your data safe from prying eyes, but the practice that is most recommended is still the use of encryption. It will ensure that only you will be able to access personal information, requiring a decryption key to unlock your data. Proving just how effective it can...
16/12 15:05 - [Article, Review, Digital Lifestyle] Gigabyte Aorus X7 Pro v3: A fast, stylish entertainment notebook [Review]
When we took our first look at the original Aorus X7, we were decidedly impressed at how much Gigabyte had managed to fit into a notebook just over 2cm thick. The Aorus X7 Pro v3 improves the specs further, promising even more performance in an incredibly portable package for a notebook aimed...
16/12 13:59 - [Article, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Computing...] Avast wants beta testers for its business security software
Avast has long been a favorite with home PC users thanks to its free antivirus offering, and protects 175 million computers worldwide. It also launched a free mobile product in 2011 and now protects around 50 million smartphones too. In 2015 it's looking to move into the business market and is...
16/12 13:49 - [Article, Microsoft, Mobile Apps...] Microsoft introduces beta Gestures app for Lumia Windows Phones
Windows Phone started off as an easy to use smartphone operating system without many bells and whistles. Over the years, it has picked up more and more advanced features, reaching the point when it can now hold its own in a comparison against main rivals, Android and iOS. And Microsoft keeps...
16/12 13:16 - [Article, Beta, Cloud...] Microsoft opens up improved Sway Preview to everyone -- no more waiting list!
It has been a few weeks since Microsoft introduced us to the latest addition to the Office family -- Sway. In fact, as Microsoft points out, the preview was unveiled 10 weeks ago. While the initial preview required anyone interested to join a waiting list, now it's possible to get in on the...
16/12 12:29 - [Article, Microsoft, Skype] Skype offers free calls from India to US and Canada until March
Microsoft has an end-of-year present for Skype users in India. Starting now and running until the beginning of March, calls from India to the US and Canada are completely free of charge. Interestingly, this includes calls placed to mobiles as well as to landlines. Unusually for such an offer,...
16/12 11:56 - [Article, AOC, Digital Lifestyle] AOC's new computer screens can reduce eye fatigue and retinal stress
If you sit in front of a computer screen all day, as so many of us do, there?s the risk of developing eye fatigue and headaches. Taking regular breaks can help, but you have to remember to do so. Monitor-maker AOC says it has found a way to reduce the risks of spending so much time in front of...
16/12 11:11 - [Article, Nokia, Samsung...] Samsung and Nokia are 2014's biggest smartphone losers
Samsung, the largest smartphone supplier, has had a surprising year and reported losing over 20 million sales, compared to 2013. Samsung sold 7 million less units in Q3 and 23 million less overall in 2014, compared to the previous year. The Galaxy S5 has been a huge letdown for Samsung, selling...
16/12 10:24 - [Article, Free Software] Compress CBR/CBZ comic files by 50 percent or more
Digital comics often come in the form of comic book archives, typically JPGs stored in a single archive file (cbz = zip, cbr = rar, and so on). You might think these simple compressed formats would already produce the smallest possible files, but no -- the free CbxConverter can resample images...
16/12 09:43 - [Article, Uber] Uber's tone-deaf surge pricing is its undoing
As downtown Sydney was in full panic Monday during a hostage crisis at a local cafe, Uber sat at the ready to get people out of town. There was only one problem: the ride would cost you $100 or more, four times the service?s normal rate. The reasoning? Surge pricing. Uber?s oft-maligned pricing...
16/12 08:51 - [Article, Google] Spanish publishers demand the return of Google News
Google removed its news aggregation service from Spain a few days ago, but the Spanish Newspaper Publishers? Association (AEDE) is already asking the government to bring it back. AEDE claims the removal of Google News will be bad business for the publishing industry overall and will have more of...
16/12 08:17 - [Article, Free Software] View, organize and manage your media with Diffractor
Most PC users need a good media manager, something to bring order to the mass of photos, videos and music cluttering their system. There?s plenty of competition around, but if your needs are relatively straightforward then Diffractor could be a contender. The program installs quickly...
16/12 05:00 - [Article, Amazon, Digital Media...] HBO GO lands on Amazon Fire TV set-top box
HBO is one of the most popular premium networks on TV, with shows like Game of Thrones and others. The channel has also launched an online and mobile app called HBO GO. This brings the content to your computer, phone or tablet. Now the network has arrived on Amazon Fire TV, the tiny set-top box...
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Catégories : Informatique, Hardware
20/11 09:49 - Sony ?7 ? (Alpha 7 2) Part One: Full-Frame Mirrorless with 5-axis Image Stabilization System
Sony is going to release a full-frame mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera - ?7 II (Alpha 7 Mark II) - for about ¥190,000 on December 5.
20/11 06:25 - Attack on Titan - casting roles and images unveiled for live-action movie
Finally, casting roles and images have been unveiled for the live-action Attack on Titan movie coming out in summer 2015.

Actors and actresses for the movie were already announced about 4 months ago, but we didn't know who was going to play which characters.

19/11 01:41 - Toyota to debut hydrogen fuel cell vehicle MIRAI
Toyota announced the release of their hydrogen fuel cell vehicle - MIRAI.  It will be the first commercial hydrogen FCV in the world.

MIRAI doesn't discharge at all while running. It discharges only water.
18/11 09:16 - Hamee - Gyoza iPhone 6 / 6 Plus case and smartphone stand
Check out how real these Gyoza look!

Now, Gyoza design iPhone6 / iPhone 6 Plus cases and smartphone stand are available by Hamee.

They are products made in collaboration with an official gyoza organization and extremely detailed. The crunchy parts of the Gyoza are hand...
18/11 06:56 - Nikon to release Df Black Gold Edition - 1600 units ONLY
Nikon announced the release of a premium camera - Df Black Gold Edition - to celebrate the first anniversary of their digital single-lens reflex Df camera. Only 1,600 units - 600 bodies and 1,000 lens kits, will be out for sale.
18/11 06:51 - White model will be added to Sony's MILC alpha 6000
Sony announced that they will add a new white model to their mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera - ?6000 - on November 28. It will be out for sale as a power zoom lens kit and double zoom lens kit.

?6000 was released on March 14 and its color options were black and silver.
18/11 03:42 - Terrie's Take: 300,000 Pedometer Experiment, Japan as a Brand, and Smartphone Zombies!
Terrie?s Take is a selection of Japan-centric news collected and collated by long-time resident and media business professional Terrie Lloyd. AkihabaraNews is pleased to present Terrie?s learned perspective; we all could use another take on the news - here?s Terrie?s:
17/11 10:36 - UPCOMING EVENT: Maker Faire Tokyo 2014 Starts Sunday, November 23
Visit AkihabaraNews' Calendar
Cultural Events, Tech Events, Trade Shows, Startups, & Expos in Tokyo and BeyondComing Up:
16/11 16:50 - VENTURE DAY TOKYO 2014: Three Days to Submit Your Pitch!
AkihabaraNews is proud to once again join Venture Day Tokyo as a media sponsor. We?re looking forward to the speakers, the pitches, the feedback, and the excellent networking. Jump here for a complete rundown on last year?s event.
16/11 12:42 - TokyoStreetView: Todoroki Valley (4K VIDEO)
From the Editor:
16/11 03:42 - Top 5 Japanese Tech Videos of the Week
AkihabaraNews on YouTube
15/11 11:15 - Some Beautiful Japanese Cosplay for the Weekend (PROBABLY NSFW GALLERY)
14/11 06:28 - AkihabaraNews on The Kong Show: Top 5 J-Tech & Culture (VIDEO PODCAST)
AkihabaraNews' Editor Reno J. Tibke Talks Tech on The Kong Show Video Podcast
13/11 12:32 - Yamaha Motor may release MOTIV mini car in 2015
Yamaha Motor's lightweight two-seater car, MOTIV, which was unveiled in last year's Tokyo Motor Show, is rumored to be out for sale in 2015, starting in Europe.

MOTIV was jointly designed with a team including Gordon Murray (Gordon Murray Design) who has worked with McLaren F1. It's...
13/11 08:24 - DentsuBlue - Padlock-style device that opens and closes via smartphone
DentsuBlue is going to release a padlock-style device - 246 Padlock - for ¥10,246 in early December. 
Its opening and closing is controlled via Bluetooth network using a smartphone with the dedicated application.

Genuine leather is used as the exterior material, and...
12/11 13:21 - LIVE FROM SPACE: Rosetta Mission's Philae Lander Prepping for Touchdown!
Space Science History Live!
12/11 09:45 - Seven Eleven accepting orders of premium Evangelion Orochi car - Only 1 available
Seven Eleven and Mitsuoka Motor jointly announced the release of a premium car - Evangelion Orochi - today. It is a one of a kind car and the price will be ¥16,000,000.

They will accept orders from November 11 through November 30. In the case of multiple orders, a winner will be...
12/11 09:07 - Aerial Burton 3D display projects images into mid-air
Aerial Burton has demonstrated an aerial 3D display, which can project text and images in mid-air."The biggest difference between our technology and other displays is, this is a screenless display. This is the only device that can show text and pictures in mid-air, without using a screen. "
11/11 15:34 - VENTURE DAY TOKYO 2014: Who Has Japan's Next Big Idea?
AkihabaraNews is proud to once again join Venture Day Tokyo as a media sponsor. We?re looking forward to the speakers, the pitches, the feedback, and the excellent networking. Jump here for a complete rundown on last year?s event.
11/11 09:40 - Yahoo! Japan starts simple and easy genomic analysis service
Yahoo! Japan announced the release of a genomic analysis service for the public from the HealthData Lab project offered by its healthcare division, Yahoo! Healthcare.
11/11 09:14 - Predicting Local Wind Pressure on Buildings and Developing a System to Control It
The Institute of Technology, Shimizu Corporation, the results of tests using large wind tunnels are being replicated by ultra-large-scale simulations, using a supercomputer called the K Computer. In this way, the researchers are working to develop a new method for detailed prediction of...
10/11 07:37 - Terrie's Take: Only in Japan? Takkyubin Tourism (TRAVEL EDITION)
Terrie?s Take is a selection of Japan-centric news collected and collated by long-time resident and media business professional Terrie Lloyd. AkihabaraNews is pleased to present Terrie?s learned perspective; we all could use another take on the news - here?s Terrie?s:
10/11 04:50 - NARUTO Manga has ended after 700th episode in 15 years
No More Naruto.
Today, internationally popular Japanese manga NARUTO, which has been serialized in Weekly Sh?nen Jump magazine for 15 years, has ended with its 700th episode.
10/11 03:27 - Sharp - Younger sister-like home cleaning robot
Sharp even added a "MOE" feature to this vacuum cleaner.  

From Sharp's home cleaning robot series, COCOROBO, a premium model called COCOROBO Imouto Ver. RX-CLV1-P will be out for sale for a limited time. Imouto means younger sister in Japanese.
10/11 02:10 - Automotive Aerodynamics Simulation Using a Supercomputer
Hokkaido University and RIKEN AICS are researching aerodynamics simulation, to simulate the air flow around automobiles.
Investigating the force exerted by air on a moving car is essential for improving fuel efficiency and safety. In particular, using a supercomputer called K has made it...
09/11 15:08 - TokyoStreetView: Shibuya Crossing (4K VIDEO)
From the Editor:
09/11 13:12 - Tokyo Street Shots: The Living Gallery (Collection 5; Set #3)
09/11 06:29 - Disrupting Japan Episode 5: Startup News from the Heart of the Movement (PODCAST)
'Disrupting Japan' Update
07/11 09:45 - Japanese Scientists Create See-Through Mice (SFW; MAYBE ICKY)
This is Pretty Cool and a Little Yuck
07/11 09:04 - Thanko - Electrothermal heated gloves for winter outdoor activities
Thanko has released electrothermal heated gloves to eliminate the chill of hands during outdoor activities on cold winter days.

They are powered by a 9V battery and get warm quickly in about 30 seconds. There is an On/Off button so that you can turn it off when not needed and save...
07/11 07:46 - Google Nexus 6 will be sold starting at ¥75,170 in Japan
Google unveils Japanese pricing for Nexus 6 on Japanese Google Play 
The release date hasn't been stated clearly. It says soon-to-be-released.
06/11 09:11 - Thanko - Handy-mist mobile battery
We're Working on Figuring out if We Really Need This (we do)
Japanese winters are very dry and that dry air can make your skin very dry. So, to moisturize your skin anytime you want, Thanko makes a product that combines handy mist and a mobile battery.
06/11 02:08 - REVIEW: Shuttle XPC SZ87R6 & SH87R6 Barebones "Black Boxes"
Veteran Contributor Ike Leus has returned! Specializing in the techier/geekier side of our coverage, his extensive collection of absurdly popular home server and gaming rig reviews, along with a variety of other tech coverage, can be found here. Welcome back!
05/11 18:34 - Top 5 Japanese Tech Videos of the Week
05/11 17:20 - Did Hatsune Miku Just go from Saccharine Cute to Borderline Hot?
05/11 04:38 - Sushi Cat Update! (FIGURINES FOR ¥400/$3.60)
03/11 16:42 - Terrie's Take: Creating a New J-Underclass, Sweet Potato Fire Hazard, and Japan Fails at Tohoku...
03/11 09:06 - 7 More Obscure Japanese Gaming Consoles You've Probably Never Heard of (HD GALLERY)
03/11 05:46 - Crazy Japanese Halloween in Tokyo: A Closing Message (VIDEO)
02/11 16:52 - TokyoStreetView: Joshinji Temple (4K VIDEO)
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17/12 16:55 - [privacy, rfid, security] Symantec develops anti-hack jeans and blazer
Digital security company Symantec and American clothing company Betabrand have developed a jeans and blazer with pockets containing a RFID-blocking fabric.
17/12 11:05 - [Blu-ray, Software, vso-software] VSO Software officially releases Blu-ray and AVCHD creator ConvertXtoHD
VSO Software today announced the official release of their Blu-ray and AVCHD creation software ConvertXtoHD. The software is the successor to VSO?s hit software ConvertXtoDVD and can be used to convert and burn Blu-ray discs from any video format.
16/12 18:49 - [Microsoft, Software] Microsoft working on app and game streaming service Arcadia
Microsoft is working on a service that allows streaming of apps and games from the cloud, according to ZDNet. It's unclear when Arcadia, as the service is called, will become available, Microsoft is currently looking for additional team members to work on the project.
16/12 18:22 - [LG, quantum dots, TV] LG starts sales of quantum dots Ultra HD TVs in 2015
LG will start sales of quantum dots based Ultra HD TVs in the beginning of 2015.Quantum Dot (QD) based TVs allow a wider color palette and improved saturation compared to regular LCD TVs.
16/12 13:27 - [Microsoft, Software] “Expect many more failing updates from Microsoft”
We should expect more failing updates from Microsoft, according to Windows watcher Larry Seltzer of ZDNet.
15/12 18:13 - [Microsoft, skype] Microsoft releases preview of realtime translation software Skype Translate
Microsoft today released a test version of Skype Translator, a tool for realtime translation of video calls.
15/12 17:32 - [Software, ssd, velossd] Elite Bytes updates MaxVeloSSD and introduces VeloRAM
Our German friends from Elite Bytes have released a new version of VeloSSD, MaxVeloSSD and the first version of VeloRAM.
15/12 17:12 - [firefox, mozilla] Version 34.0 of faster 64-bit version of Firefox released
Version 34.0 of Waterfox, the faster version of FireFox has been released.
14/12 16:31 - [Microsoft, windows 10] “Windows 10 to support 3D Touch technology”
References in the today leaked Windows 10 build indicate that the operating system might support 3D Touch.
14/12 11:23 - [Microsoft, windows 10] Windows 10 build 9901 leaks – contains Cortana, new look, Windows Store beta
Build 9901 of Windows 10 has been leaked on the internet and contains a lot of new features. The 3.8 ISO files is rapidly spreading on file sharing websites and we're happy to provide you with nearly 30 screenshots of this brand new build.
13/12 10:26 - [clonebd, elby, slysoft] CloneBD officially released, get it with a 20% discount
The first public release of CloneBD is now available, the software can be downloaded by everyone starting today and purchased with a 20% discount.
12/12 19:08 - [isohunt, piratebay] Piratebay online again at oldpiratebay.org – powered by Isohunt
A relative recent copy of The Piratebay has been put online by IsoHunt.
12/12 18:35 - [Microsoft, security] Again Microsoft withdraws an update, this time for Windows 7
Microsoft has removed update KB3004394 from Windows 7 systems because the company received many reports of Windows 7 users with issues after installing the update.
12/12 17:02 - [ebook, Piracy] German police searches 50 houses for ebook piracy
The German police has searched about 50 houses in a case against a webshop where pirated ebooks were sold. The website has been taken offline, together with a related weblog.
12/12 11:56 - [Microsoft, windows 10] Microsoft to reveal consumer edition of Windows 10 next month
During an event on the 21st of January 2015 ,Microsoft will present Windows 10 to the general public. The intention of the event is to present the consumer version of the successor to Windows 8, which likely be released in autumn next year.
12/12 11:41 - [Microsoft, security] Microsoft to end browser toolbar mayhem
Starting next year, Microsoft will be stricter on toolbars and other software that make changes to a browser without the explicit permission of the user
11/12 17:29 - [Microsoft, update] Microsoft update fails again – Exchange Server 2010 SP3 update withdrawn
Microsoft has withdrawn Update Rollup 8 for Exchange Server 2010 SP3. One of the issues caused by the update was that Outlook 2010 clients could no longer connect to an Exchange server.
11/12 14:10 - [clonebd, clonecd, clonedvd...] Public beta of CloneBD released
After CloneCD and CloneDVD, Elby has nearly finished development of the Blu-ray movie copy software CloneBD.
11/12 13:08 - [drm, ebook] Judge: Telling users how to strip DRM from legally purchased ebooks is allowed
An American federal judge in New York has ruled that telling users how to strip the DRM from legally purchased ebooks is not contributory copyright infringement.
11/12 12:12 - [bittorrent, privacy] BitTorrent to uncensor the web with Maelstrom browser
BitTorrent, the company behind the BitTorrent protocol and the uTorrent client is working on a decentralized browser based on BitTorrent.
11/12 12:02 - [Samsung, ssd] Samsung 845DC EVO SATA 480GB Enterprise SSD Review
Welcome to Myce?s review of the Samsung 845DC EVO 480GB SATA Enterprise SSD (hereafter referred to as the 845DC EVO).
These days there is an air of excitement at Myce when we receive a Samsung SSD for review. The last Samsung Enterprise SSD we reviewed was the 845DC PRO, which uses 3D...
10/12 17:06 - [Android, security] Researchers: Android malware records phone conversations
Researchers have discovered a spy campaign where both computers and smartphones are attacked and hacked routers and proxies are used to hide the identity of the attackers.
10/12 16:27 - [legal, piratebay] Piratebay co-founder: “It feels good that it might have closed down forever”
Piratebay co-founder Peter Sunde, also known as brokep, posted a blog today stating he doesn't care whether the torrent site will recover from its current downtime
09/12 21:01 - [legal, piratebay] Breaking: Piratebay taken down by Swedish police and it might not come back
The Piratebay has been taken down by the Swedish Police, the website might not come back this time.
09/12 15:27 - [Microsoft, security] Critical Internet Explorer vulnerability reported which might not be patched soon
After 7 months, security research organization TippingPoint disclosed a vulnerability in Internet Explorer for which no patch is available because Microsoft needs too much time to develop it.
09/12 15:02 - [Microsoft, Piracy] Microsoft takes AT&T subscriber to court for illegal Windows 7 activations
Microsoft has filed a complaint in an United States court against an AT&T subscriber for activating several illegal versions of Windows 7 and Office 10.
09/12 14:48 - [Android, Software] VLC for Android finally ready after 2.5 years in Beta
The developers of the popular open source media player VLC have officially released the Android version of their software.
09/12 12:51 - [intel, nvme, ssd] Intel DC P3700 800GB Enterprise SSD Review – An Awesome Machine Part 2
Welcome to Myce?s review of the Intel DC P3700 800GB NVMe Enterprise SSD.
This is the second NVMe drive we have reviewed and it follows on from our review of its awesome stable mate the Intel P3700 1.6TB.
Is the 800GB version just as awesome? Please read this review to find out.
08/12 17:22 - Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD Review
Allow me to introduce the first consumer grade SSD
to implement 3bits per cell (TLC) 3D V-NAND, the Samsung 850 EVO range of SSDs.
The 850 EVO range of SSDs covers 120GB, 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB capacities.
The 850 EVO SSD that Samsung very kindly provided for review is the 500GB...
08/12 16:19 - [hdd, seagate] Seagate announces availability of cheap 8TB HDD
Seagate's 8TB hard disk drive is now listed on several websites for about $267. The HDDs are sold by the "Archive Label" and are available with and without hardware based encryption.
08/12 15:48 - [Android, malware, security] Android antivirus apps very effective against malware
Malicious Android applications are no party for mobile virus scanners. They are detected and stopped in most cases, according to a test of German antivirus research organisation AV-Test which tested 31 different scanners
08/12 15:30 - [Microsoft, windows 10] Microsoft COO: Windows 10 won’t be free
Rumors that Windows 10 might be a free upgrade for Windows 8 users, or even to everyone, have been debunked by Microsoft's Chief Operating Office (COO), Kevin Turner.
08/12 15:16 - [marvell, ssd] Marvell Introduces DRAM-less NVMe SSD Controller for mobile devices
Marvell today announced the world?s first DRAM-less NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) solid state drive (SSD) controller for mass market mobile computing solutions with NANDEdge low-density parity check (LDPC) technology supporting triple-level cell (TLC) and 3D NAND...
05/12 13:23 - [cinex, dvd-ranger, Software...] Offer: DVD-Ranger, CinexHD, PhotoDVD, Stellar Photo Recovery and Photo Watermark for $34
Bundlerbox sells DVD-Ranger, CinexHD, PhotoDVD, Stellar Photo Recovery and Photo Watermark for $34 for a limited time.
05/12 12:51 - [Blu-ray, cinavia, Panasonic] Developers make Cinavia free Panasonic Blu-ray player firmwares
Developers have created firmwares for Panasonic Blu-ray players that make them Cinavia free.
04/12 19:08 - [Micron M600 review, Micron SSD] Micron M600 512GB SSD Review
Time to take an in depth look on the overall performance of 512GB Micron M600 SSD, continue to read to find out how the drive compares to it's smaller brother that I previously tested.
04/12 18:10 - [firefox, Google, yahoo] Firefox users massively changed to Yahoo as search engine
Google has been replaced by Yahoo as the default search engine with the launch of Firefox 34 in the United States and the change has been very beneficial for Yahoo.
04/12 13:25 - [Samsung, smartphone] Samsung patent reveals smartphone with curved bottom and top
Samsung Display has been granted a patent for a display that's curved on the bottom and top of a smartphone.
04/12 12:00 - [Microsoft, Piracy] Microsoft blocks 50,000 license keys to fight piracy
In the fight against software piracy, Microsoft Germany has blocked 50,000 license keys that were illegally sold on the internet.
04/12 11:38 - [Apple, security] Without permission, Apple willingly removed music from competing services from iPods
Between 2007 and 2007 Apple removed music downloaded from competing music services from iPods without permission of the device owners.
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Site américain GameDaily (News industrie)

Dernière mise à jour le 02/02/2012 à 22:10
22/06 13:36 - Microsoft's Ballmer 'Sorry' for New Xbox Comment
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has now issued his own statement to clarify his recent comments suggesting that a new Xbox would be coming in 2010.
22/06 13:28 - Duke Begins Project Canned by 2K Games
Legal filings by 3D Realms indicate that a Duke Nukem game was in development at 2K Games, but was cancelled in April 2009.
22/06 13:20 - iPhone 3GS Quickly Tops 1 Million Sold, OS 3.0 Downloaded 6 Million Times
The iPhone 3GS has in just three days sold over a million units, showing just how strong the iPhone brand remains. For existing 3G owners, Apple also said 6 million customer downoaded OS 3.0.
22/06 13:09 - Sony's New Controller Plans Set in Motion
The new wand controller will be coming in Spring 2010, will have support for four players simultaneously and will have voice recognition.
22/06 13:04 - Mortal Kombat 9 Will Be M-Rated
Ed Boon has been tweeting his head off about the next Mortal Kombat, and oh yes, there will be blood.
19/06 13:55 - America's Army Withdraws from California
With the third version of America's Army launched, the U.S. Army has shifted the game's development to Alabama, resulting in an unspecified number of layoffs.
19/06 13:51 - GameStop Management Expecting 'Meaningful' PS3 Price Cut, says Analyst
According to Sterne Agee's Arvind Bhatia, GameStop now sees a price cut on PS3 as "highly likely," and the probability of a $50 drop on Wii has also gone up.
19/06 13:45 - Activision CEO: 'We Might Have to Stop Supporting Sony'
The attach rate for the PS3 is not as high as Bobby Kotick would like to see. He says that if a price cut doesn't happen "we might want to consider if we support the console."
19/06 13:41 - Microsoft: 'We're Barely Halfway Through this Generation,' Denies New Hardware
Steve Ballmer's comments yesterday wound up the rumor mill, but for naught. "We're not going to be launching a new console any time soon," says Aaron Greenberg.
19/06 13:34 - Microsoft's Ballmer Drops News of New Xbox 360 in 2010
TG Daily says that the Microsoft CEO talked about a new console launch with a "natural interface."
19/06 13:27 - Cliff Bleszinski Far From Burned Out On Gears of War
The lead designer of Gears of War 2 isn't done with the franchise yet and talks about perception issues surrounding his persona.
19/06 13:23 - Lara Creator Working on Crystal Dynamics' Next Game
Toby Gard is working on the next project by Crystal Dynamics, which seems likely to be a Tomb Raider game.
18/06 13:52 - Opinion: Mainstream's Perception of Gaming a Work in Progress
Video games, and the games industry, have come a long, long way. Games rival other media, but there are still many who view the hobby merely as child's play. These people need to wake up.
18/06 13:46 - BioWare 'Intrigued' by Wii Development
Could the developers of Mass Effect and Dragon Age finally be gearing up for a game on the Wii?
18/06 13:03 - Interview: BioWare Talks Dragon Age, Narrative and Crossing the Uncanny Valley
IndustryGamers recently sat down with BioWare founders Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuk to discuss the continued evolution of storytelling in games, the potential for episodic gaming, overcoming the uncanny valley and much more.
18/06 12:48 - Metroid Creator Would 'Encourage' Retro to Do Prime Sequel
Yoshio Sakamoto has not been involved in the Metroid Prime franchise from Retro Studios. He's currently collaborating with Team Ninja on Metroid: Other M, but he'd still like to see Retro produce a game in the Prime series if they can come up with a good
17/06 15:35 - Realtime Worlds 'A Bit Miffed at Microsoft' Over Crackdown 2
Over their objections, Ruffian was given development duties for Crackdown 2, and Realtime Worlds CEO David Jones is letting the world know.
17/06 15:00 - Interview: Will Wright on Stupid Fun Club, Spore, iPhone and More
IndustryGamers recently spoke with the legendary Will Wright about his new venture Stupid Fun Club, the future of Spore, Wright's thoughts on AI and digital distribution and his love of the iPhone.
17/06 14:55 - Midway Newcastle Struggles for Life
Makers of The Wheelman have a new open-world project, but they only have two weeks to sell it to a publisher.
17/06 14:47 - Video Game Consoles Dominating Web Video, says In-Stat
Watch any streaming video on your Xbox 360 or PS3 lately? Odds are you have, because video game consoles are now the most used devices for web video, according to In-Stat.
17/06 14:42 - Games to Lead Entertainment in North America, Reaching $21.6 Billion in 2013
PricewaterhouseCoopers expects video games to outpace other entertainment in the years ahead, growing to $21.6 billion in North America alone (and that's without the impact of hardware sales).
16/06 12:48 - Call of Duty: World at War Enlists 11 Million
War may be hell, but millions still want a piece of that hell. So much for it being an "off year" for the franchise.
16/06 12:41 - Ubisoft Estimates $60 Million For Next-Generation Titles
Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, feels that gamers will be impatient to get to that next technological plateau.
16/06 12:35 - Duke Nukem Lawsuit Mentions Off-Shore Banking
Were the developers of Duke Nukem Forever pocketing some of the money given to them for game development?
16/06 12:29 - Sony: PlayStation Home Can be a 'Big Box Shifter' for PS3
IndustryGamers spoke with Jack Buser and Peter Edwards about the evolution of PlayStation Home. Edwards fully expects the community to drive the vision for Home, and he believes Home one day will make people want to go out and buy a PS3.
16/06 12:25 - Opinion: Please Don't Forget About Traditional Controls
The entire industry is embracing the motion control revolution, but is this really the best way to play video games? We'd like to think that traditional controls will always have a place in gaming.
15/06 13:23 - Nintendo Must Cut Price on Wii or Introduce New Bundle, says Analyst
Nintendo needs to consider dropping the price on Wii or at least bundling in hot software like Mario Galaxy, or else the company may miss its fiscal targets.
12/06 18:11 - Tiger Woods Racks Up $500 Million in Game Sales
EA Sports' popular golf franchise has now made over half a billion dollars in the U.S. alone, The NPD Group has revealed.
12/06 18:08 - Mirror's Edge Leaping Into Sequel Territory
It was one of EA's more hyped games of 2008, but it fell a bit short of expectations. Maybe Mirror's Edge 2 will realize the series' potential.
12/06 18:06 - Free Realms Snags Three Million Users
In a month and a half, SOE's experiment has netted millions of registered users and a new downloadable party pack.
12/06 14:56 - Sony's Tretton Says, 'People Don't Respect Confidentiality in This Industry'
While he joked about press leaks on stage, SCEA boss Jack Tretton is most certainly not amused by what happened.
12/06 14:42 - Turbine: We're Not Scheming Players to Get Subscriptions
Turbine recently announced its entrance into the free-to-play market with Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited, but some have questioned just how "free" the game will be. IndustryGamers got the full scoop from the game's producers.
12/06 14:16 - NPD: UFC Grapples Software, But Industry Sales Drop 23% in May
UFC 2009 Undisputed sold over a million copies on 360/PS3 but the overall industry slumped big time, declining 23 percent in May. Hardware sales really plummeted, dropping 30 percent as even the Wii failed to sell 300K. We speak with NPD's Anita Frazier.
11/06 12:53 - Sony: Retailers are Actually 'Embracing' PSP Go
SCEA's Director of PlayStation Network, Eric Lempel, tells IndustryGamers that retailers are surprisingly happy with the upcoming PSP Go and its digital-only focus.
11/06 12:51 - Koei Tecmo Offers Bonuses for Babies
The holdings company is offering a cool $20,000 for its employees to have a third child. We had to check the calendar -- nope it's not April 1!
11/06 12:48 - ESRB Ratings 'No-Brainer' for App Store, says Vance
Patricia Vance might not be speaking from a neutral position as ESRB president, but it is a system people are already widely familiar with.
11/06 12:43 - The Hobbit Director Looks to Get Involved in Video Game
Director Guillermo del Toro would like to be involved in the creation of a video game based on his upcoming Hobbit movie. Because of tight deadlines, though, the game will have to wait until after the movie's release.
11/06 12:40 - Motion Controls Questioned by Tetris Creator
Alexey Pajitnov is excited about the possibilities presented by Project Natal and Sony's motion controller, but he wonders just how reliable the technology is at this point.
11/06 12:26 - Microsoft Finishing Kodu for This Month
A new visual programing language, specifically targeting children, is designed to make programing games easy. IndustryGamers had a chance to chat with the man behind the project, Matt MacLaurin.
11/06 12:13 - Sucker Punch's Fleming on Why PS3 Exclusivity is Good and Why He Needed a Break from Sly
IndustryGamers spoke with Sucker Punch co-founder Brian Fleming about the advantages of sticking to PS3, why they created a new IP, and if he'd consider working with Nintendo to make a Wii game.
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Site américain Shacknews

Dernière mise à jour le 23/02/2011 à 23:30
23/02 11:59 - Dead Space 2 'Severed' DLC Priced and Dated
Chances are you've finished Dead Space 2 by now, perhaps more than once. If you haven't gotten your fill of slicing off limbs, an EA press release has given word that the previously announced "Severed" downloadable content will be coming in just under a week.

The DLC...
23/02 11:15 - Pinball Gold Pack Invades Good Old Games; Psychonauts Offered for 75% off Today
If your life lacks a variety of classic, PC-based pinball then Good Old Games is where you should be pointing your Internet browser. GOG.com has added a collection of games in one set dubbed the Pinball Gold Pack for $9.99.

If the five included games--Pinball Dreams, Pinball Dreams...
23/02 10:15 - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Coming to PC March 22, Dropping Always-On DRM
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood finally has a PC release date, along with system specifications. Ubisoft sent word in a press release that the PC version will launch in North America on March 22, for all your stabby needs. This is a change from the previously announced March 17 date, which was a...
23/02 09:30 - Gears of War 3 Launches September 20
After being delayed from its planned April 2011 release, the bromance between lead characters Marcus and Dom has finally procured a new release date. Gears of War 3 will emerge on September 20, Microsoft revealed.

The announcement comes hot off the heels of Epic's newly released...
23/02 09:00 - Battlefield 3 Gets First Gameplay Trailer, Pre-order Bonus Details
Having unveiled Battlefield 3 with a cinematic trailer and a scant few details, developer DICE today issued the first in-game trailer for the game known to Shackers as 'JetProne64,' giving a teasingly pleasing look at the new engine, Frostbite 2, in action.

DICE also announced that...
23/02 08:00 - PlayStation Store Update Brings Dragon Age 2 and Yakuza 4 Demos for All, Xenogears
This week's PlayStation Store update was a demo-o-rama, bringing trials for BioWare's RPG Dragon Age II, MLB 11: The Show and LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars. On top of those, the Yakuza 4 demo that was previously exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers is now available to all and sundry....
23/02 07:00 - Morning Discussion
We're pressing buttons, pushing buttons, and twisting dials here at Shacknews in preparation of NewShackCity. Whenever the change happens, and I'm not sure exactly when that will be, it might have a few initial bugs. As someone who survived a handful of major redesigns for big websites, I'll say...
22/02 20:00 - Stardock Annual Report Hints at More Solar Empire, Laments Elemental
Stardock's annual Customer Report was released today and, as usual, CEO Brad Wardell provided a frank overview of the company's successes and shortcomings, along with a few sprinkled hints of plans for the future.
Sins of a Solar Empire and Elemental: War of MagicUnsurprisingly, Sins of a...
22/02 19:00 - Evening Reading
So close. Can you feel it? NewShackCity is just around the corner and I can prove it with the amount of coffee I've consumed over the last few days. Or weeks and months, I should say.

It's important to note that we're not just going to change everything around here and walk away....
22/02 18:00 - Homefront Preview: The First Three Chapters
Warning: This preview contains spoilers for the first three chapters of Homefront.

Watching the lifeless bodies of American civilians being unceremoniously pushed into ditches that serve as makeshift graves it hits me: Homefront's developers want to make me mad.

22/02 17:00 - Dungeon Siege 3 Hands-On Preview
The Dungeon Siege series, the hack-and-slash dungeon-crawler originally developed by Chris Taylor and the folks at Gas Powered Games, saw two full retail releases in 2002 and 2005, with parts one and two receiving their own expansion packs. In 2006, the series also made a brief foray onto the...
22/02 16:00 - Red Faction Armageddon Coming on May 31 in North America, June 3 Internationally
THQ and Volition announced release dates for Red Faction Armageddon today, sounding significantly more sane than cult groups who babble about release dates for actual Armageddon. The Red Faction variety is set to hit PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on May 31 for North America, and June 3...
22/02 15:00 - Bulletstorm DLC 'Gun Sonata' Announced; Game Disc Required for Gears of War 3 Beta Access
Though Bulletstorm's North American launch was only today and it's not even out in Europe for another couple of days, publisher EA has announced the first proper downloadable content pack for People Can Fly and Epic's over-the-top shooter. What hateful timing!

The 'Gun Sonata' pack,...
22/02 14:00 - Deus Ex: Human Revolution Hands-On - Part 1
It's been almost eleven years since the (now defunct) studio Ion Storm brought the world Deus Ex, a game that continues to hold a comfortable position in the personal "best of all time" lists of many who've played it. It was a game that deftly wrapped action, stealth, and deep conversational and...
22/02 13:00 - Okamiden Demo Available Today
If you've always wanted to play with an adorable god-puppy, sir, today is your day to make that wish come true. Joystiq reports that a demo for Okamiden is available now on the Wii's Nintendo Channel in North America.

To download the demo, open up the DS Download...
22/02 12:00 - Mexico State Legislators Request Call of Juarez Ban
We had a sneaking suspicion that Call of Juarez: The Cartel, a game based on the modern-day gang violence plaguing Mexico, would run into controversy. It's starting even earlier than expected, though, as MSNBC reports that Mexican officials are asking federal authorities to ban the game.
22/02 11:00 - Report: EA Opening Command & Conquer Studio 'Victory Games'
EA seems to be opening a new studio titled "Victory Games" dedicated to strategy games like the Command & Conquer series, if an apparent website flub is any indication. Voodoo Extreme reports that a new Command & Conquer site went up announcing the studio and a new game, but was quickly...
22/02 10:00 - Dragon Age 2 Demo Now on Xbox Live, PC and PS3 Due Soon [Updated]
[Updated: 13:56] The PC demo is now out and can be downloaded from FileShack in English, French and German flavours.

[Original] The anticipated demo for Dragon Age 2 has hit Xbox Live Marketplace this morning, exclusively for Gold members, coming in at a whopping 1.98 GB. As...
22/02 09:00 - Nintendo 3DS Launch Day Games Lineup Revealed
Nintendo today revealed the sixteen games that will be available for the Nintendo 3DS on the very day it launches in North America, March 27. The company had previously muddied the waters a bit with talk of a "launch window" lineup that actually included all titles released between the handheld's...
22/02 08:00 - Kinect Official Windows SDK Coming in Spring
Though programmers have been tinkering with Kinect on PC for months now, Windows support for Microsoft's motion-sensing Xbox 360 controller is soon to become official.

A non-commercial Kinect Windows software development kit (SDK), intended for academics and enthusiasts will launch...
22/02 07:00 - Morning Discussion
This clock is ticking, slowly counting down to NewShackCity.

I'm not sure when the clock will expire; however, I'm acutely aware of the existence of the aforementioned clock. Yesterday, Chatty users were treated to an unintentional preview of a constant Chatty stream.

21/02 11:00 - Minecraft Headed to iOS Devices This Year
Indie megastar Minecraft will be released for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad later this year, Gamasutra reports. Rip-offs and clones of Mojang's dig 'em up have been made for Apple's magical consumer electronics devices before, but nothing official.

Mojang founder Markus...
21/02 10:00 - Nintendo Downloads: Faxanadu
It's been almost three months since the last fireplace simulator was released for WiiWare, so fire fans who've already completed that will be thrilled to hear that a new one is arriving in this week's batch of downloadable Wii and DSi releases. On top of that, there's a vintage Hudson Soft NES...
21/02 09:00 - Risen 2: Dark Waters Unveiled
The sequel to Risen will be a piratical affair named Risen 2: Dark Waters, Deep Silver has revealed. The publisher confirmed during Gamescom last year that a sequel was in development but had very little to say about it until now.

Dark Waters takes place several years after the...
21/02 08:00 - Bulletstorm PC Demo Coming After Launch
While Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners have been able to play a Bulletstorm demo for almost a month now, PC gamers were given the cold shoulder. Thankfully, there's now word that the poor lambs will also get to try out People Can Fly and Epic's shooter.

"Bulletstorm PC demo is in...
21/02 07:00 - Morning Discussion
Happy President's Day to you Americans and Family Day to you Canadians (and whatever holiday any other nation might have today). What this means is a time of reflection. Reflecting on things like, "How many games do I have in my collection that I have yet to finish?" Sadly, the number in my...
19/02 11:00 - The Video Game Release List of 2/21 - 2/27
Next week's batch of new video game releases covers almost every genre under the sun, including adventure games, real-time tactical, sims, splatting paint, puzzlers, face-shooting games, RPGs and face-shooting games with lots of swearing.

19/02 10:00 - Weekend Discussion
There's "late to the party" and then there's this... I "just" discovered This American Life with Ira Glass. Yes, just discovered a show that began in the mid-90s. I had of course heard of the program but had never actually listened to it. Recently, I did. Currently, I cannot stop. Sometimes we...
18/02 20:30 - Shack PSA: Weekend PC Digital Deals and Discounts
While industry shenanigans can sometimes leave us PC gamers feeling mistreated or ignored, when Friday rolls around and digital distributors break out the big sales, those warm and fuzzy feelings fill us again. Look at me, ma! I'm buying video games!This weekend, Direct2Drive has coupon codes...
18/02 20:00 - Daily Filter: February 18, 2011
Shacknews receives a slew of new screenshots and trailers for upcoming games everyday. The most anticipated titles receive their own post, because we know you're eager to see that content. For the rest, we have the Daily Filter, a place to feature all of the media we add to our enormous database...
18/02 19:30 - EVE Online Player Avatars, Captain's Quarters Entering Open Beta Soon
EVE Online players will be able to take their very first steps outside their spacecraft within the next five weeks, developer CCP has revealed, when the first stage of its avatar-focused update 'Incarna' finally rolls out to the public beta server. Currently, characters are only seen in profile...
18/02 19:00 - Evening Reading
This is one of those three-day holiday weekends with signature sporting events here in the United Stated. The NBA makes a weekend out of the midseason break with the Rookie Challenge tonight, 3-pt and Slam Dunk Contests tomorrow night, and then the All-Star game Sunday. NASCAR starts the season...
18/02 18:10 - Details Emerge on Forza 4's Development, Kinect Features
Forza Motorsport 4 is attempting a greater degree of racing fidelity than previous installments, according to a new details reported by MSN (via Eurogamer).

Turn 10 reportedly worked with the tire manufacturer Pirelli to study properties like weight transfer, and...
18/02 16:45 - Bizarre Creations Video Editor Makes Beautiful Farewell Clip
After weeks of unsuccessfully trying to find a buyer following Activision's decision to put developer Bizarre Creations on the chopping block, the studio that brought us the beloved Project Gotham series, Geometry Wars, and - more recently - Blur, has closed up shop for good today. (via...
18/02 16:10 - Telltale Announces New King's Quest Game, Puzzle Agent 2, Hector: Badge of Carnage
Telltale's announcements keep on rolling, with the adventure game developer now revealing another three new projects. As well as a sequel to Puzzle Agent, Telltale is working on Hector: Badge of Carnage and a new King's Quest game.

According to IGN, the new King's Quest will be a...
18/02 15:00 - Danger Close Working on New Medal of Honor
Danger Close, the EA team that was re-branded for its work on the Medal of Honor reboot, has confirmed that it is working on a sequel. A note from executive producer Greg Goodrich on the Medal of Honor blog puts it succinctly: "Yes, Danger Close is working on the next Medal of Honor."
18/02 14:00 - Weekend Confirmed Episode 48
Billy and Christian join Jeff and Garnett in the studio for this week's show. A look back at the Halo: Reach campaign as played solo as opposed to cooperatively gets things started in Whatcha Been Playin? GoldenEye also gets a brief reassessment before yielding to Marvel vs. Capcom 3. There's...
18/02 13:30 - Rock Band 3 DLC: Pat Benatar
Six more Pat Benatar tunes comprise next week's Rock Band 3 DLC, joining previously released Benatar songs Hit Me With Your Best Shot and Heartbreaker.

Pat Benatar Pack 01

"Fire and Ice"
"Love is a Battlefield"
"Shadows of the Night"
18/02 12:45 - Telltale Confirms 'Fables' Games [Updated]
[Update: 15:55] Fables will come to PC, Mac and unspecified consoles in the first quarter of 2012, according to IGN.

[Original] Having already confirmed the talk of a game based upon comic series The Walking Dead, Telltale Games has now announced the other project that was...
18/02 11:45 - inFamous 2 Releasing June 7, Hero Edition Confirmed
inFamous 2 will release on June 7 in North America, Sony revealed today on the PlayStation Blog. Release information for other regions wasn't given.

The blog also confirmed rumors of the "Hero Edition." The bonuses leaked by Amazon were spot-on, and as predicted the...
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Site américain eWeek.com

Dernière mise à jour le 18/12/2014 à 05:40
03/01 17:55 - Bill Would Help States Ditch Electronic Voting
New Jersey Democrat Rep. Rush Holt recently introduced a measure that would provide financial relief for states that jumped into electronic voting only to find those systems increasingly unreliable.
03/01 17:55 - Brocade Ex-CEO Sentenced to 21 Months in Options Case
Brocade Communications former CEO was sentenced to 21 months in prison for backdating stock-option grants in a scandal that has ensnared scores of U.S. companies and led to billions of dollars of restatements.
03/01 17:55 - Bernanke Backs Quick Fiscal Stimulus
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke threw his support behind efforts to craft a fiscal stimulus package and repeated that the U.S. central bank was ready to act aggressively to counter recession risks.
03/01 17:55 - Time Warner to Test Internet Billing Based on Usage
Time Warner Cable Inc said it is planning a trial to bill high-speed Internet subscribers based on their amount of usage rather than a flat fee, the standard industry practice.
03/01 17:55 - IBM Growth in Americas Slower than Overseas
IBM said that revenue from the Americas rose 5 percent, slower than other regions as overseas units showed the strongest gains, and said computer hardware sales declined.
03/01 17:55 - Sprint to Cut 4,000 Jobs, Close 8 Percent of Stores
Sprint Nextel, the #3 U.S. mobile service, will cut about 4,000 jobs and close 8 percent of its stores, predicting further pressure on its ability to attract subscribers and turn a profit in 2008.
03/01 17:55 - Fed Slashes Interest Rates
The U.S. Federal Reserve slashed interest rates by a hefty three-quarters of a percentage point, the biggest rate cut in more than 23 years, in an emergency bid to lend support to a U.S. economy some fear is on the verge of recession.
03/01 17:55 - Yahoo Plans to Cut Hundreds of Jobs: Source
Yahoo is planning to announce cutbacks later this month that will likely lead to hundreds of job losses at the nearly 14,000 employee company, a source familiar with the plan said.
03/01 17:55 - Motorola Forecasts Loss on Struggling Phone Biz
Motorola said it will post an operating loss in the current quarter as recovery in its cell phone business is taking longer than expected, dashing Wall Street expectations.
03/01 17:55 - Apple Execs Get Bonuses, Jobs Still at $1
Several senior executives at Apple Inc took home 2007 cash bonuses that doubled their salaries but Chief Executive Steve Jobs maintained his annual pay of $1 and took no additional compensation.
03/01 17:55 - Bernanke Faces Grilling on Fiscal Stimulus Stance
Ben Bernanke has tried hard not to follow his predecessor Alan Greenspan into the political arena by commenting on fiscal policy, but the Federal Reserve chief will find it difficult to stay above the fray.
03/01 17:55 - Economic Worries Grow Among Voters: Poll
Voters are growing increasingly concerned about a recession, and the malaise is filtering into their views on the presidential election, according to a Reuters/Zogby poll.
03/01 17:55 - Overtime Hours Point to Manufacturing Recession
A drop in factory overtime hours to the lowest level since 2002 does not bode well for the manufacturing sector and has led many to expect widespread job cuts and a recession-plagued economy.
03/01 17:55 - Diebold to Restate Results Following Probe
Diebold said it would restate its financial results for 2003 through 2006 and the first quarter of 2007 after a regulatory review that led it to adopt a new accounting method for recognizing revenue.
03/01 17:55 - Weak Retail Sales Fuel Recession Fears
Retail sales fell unexpectedly in December to close out the weakest year at the cash register since 2002, the strongest signal yet that the economy may be sliding into recession under the weight of a housing and credit crisis.
03/01 17:55 - Alan Greenspan to Join Hedge Fund
Hedge fund manager John Paulson, who earned billions of dollars last year by betting against the housing market, said that former Federal Reserve board chairman Alan Greenspan will advise his firm.
03/01 17:55 - GM, Toyota Battle Turns Electric
Toyota Motor Corp, likely to claim the title of world's biggest automaker later this month from General Motors Corp, threw down the gauntlet to GM in a race for the next "green" car.
03/01 17:55 - BEA Accepts $8.5 Billion Oracle Offer
Oracle won a three-month-long campaign to buy BEA Systems by raising its bid for the business software maker by 14 percent to $8.5 billion.
03/01 17:55 - Apple to Rent Movies on Web, Shows Thin Notebook
Apple will start renting movies over the Internet, Chief Executive Steve Jobs said at MacWorld Expo, moving the iPhone and iPod maker into a very competitive market.
03/01 17:55 - Boeing to Announce Further 787 Delay: Report
Boeing Co is close to announcing a further delay to its 787 Dreamliner, The Wall Street Journal reported, threatening to push deliveries of the new, hot-selling plane even further back and increasing the risk of costly penalty payments to airlines.
25/02 13:59 - International Space Station`s New Room with a View
The space shuttle Endeavour blasted off from the Kennedy Center Feb. 8 on one of NASA's most anticipated missions to the International Space: The delivery of the Tranquility node, the final module of the U.S. portion of the space station. Tranquility will provide additional room for crew members...
25/02 13:16 - Johnny Cash Fan Wins Apple's 10 Billionth Song Contest
The Apple iTunes Store received its 10 billionth song download, and a lucky Johnny Cash fan in Georgia winner of the Apple iTunes Countdown to 10 Billion Songs contest has a $10,000 iTunes gift card headed his way.
- One lucky Apple iTunes customer and Johnny Cash fan has...
25/02 12:42 - Google Feels Noose Tighten in Italy, Brussels, China, U.S.
From its executives being charged for privacy violations in Italy, to formal complaints from Microsoft-supported entities in Brussels and Google's joust with China over a hack, Google is facing adversity from many fronts in the first two months of 2010. Moreover, many adversaries want to paint...
25/02 12:22 - Database Security Tips for Enterprises
With the cost of data breaches continuing to go up, the need to properly secure your database has never been clearer. Locking down the database layer, however, is no simply task. There are a number of different aspects that must be considered and steps database administrators should take. In...
25/02 12:13 - SAP Unveils Business Intelligence Toolset for Casual Users, Small Business
SAP is announcing its SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand software, offering analytics and reporting tools to casual business users who otherwise might not have the experience or skills necessary to leverage business intelligence in their daily workflow. SAP has increasingly focused on the SMB...
25/02 12:07 - Microsoft, Panasonic Announce Patent Cross-Licensing Agreement
Microsoft and Panasonic announced an agreement that would give the electronics maker access to Microsofts Extended File Allocation Table technology, which allows consumer electronic devices to manage larger files. In addition, Panasonic also obtained a patent license for FAT32 long file name...
25/02 11:35 - Microsoft Wins Botnet Battle in Court
In response to a lawsuit filed by Microsoft, a federal judge issued a temporary restraining order against 277 Internet domains associated with the notorious Waledac botnet.
- Microsoft is using the law as a weapon to take down the Waledac botnet.According to the company, a federal...
25/02 11:26 - 10 Web Companies That Microsoft Should Fear Most
When it comes time to discuss Microsoft's intentions on the Web, that discussion always turns to Google. How will Microsoft compete against the search juggernaut? What can it do to stop Google's rise in Web advertising? They are valid questions that, so far, Microsoft hasn't been able to...
25/02 11:17 - iPhone, Android Users Not So Different, Says Report
iPhone and Android smartphone users have been found to be surprisingly similar when it comes to application downloading habits, says a new report from AdMob. Its survey also found that Android users are predominantly male, and iPod touch users wont be running for president any time soon.
25/02 10:26 - Google Gmail Labs Promotes Six, Retires Five Features
Google Feb. 24 said it is advancing six features in its Gmail Labs and retiring five, a sign the company's programmers are dutifully keeping up with user interest or lack thereof in the experimental tools. If nothing else, Google's Gmail team is watching what the 176 million Gmail users are doing...
25/02 09:27 - LG Windows Phone 7 Series May Arrive Early, Says Report
An LG smartphone running Microsofts newly introduced Windows Phone 7 Series may arrive as early as September, Engadget is reporting. Reporters at its China sister site are said to have received details from LG executives, at a Lunar New Year celebration in Hong Kong.
- The first LG...
25/02 08:44 - Bloom Energy Server Pushes Green Power Forward
A car-sized fuel cell-based power plant, known as the Bloom Energy Server, could power up to 100 U.S. homes and fit in the driveway.
- As the green energy movement works to keep momentum in theU.S., a Silicon Valley-based start-up known as Bloom Energy emerged after nine years of...
25/02 06:47 - Citrix Offers GoToManage IT Management Solution
Aimed at cost-conscious businesses, Citrix GoToManage is anintegrated web-based platform for controlling unattended IT infrastructure. The company also announced a partnership with Carpathia Hosting.
- Citrix Systems online division announced it was enteringthe IT Management sector with...
25/02 05:12 - Passlogix Announces Universal Authentication Solution for Logon to Windows
Passlogix offers cost-conscious businesses the open architecture v-GO Universal Authentication Manager (v-GO UAM), an authentication solution that enables Microsoft Windows to accept any identification device for logging on.
- Provisioning and authentication process specialistand...
25/02 02:03 - Salesforce.com Reports $1.4 Billion 2010 Revenue Growth
Salesforce.com reported fiscal 2010 revenue of $1.3 billion as it continue to benefit from the rapid expansion of the on-demand enterprise software market. Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff said Salesforce.com portfolio of cloud sales, service, application development products and its new Chatter...
25/02 00:00 - New Intel, AMD Chips Fuel x86 Server Growth: Analysts
Analysts at Gartner and IDC say new Intel and AMD processors are fueling a recovery in shipments of x86 servers from the likes of HP, Dell and IBM. Intels “Nehalem EP” Xeons and AMDs “Istanbul” Opterons in 2009 helped kick-start the momentum that rolled into the fourth...
24/02 22:59 - 10 iPhone Navigation Apps for Your Next Driving Adventure
Sometimes you need a little help getting from Points A to B, something a number of developers realized when they began designing navigation Apps for iPhone. Many of these Apps take advantage of the GPS chipset embedded in the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3G S, which allows for turn-by-turn directions...
24/02 22:58 - Apple May Allow Controversial Apps in App Store, Suggest Developers
Apple could introduce an Explicit category to its App Store, as suggested by developers who saw a tab for adult-themed apps appear briefly as a primary category in the iTunes Connect system. Whether Apple was testing code or yanked the category after news leaked remains to be seen. Apples head...
24/02 19:28 - Parallels Ships New 'Bare Metal' Server for Apple Xserve
Parallels Server for Mac/Bare Metal Edition runs virtual machines on an Xserve machine so businesses can standardize on the Apple platform and still run Windows and Linux-based applications if they desire.
- Virtualization software maker Parallels said Feb. 24 that it is expanding its...
24/02 18:23 - Oracle Explains Unclear Message About OpenSolaris
A posting on the company Web site implied that OpenSolaris may soon be end-of-lifed. However, there's no need for app developers and IT managers to worry: Oracle says it is not killing off the freely down-loadable community version of Sun's Unix-based Solaris enterprise operating system anytime...
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Site américain FiringSquad

Dernière mise à jour le 16/06/2013 à 20:25
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05/09 08:05 - New Huxley Screenshots
05/09 08:05 - Microsoft's Zune A Sales Dud?
05/09 08:05 - Evening News Round-Up: November 15
05/09 08:05 - On The Wii, The PS3, The 360 And The PC: Part 9
05/09 08:05 - PlayStation Network Preview
05/09 08:05 - New Battlefield 2 Patch Released
05/09 08:05 - The Mark Demos Released
05/09 08:05 - New Warhammer: Mark Of Chaos Patch
05/09 08:05 - ESRB Teams Up With PTA
05/09 08:05 - ESA Raises $1.5 Million For Children's Charities
05/09 08:05 - Problems With PS3 Resolutions On Older HDTVs
05/09 08:05 - First Titan Quest: Immortal Throne Screenshots
05/09 08:05 - Defender Released On Xbox Live Arcade
05/09 08:05 - Sony Denies Limiting PS3 Launch Shipments To Top 5 Retailers
05/09 08:05 - Top 10 Best Selling PC Games For Nov. 4
05/09 08:05 - New Company Of Heroes Patch Released
05/09 08:05 - Superman Returns Demo Available For Xbox 360 Owners
05/09 08:05 - ATI releases Catalyst 6.11
05/09 08:05 - Get Wii Component Cables From More Places
05/09 08:05 - Rainbow Six Vegas Misses PS3 Launch Window
19/08 23:07 - Crysis 2 multiplayer trailer
19/08 02:05 - Diablo III walkthrough video explains Artisans
19/08 02:05 - 160GB and 320GB PS3 SKUs coming in September
19/08 02:05 - Portal 2 release date revealed
18/08 20:05 - Star Wars: The Old Republic space combat trailer
18/08 05:05 - Warhammer 40k Dawn of War II: Retribution announced
18/08 05:05 - APB creator Realtime Worlds "on the brink of closure"
17/08 20:05 - Dragon Age 2 release date announced w/ trailer
17/08 02:05 - Elemental: War of Magic Brad Wardell Interview
17/08 02:05 - Lost Planet 2 coming to PC, benchmark tool released
17/08 02:05 - New Sony PSP commercial disses iPhone games
14/08 02:05 - STALKER 2 announced, coming in 2012
14/08 02:05 - Rage release date announced
13/08 20:05 - New Deus Ex: Human Revolution gameplay trailer
13/08 20:05 - Crysis 2 release date announced
13/08 14:05 - FS Exclusive: Stardock talks consoles, Steamworks
13/08 14:05 - NPD: Xbox 360 beats DS, ranks bona fide 1st in July
13/08 02:05 - Steam launches 4-day QuakeCon 2010 sale
13/08 02:05 - Kane & Lynch 2 uncensored launch trailer
13/08 02:05 - id won't be doing new IP "in the next decade"
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Site polonais Emu#dreams

Dernière mise à jour le 18/12/2014 à 05:00
Catégories : Jeux Video, Emulation
18/12 03:00 - [AMIGA] WinUAE 3.0.0 Final
18/12 03:00 - [PINMAME] Visual Pinball 9.9.1
16/12 19:00 - [GBA] mGBA 0.1.0
16/12 03:00 - [AMIGA] WinUAE 3.0.0 beta28
13/12 23:00 - [PC] Wine 1.7.33 dev release [Linuks]
13/12 11:00 - [MAME] MAME Plus! eXTended 0.156 r5200
10/12 03:00 - [AMIGA] WinUAE 3.0.0 beta27
06/12 09:00 - [AMIGA] WinUAE 3.0.0 beta26
06/12 09:00 - [NES64] Rice Video Community ver. 0.4.1
02/12 03:00 - [NES64] Rice Video Community ver. 0.4
02/12 03:00 - [MAME] MAME Plus! 0.156 r5199
30/11 13:00 - [MULTI] FB Alpha
30/11 01:00 - [MAME] MAME Plus! Plus Kaillera 0.156 r231
30/11 01:00 - [MAME] MAME Plus! 0.156 r5198
29/11 23:00 - [MAME] MAMEUIFX 0.156
29/11 11:00 - [MAME] Pugsy Cheat 0.156
29/11 11:00 - [MAME] History.dat 1.56
29/11 01:00 - [MESS] MESSinfo 0.156
29/11 01:00 - [MAME] MAME Plus! 0.156 r5197
28/11 03:00 - [MAME] MamePlus [Ash-Build] 0.156
28/11 03:00 - [MAME] MAMEUI32 0.156
28/11 03:00 - [MAME] MAMEUI64 0.156
28/11 03:00 - [MAME] Mameinfo.dat 0.156
26/11 19:01 - [MESS] MESS v0.156
26/11 19:01 - [MAME] MAME 0.156
23/11 23:00 - [AMIGA] WinUAE 2.9.0 beta25
23/11 23:00 - [RAINE] Raine 0.63.16
23/11 23:00 - [SATURN] Yabause v0.9.14
16/11 15:01 - [PC] Wine 1.7.31 dev release [Linuks]
16/11 15:01 - [AMIGA] WinUAE 2.9.0 beta24
14/11 17:01 - [MAME] MamePlus [Ash-Build] 0.155 r5196
14/11 03:01 - [MAME] MAME Plus! 0.155 r5196
11/11 23:00 - [MSX] openMSX 0.11.0
11/11 21:00 - [RAINE] Raine 0.63.14
11/11 21:00 - [DC] Demul WIP
11/11 21:00 - [DS] No$GBA 2.7d
09/11 01:00 - [MAME] MAMEUIFX 0.155 svn TEST relase
02/11 13:00 - [PC] Wine 1.7.30 dev release [Linuks]
01/11 23:00 - [AMIGA] WinUAE 2.9.0 beta23
01/11 23:00 - [MAME] Mameinfo.dat 0.155 svn relase
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Site américain HL2 Fallout

Dernière mise à jour le 22/01/2010 à 21:25
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Catégories : Jeux Video, Spécialisés, FPS
08/01 17:51 - [Left 4 Dead] Free XBOX Live Weekend for Left 4 Dead 2
For anyone who owns Left 4 Dead 2 and doesn't have a Gold Live account (lunacy, I know), your prayers have been answered.
08/01 15:33 - [Left 4 Dead] Motion Controlled Zombie Genocide
Love it or hate it, it seems that motion controls in games is here to stay.
08/01 11:59 - [HLF Updates] HLF Scheduled Downtime
In between the 19th - 22nd January HLF will be offline while we d...
05/01 12:46 - [Left 4 Dead] Left 4 Dead 8-Bit Released
If you've always wanted to combine your love for retro gaming and zombies into one awesome game, the wait is finally over.Go alone, or invite a friend for 2 player co-op against the zombie apocalypse in all 4 of the original game campaigns.
03/01 11:49 - [Left 4 Dead] Left 4 Dead 2's Weapon's Effectiveness Against a Tank
Ever wondered how many shots it takes to kill a tank from a rifle versus a shotgun? Or just how many hits it takes to kill a tank with a melee weapon? A steam user by the name of Urik has already done the hard work for all of us.
25/12 06:21 - [Mods > Releases] Distraction (A Stylish HL2 Mod) Released!
Do you feel your holiday has been lacking some nostalgia? I know mine has.
25/12 06:07 - [Left 4 Dead] Midnight Riders Still Riding This Holiday Season
Unknown as to how they've managed to release a Christmas Single due to the impending zombie apocalypse, everyone's favorite band (with the best light show ever) has done just that.
24/12 05:36 - [General] Merry Christmas
On behalf of the Half-Life Fallout staff, we would like to extend our well-wishes to all readers and members.
23/12 17:53 - [Left 4 Dead] Left 4 Dead 2 SDK Live!
This Christmas Eve marks Valve's release of the SDK for Left 4 Dead 2! In breaking news on the Left 4 Dead Blog, Yasser Malaika outlines what this means for you:PLAYERS: If you are not looking to design but play custom campaigns all you need to do is install the add-on support package.
22/12 22:36 - [Steam Games] Steam Holiday Sale!
Don't put away your credit card just yet! Steam now has revamped their homepage will deals galore, allowing you to save up to 80% on select games.
22/12 21:15 - [Mods > Releases] Kreedz Climbing Mod v4.2 Released
The folks behind the highly successful Kreedz Climbing mod for Half-Life 2 have recently released an update to their baby, bringing it up to v4.2.
22/12 21:01 - [Mods > Releases] Flesh Mod v1.0 Released
Flesh, a "pure" survival horror mod (i.e.
22/12 20:24 - [Team Fortress 2] Team Fortress 2 Bot Beta Begins
Amid the recent spate of Team Fortress 2 updates, Valve has patched in a beta version of the TF2 AI they've been working on behind the scenes for "much of this last year".
22/12 18:05 - [Team Fortress 2] Yet Another TF2 Update Released!
That's right folks, Valve has released yet another update for TF2.
20/12 09:06 - [Team Fortress 2] Team Fortress 2 Update Released
Valve has released an update for Team Fortress 2.Team Fortress 2
20/12 09:04 - [Left 4 Dead] Left 4 Dead 2 Update Released
Valve has released an update for Left 4 Dead 2.Left 4 Dead 2
17/12 21:08 - [Team Fortress 2] The War Has Been Won!
In a recent Team Fortress Blog, it has been officially revealed ...
16/12 06:50 - [Mods > Releases] Post Script: Episode 1 Release
Post Script is an episodic narrative mod for HL2 that explores more in the way of storytelling than action.
16/12 06:41 - [Team Fortress 2] The Big Red One
In a recent update to the Team Fortress 2 Blog, the Soldier's first new weapon has been revealed.
16/12 06:29 - [Team Fortress 2] Casualties of War
In another update to the Team Fortress 2 Blog, the first two weapons for the Demoman have been revealed.
15/12 20:11 - [Mods > Releases] HL2 Mod, Flesh, Releases Next Week
Flesh, a HL2 mod with an emphasis on survival horror and storytelling, releases on December 22, according to their site.Features:
- Third Person View + Non-FPS gameplay mechanics
- 5 levels with a heavy emphasis on puzzles, exploring, and telling a story
- Quality music and...
14/12 12:58 - [Left 4 Dead] Left 4 Dead 2 "The Passing" DLC
Valve has finally revealed their plans for the first DLC for Left 4 Dead 2.
14/12 00:48 - [Mods > Newsbits] Kreedz Climbing 4.2 Update Coming
The team behind the creative mod Kreedz Climbing is releasing a huge patch December 21st, 2009.
13/12 06:24 - [Team Fortress 2] Weekend War Update
Think a weekend can stop the team at Valve from updating their Team Fortress 2 Blog? Think again.The Soldier/Demo war has generated more email than any event in Team Fortress history.
12/12 16:32 - [Mods > Newsbits] City 17: Episode 1 Holiday Update
The team behind the incredible mod City17 have released an update this month letting us all know the progress they've achieved so far.
12/12 16:20 - [Team Fortress 2] War, Day 2
The second day of The War has arrived, with news of the blood shed sweeping the world.
12/12 16:12 - [Team Fortress 2] It's a Bloodbath!
The numbers are in, after only a day since this "healthy competition" was first announced, an astonishing 2,681,005 kills have been counted.
11/12 00:01 - [Team Fortress 2] The War Update
Answers have finally been given in today's update to the Team Fortress 2 Blog.
10/12 16:33 - [Steam Updates] Steam Client Update Released
Valve has released a Steam client update this evening.
10/12 06:01 - [Left 4 Dead] Left 4 Dead 2 Update Released
Valve has released a massive update for Left 4 Dead 2.Left 4 Dead...
09/12 17:38 - [Team Fortress 2] Nothing Kills a Friendship Faster Than a Healthy Competition
In an update to the Team Fortress 2 Blog, a mysterious web comic ...
08/12 19:12 - [Team Fortress 2] Team Fortress 2 "Friendship" Announcements Not a Hoax
After new audio files were discovered in a recent Team Fortress 2 update, some were wondering if there was going to be a new game mode or if it was all just a hoax."We've got something coming, but it's not a new game mode," Valve's Robin Walker says.
08/12 12:52 - [Team Fortress 2] Team Fortress 2 Update
Valve has released an update for Team Fortress 2.Engine
Added che...
08/12 10:14 - [Team Fortress 2] Team Fortress 2 Friendships?
Dug from the depths of a recent Team Fortress 2 update, these audio files reveal the announcer yelling at players and how we're not worthy of her friendship.
07/12 14:11 - [Mods > Newsbits] Black Mesa Delayed Once More
It is with great sadness we inform all of you that we will not be downloading the greatest mod of all time onto our hard drives later this month.
06/12 11:47 - [Articles & Editorials] Half-Life: Opposing Forces Retrospective
For everyone that has a soft spot in their heart for a rogue mili...
04/12 22:58 - [Left 4 Dead] Left 4 Dead 2 Update Released
Valve has released yet another update for Left 4 Dead 2.Left 4 De...
03/12 19:18 - [Interviews] Is Valve Building a Monopoly?
In light of recent articles that Steam may be becoming too succes...
01/12 15:09 - [Left 4 Dead] Left 4 Dead 2 Update Released
Valve has released an update for Left 4 Dead 2.
01/12 09:49 - [Left 4 Dead] Left 4 Dead 2 Sells 2 Million in 2 Weeks
More than 2 million copies of the PC and XBOX 360 version of Left 4 Dead 2 have been sold at retail stores and that doesn't even include purchases made through steam."Left 4 Dead 2 is off to a great start with strong support at retail and great reviews from the press," said Doug Lombardi, VP of...
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Site australien ..::LvL

Dernière mise à jour le 18/12/2014 à 03:45
02/12 12:45 - No Man's Land (2) by tekros
One of the best things about Quake 3 is the ability to mod the game and
create assets such as custom maps and models. This empowering of the
creative genius inside people does not always produce amazing results.

After reviewing Quake 3 maps for almost 15 years now, I have...
02/12 12:45 - Sector 9 "The Cytherean Outpost" by Kaustic
Originally built for the "Summer 2013 Mapping Competition" by Maverick
Servers - and won 1st place. I believe this version to be slightly
different (but this maybe wrong).

The map is both enjoyable and interesting, but to be very honest I am
surprised it won. The...
02/12 12:45 - Rustgrad by Hipshot
Hipshot has once again produced an
outstanding release. The architecture and theme is that of an abandoned
facility. It is medium sized and perfectly fits with 3 to 6 players.
Free For All and Team Deathmatch are officially supported, however it can
be played also as...
02/12 12:45 - Arena Gates by V1979
Another CTF remix by V1979. This time the
target is Arena Gate (q3dm1). Like the
authors conversion of q3dm7, this one
comes with different variants of remix, but four versions instead of
just two for q3dm7.

The first map has converted the outdoor area to the...
12/10 10:45 - Q3 Stargate pack source by Camel-XP
This is a developers pack and example release. Included is an example map file
and all that is needed to see how to replicate the Stargate teleporters from the
TV series Stargate.

You can also see working examples in
Camelot Castle / Sahra Catacombs by
12/10 10:45 - Faces of Quake by r3x.theCat
A remake of the Unreal Tournament map, Faces. The readme states that the map
was designed for CPMA or VQ3 (standard) gameplay. I plays tested in vanilla Q3.

When I first spawned I noticed two massive towers on opposite ends of a
floating, rocky, wasteland area. The...
12/10 10:45 - McSarge's by cityy
Rustic, twisting hallways that look like they have been patched and repaired
over their entire life. An environment so richly detailed it is hard to believe
it is software technology that is almost 15 years old pushing polygons to your

This is what happens...
12/10 10:45 - Day At The Villa by Kaustic
A small Mediterranean themed map. The gameplay is pretty good, but could be
better. You may find yourself playing for much longer than you realised. The
visuals however are a little lacking. Brush work is simple and blocky with large
steps, flat walls very little integration...
12/10 10:45 - The Longest Fall by r3x.theCat
Here we have yet another CTF remake of Q3DM17. It is basically two
Q3DM17s, with one mirrored and connected via the railgun platform.

The railgun platform, now the center of the map has become home to two BFGs and
a quad damage. There are also two launchpads on either...
30/08 03:10 - Ironwood by Pat Howard
Ironwood is a small, Medieval themed CTF map that has been nicely
textured. With more than six players the gameplay is very chaotic. It is
recommended that you play only with the suggested amount.

From the readme, this map's theme is a medieval castle in the mountains...
30/08 03:10 - Temples of Retribution by V1979
This release is consists of two maps, both a CTF redux of Temple of
Retribution (q3dm7). These two maps share a lot of the original, but
the first version is larger and is a more complete copy than the second.

Although the author has added support for FFA and TDM, this is...
30/08 03:10 - The Yard Of Stone And Steel by Anthony Tullo
Another modified version of The Longest Yard (q3dm17) - of the worse
kind. Graphics are dull and blunt though the frame rate drops in the lower
areas. Gameplay has decreased in fun over the original as the openness and
jumpiness of the level is damaged.

Fun for a...
30/08 03:10 - The Very End of Reality by V1979
Here we have a nice looking and somewhat well played map. It is a remake
of the classic Quake 3 map, The Very End of You (q3tourney6). The
main difference from the original is the whole map is
symmetrical. There are the two flag bases opposite from each other, not
31/07 14:00 - Eigelstein Pain by Ryzzdorf
Eigelstein is a small "box"-style map. If you are a
klutz who dies
a lot from falling, you will hate this map.

The theme is that of a tall, old-looking church or cathedral. The lighting is also a
bit dark in some places.

In the central and only room...
31/07 14:00 - House Of The Rising Sun (2) by Malzbiertrinker
In the readme, Malzbiertrinker says what he had
in mind when constructing this release was a sacred structure, somewhere
in a rocky, volcanic landscape with hazardous atmosphere. And he gives a
nice story about ancient people sacrificing prisoners of war to pay
tribute to...
31/07 14:00 - Lost Space by T-kölök
Tigs important note: This map will produce texture errors in other
maps. This is because the author has included (and possibly edited)
shader files from the original game. This is always the wrong thing to do. If
you download this map, please remove it or change the PK3 file...
09/06 12:25 - cs_italy for Quake 3 by OXOTHuK
This release is base on the Counter-Strike hostage map Italy,
originally by Glen Cooper in 2000. While the official Counter-Strike
releases of this map have gone through many visuals changes with each
game engine change, this release is clearly based on Counter-Strike 1.6....
09/06 12:25 - Unofficial Map Pack 2 by Various
Originally released late in 2002 but finally making its way to ..::LvL is
Unofficial Map Pack 2. A Q3A CTF map pack with support for Team
Arena and Threewave as well. The pack contains 6 maps and a bonus
silly map based on

All of the maps are rich in...
09/06 12:25 - Unofficial Map Pack 1 by Various
Originally released at the start of 2002 but finally making its way to
..::LvL is Unofficial Map Pack 1. A Q3A CTF map pack with support
for Team Arena and Threewave as well. The pack contains 9 maps, 8
official maps and 1 included by mistake. The map wiz3 is a
26/04 03:25 - Alliance CTF Map Pack 1 by Various
In the early days of Q3 there was a CTF mod released called Alliance. This
was, and still is, a highly professional mod that adds a lot of interesting
game play focused features to CTF matches.

This release contains 28 levels. All of which can be played with or without...
26/04 03:25 - Ziggurat Tomb by sst13
The style of most of the default Quake III Arena maps can be described like a
mix of Gothic and futuristic tech. But if an author wanted to create a really
Gothic arena, it would look rather like Ziggurat Tomb by

The map's layout corresponds to Bouncy Map...
26/04 03:25 - Alliance CTF Map Pack 2 by Various
In the early days of Q3 there was a CTF mod released called Alliance. This
was, and still is, a highly professional mod that adds a lot of interesting
game play focused features to CTF matches.

This release is the second Alliance map pack and contains 13 levels. A number...
01/04 03:20 - Battlezone by Tigger-oN
A high realism, small level with a focus on fast game play. Suits a 2 to 4 player DM and 2vs2 Team DM games, but Tourney matches are also a blast.

The level of detail is way beyond anything you would have seen in any other map. It is a shame the environment is relativity small,...
13/02 05:20 - The Grit Halls by Rust7
The Grit Halls (r7dm1) is a rather nice-looking map that makes
use of simple textures. A medium-sized map with a good flow to it. Best
for 4-8 player FFA, but is also perfectly fine for Tourney as well.

The item placement is well-balanced; the MH - accessible only by...
13/02 05:20 - Circle Of Death by sst13
Circle Of Death by the German veteran map maker
sst13 is a 6-8 players capture the flag map
relying on a clean and immersive Strogg fortress theme. Each team's base
consists of a 2 story flag room with a more separated basement
underneath. The basement areas are...
13/02 05:20 - cs_assault for Quake 3 by OXOTHuK
cs_assault for Quake 3 is a compact DeathMatch arena wrapped in
an industrial township setting. The map consists of 2 main areas, a wide
yard enclosed by crafting and storage facilities, filled with
containers, road segments and a few vehicles. The second area is a
13/02 05:20 - Aqua Dock by Rust7
After reviewing The Grit Halls, I was
excited to see what else Rust7 had come up
with; he did not disappoint.

This small-to-medium map is good for FFA with 3-6 players, but is also
great for Tourney. This is a very nice indoor map, which is very...
blue. It...
05/01 03:55 - ThornDuels by Rust7
An older CTF map, created in 2009 and sat for over 430 days on the
map queue! The
Readme says it needs
128 megs or less, which was meant as a joke since this map is pretty
small to have more than 128 megs set up.

The map is pretty much a box map, which is...
05/01 03:55 - thephhortres by
I must say, this is one hell of a map! Hopefully, the multiple
moaning spirits within this map won't haunt me in this ruined church
map, created by a novice mapmaker, .

Throughout this map, the complicated yet highly detailed
passageways and paths wind through this...
05/01 03:55 - Pitbull by fKd
For a medium-small arena, this is quite an intriguing map. Created by
the famous mapmaker fKd,
who was made popular for his amazing maps such as
Null and Void and
Undergod, he says in
the file's readme that this map's simple stuff... nothing too
17/10 01:55 - cu3dm1a by cuirass
This (possibly) Mayan-themed map is quite fine. Although there is not much
complexity in the brushes, several things like the leaves hanging from the
beams create a very nice atmosphere. What I've found a little bit too much is
the brick wall texture. In some rooms like in the...
17/10 01:55 - Cloister of Unnamed Colony by Rust7
According to the readme this should be a long abandoned cloister, which has
been left to rot by the Earth colony several years ago and was just discovered.
Those few lines made me really curious about what it looks like, how it plays

And here comes a massive...
17/10 01:55 - The Courtyard (V2) by Martinus
First of all, I'd say I had troubles with Hunk memory allocation. Set to 1024
and map runs fine. This info is missing from the readme file or the author
simply never noticed the issue.

The theme of the level is that of a futuristic city with heavy castle
17/10 01:55 - Railgun Arena by Arcan
The name does not match the pk3 name but this did not prevented me to fire up
this map and give it a chance.

I was not happy with what I saw. The real name
of this map is Railgun Arena and it is a huge box mostly with water on the
bottom. There are loooong ramps on...
05/09 04:45 - My Real Home ++ Super Edition by Rust7
Instead of the cliche giant maps
we have seen in the past, we now take a look at something new. A Giant's themed
house in a cartoonish world where the players are not size of an ant or even a
mouse, but rather the size of a cat.

Combat can get very hairy in a map...
05/09 04:45 - The Ancient Place by Kaustic
An eclectic collection of large spaces comprises this release. A very
generalised Egyptian theme is a little out-of-place for the

The gameplay can be interesting and very enjoyable in parts of the map, but in
a lot of the map the you will be simply...
05/09 04:45 - Scummymap by Scummy
As of late we have been seeing a bit of a comeback for ye olde Gothic Style
maps over the new techy, texture-loaded maps. This is one of those levels and
has some interesting properties too.

First off, the level is riddled with traps to make it more interesting. If you...
13/07 13:40 - The Cave of Blood by Rust7
The author of this map mentions that it was his first ever release for
Q3A (back in 2006) and to be honest, it shows. The map is like a
collection of random ideas that are mostly just poorly executed. The map
shows many technical issues like double doors that are not linked,...
13/07 13:40 - Survival by Eraser
Survival has been made for the EntityPlus mod and is required. Unlike other maps that have
been made for this fantastic Single Player mod, the experience is closer to an
arcade style DeathMatch. Bots spawn in progressively harder waves in a
medieval themed arena. You even a life...
13/07 13:40 - High Speed Graffiti by fKd
Visually this CTF map is absolutely gorgeous. There is an abundance of
geometric detail that shows the love and care with which this map was
crafted. Texturing is excellent, in it's monochromatic theme. Color is
limited to the red and blue trims, lights and detailing that...
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Site hongrois Kotaku

Dernière mise à jour le 18/12/2014 à 06:10
18/12 03:30 - [fine art, kotaku core] Nice Paintjob, Robots!
Gennaro Grazioso is a character modeller and a concept artist working in the video game business.Read more...
18/12 02:38 - [science, deus ex] Double-Amputee Gets Two Badass Robot Arms
Les Baugh lost both of his arms over 40 years ago in a "freak" electrical accident. Now, in this footage, we get to see him doing everyday things he hasn't done for decades, courtesy of not one but two robotic prosthetic limbs.Read more...
18/12 02:30 - [poll, tell us dammit, kotakucore...] Are You Still Playing Destiny?
Destiny has been out for several months now, long enough for most people to have a pretty good sense of what it's all about. Sure, it got its grindy tentacles around a lot of us back in September, but has it managed to keep everyone playing since then?Read more...
18/12 02:00 - [steam, valve, pc...] You Can't Gift Steam Games Wherever You Want Anymore
Region-locking, the act of making games non-functional if used outside particular parts of the world, is not an uncommon thing in games. It is, however, a big deal for Steam?especially the PC gaming service's trading/gifting market. With widespread region locks now in place, change seems...
18/12 01:30 - [dota 2, esports, vietnam...] Cheating eSports Team Now Officially Called "We Are Sorry"
An esports team formerly known as Arrow Gaming, successful in South-East Asian DOTA 2 tournaments before a match-fixing and betting scandal undid them in October, is returning to competition. Only with a more repentant name.Read more...
18/12 01:00 - [forza, forza horizon 2, storm island...] Forza Horizon 2's Storm Island Weather Isn't As Bad As It Looks
Look at those trees bending, buffeted by wind as the rain comes pouring down on Forza Horizon 2's new Storm Island expansion. It could be worse. Read more...
17/12 23:30 - [huzzah, the sims, the sims 4...] A Small Change Just Made Building In The Sims 4 A Lot More Fun
The Sims 4 got an update yesterday that, among others things, added the two new careers to the game. But we already knew about that?the developers had promised they were coming
back in November. Buried within EA's announcement was something far more exciting for many Sims fans: the return...
17/12 23:06 - [star wars, star wars the force awakens, cosplay] Someone Built A Replica Of The Weird New Star Wars Lightsaber
Since the internet seems to be getting over
the reveal of Kylo Ren's weird, three-bladed lightsaber from the Force Awakens trailer, perhaps now is a good time for people to show off that they've gone and replicated the thing in real life.Read more...
17/12 23:00 - [pokemon, hacking, nintendo...] Players Are Trying To Clean Up Pokémon's Hacked Trading System
Right now, the GTS?Pok?mon's online system, which allows players around the world to trade monsters with each other?is a mess.Read more...
17/12 22:35 - [destiny, humor, watch this...] Nic Cage Has A Bone To Pick With Destiny
Not the real Nic Cage, unfortunately, but a fairly convincing cartoon lookalike. He uses a fantastic reviewing scoring system, too.Read more...
17/12 22:00 - [year in review, snacktaku, hamburgers...] The Year In Snacktaku
The year 2014 is nearly behind us, soon to be nothing more than a series of memories of the things we've eaten, places we've eaten and people we've watched eat. Join us as Snacktaku looks back at the year inside the world's stomachs.Read more...
17/12 21:38 - [deals, kinja deals, anker...] Give the Gift of Battery Life with These Discounted Anker Power Packs
USB battery packs are my favorite generic holiday gift. They're useful to literally everyone, they offer a tremendous amount of utility for a modest amount of money, and it still seems like most non-nerds aren't fully aware that they exist. If you have anyone on your shopping list that could use...
17/12 21:00 - [highlight reel, gta v, far cry 4...] A Bonkers GTA V Skydiving Stunt
In today's Highlight Reel we have a fantastic GTA V skydiving stunt, less-than-stellar Battlefield 4 starts and some great strategy in Insurgency. Read more...
17/12 20:30 - [smash bros, wii u, sportsmanship...] Mercy Self-Destructs, A Smash Bros. Phenomenon
I've spent a long time playing For Glory in Smash Bros.?that hardcore one-on-one mode with no items and flat stages. And while much of that playtime has been me getting my ass kicked, I can't help but keep coming back to it. Part of it is that, in my experience at least, the players in For Glory...
17/12 20:00 - [street fighter, ultra street fighter iv, bloody ro] Until We Get A New Bloody Roar, Ultra Street Fighter IV Animal Costumes
It's been over 11 years since we last saw Hudson Soft's bestial battler series in action, and chances of a Bloody Roar revival are incredibly slim. Thank goodness Capcom is here to provide us our anthropomorphic fighter fix with a whopping nine packs of "Wild Costumes" for Ultra Street Fighter...
17/12 19:30 - [hardware, cross-gen games, ps4...] Last-Gen Gamers Are Being Left Behind
New-gen consoles have barely been out for a year, but there's already a familiar story: a game launches and runs great on the PS4 and Xbox One, much less so on the PS3 and 360. Shadow of Mordor was an egregious example
of this performance gap, but it's not the only one. Is there any hope...
17/12 19:27 - [xbox, xbox one, kotaku core] A Much Better Way To Shop For Video Games On A Console
I'm not sure when Microsoft added the best thing ever to their Xbox Live game store, but I'd like to show you some video of it so you can marvel with me. Seriously, who needs breathless catalog copy or sketchy user reviews when you can get live gamer-driven broadcasts of the $60 Xbox epic you are...
17/12 19:00 - [2014 in review with io9, year in review, movies...] The 10 Best And 10 Worst Science Fiction And Fantasy Movies Of 2014
This was a weird year for movies. The box office was weak, but also, most films didn't deserve love or hate. They were just... okay. But the genre movies that did stand out were either brilliant experiments, or horrible misfires. Here are the 10 best and 10 worst science fiction and fantasy...
17/12 18:30 - [smash bros, super smash bros, nintendo...] How To Do Smash Bros. Wii U's Version of Wavedashing
While the new Smash games don't have the famous technique from Melee that players called wavedashing
, they do have something called "perfect pivoting"?and it's similar/useful enough that you'll want to learn how to do it if you're playing seriously.Read more...
17/12 18:00 - [destiny, bungie, kotakucore...] A Duel Between Two Destiny Snipers
This battle between snipers goes through many stages, all of them hilarious.Read more...
17/12 17:45 - [deals, kotaku deals, moneysaver] Finally, a Vita Memory Card Deal, Cowboy Bebop, Plus a Lot More
Vita Memory Cards are by far our most requested deal, so stock up. [ 16GB Vita Memory Card, $25]Read more...
17/12 17:30 - [street fighter, blanka, trolling] Street Fighter?s Blanka Is a Monster at Trolling Other Video Games
First, he romped through the real world
, making people's lives miserable. Now, he's showing up in Dishonored, Minecraft and a few other virtual locales to screw things up. Damn you, Blanka. Read more...
17/12 17:00 - [gift guide 2014, shutterstock] Kotaku's 2014 Gift Guide To Awesomely Bad Games
Not everyone deserves that high-end graphics card you saved up for a special holiday gift
. Some people get coal for Christmas?or, if you're an adult, an excellent prank gift?and there are certainly video game equivalents to choose from.Read more...
17/12 16:30 - [police blotter, ps4, settings...] Changed PS4 Settings Are Not A Good Reason To Call The Police
A resident of Alexandria, Minnesota contacted the police earlier this month to report that someone entered his house and changed the settings on his PlayStation 4. Of course they did. Read more...
17/12 16:15 - [bummer, shadow of mordor, ps4...] Shadow Of Mordor's New Expansion Is A Huge Letdown
Shadow of Mordor is one of the best games I played this year. I had high hopes for Lord of the Hunt
, its first major expansion, as a result. "New monsters
!" I thought. "More nemesis orcs to fight, some of whom ride on top of the new monsters! What could possibly go wrong?" So...
17/12 15:35 - [dragon age, dragon age inquisition, kotaku core...] Anyone Want To Vouch For This $10 Dragon Age: Inquisition Upgrade?
Owners of the "deluxe edition" of Dragon Age: Inquisition, have you sat on the Skyhold Throne or ridden the Bog Unicorn? Standard edition schlubs like me can now buy the deluxe edition's extra content (listed above) for $9.99 today. I'm thinking this is a pass. But if you have this stuff and...
17/12 15:30 - [talk amongst yourselves, tay] Today's selection of articles from Kotaku's reader-run community: Project Hydra--Corpse Party: Tortu
Today's selection of articles from Kotaku's reader-run community: Project Hydra?Corpse Party: Tortured Souls Episode 1
? How Bungie Can Solve Destiny's Leveling And Loot Issues
? Spacemon?A Pok?mon Tabletop Story [Concluded]
? The Amazing Music of Soul Blade
17/12 14:48 - [morning favorites] Deadspin What's The Worst State In The Union To Get Drunk In?
Deadspin What's The Worst State In The Union To Get Drunk In?
| Gawker Stephen Collins to Tell "The Truth" About Sexual Abuse of Underage Girls
| Gizmodo Star Wars-Themed Christmas Light Show Is So Excessive And So Amazing
| Lifehacker How to Future Proof Your Career with...
17/12 14:45 - [life is strange, square enix, dontnod entertainmen] The first episode of Life Is Strange, that intriguing-looking adventure game from the people who mad
The first episode of Life Is Strange
, that intriguing-looking adventure game from the people who made Remember Me, is coming out January 30th, publisher Square Enix just announced. It's coming to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC, for $4.99. You can also buy a pass for all five...
17/12 14:40 - [world of warcraft, warlords of draenor, wow...] The Hidden Origins of Two Warlords of Draenor Followers
Yulon on Tumblr found a really nice easter egg in Warlords of Draenor. The first followers?NPCs we can send out on missions for some extra loot?we can hire for our Garrisons both on the Alliance and the Horde side actually match characters from World of Wacraft's very first cinematic trailer that...
17/12 14:20 - [league of legends, lol, riot games...] The Honest League of Legends Trailer Takes The Game To Pieces
Not just the game, but the community as well, in a funny but justifiable way.Read more...
17/12 14:00 - [final fantasy, mevius final fantasy, square enix..] The Latest Final Fantasy Looks to the Original
The latest official Final Fantasy game, from current Final Fantasy top man Yoshinori Kitase, was announced in an interview between Kitase and series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi in Weekly Famitsu.Read more...
17/12 13:30 - [starbound, pc, chucklefish...] This shot of an alien alpaca in a car has little do with Starbound's big upcoming Winter update, but
This shot of an alien alpaca in a car has little do with Starbound's big upcoming Winter update, but it's still amusing. Speaking of the update, it's scheduled to come out in January, packed with content like tons of new items, a new playable race, ship upgrades, and more biomes. There's a...
17/12 13:00 - [skylanders, skylanders trap team, activision...] Skylanders: Trap Team Introduces Two New Elements: Light And Dark
There has been an awakening. Have you felt it? The dark side... and the light... of Skylanders. Having teased players since the game's October release, Activision finally reveals the two new elements being added to the Skylanders universe starting December 21. Read more...
17/12 12:00 - [dayz, pc, steam...] DayZ Celebrates First Birthday, Updates Plans for 2015
While DayZ itself will be turning three years old in about a month (the ARMA 2 mod came out in January 2012), its standalone release celebrated its first birthday just yesterday. To honor the anniversary, the dev team released a retrospective video and updated DayZ's development roadmap for...
17/12 10:00 - [logitech, hardware, pc gaming...] How One Company Spent Millions on a Gaming Mouse
There's a room on Logitech's bright, modern-looking campus in Lausanne, Switzerland full of contraptions specifically designed to torture PC hardware.Read more...
17/12 09:00 - [2014 in review, year in review, kotakueast...] The Year in Kotaku East
Kotaku East is about one thing: bringing the weird, the cool, the silly, and the fascinating from the far east to you, the audience. There's been plenty of that this year: the New 3DS. Link, as a girl called Linkle. Batman on a Japanese highway. Cosplay and memes galore. And more. Lots more.Read...
17/12 03:45 - [valve, pc, steam...] Hatred, Yanked From Steam Just Yesterday, Is Already Back
Hatred, a controversial and violent game that only yesterday
was pulled off Steam's Greenlight service, is back. That was fast. Read more...
17/12 03:30 - [fine art, kotaku core, assassins creed unity...] The Art Of Assassin's Creed Unity
It's a busted game, but it's also a very pretty game, so tonight let's just focus on the latter with this collection of art from Assassin's Creed Unity.Read more...
17/12 03:00 - [review, pc, pc hardware...] The Most Ridiculous PC Monitor I Have Ever Used
I got not one, but two monitors from LG for review last week. One was a specialised gaming monitor. The other was a lot more fun.Read more...
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Site anglais Cubed³

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 Accéder au forum du site
17/12 12:16 - Itagaki Shares More Devil's Third Details
Devil's Third producer Tomonobu Itagaki recently shared interesting nuggets about the Wii U game on Facebook.
17/12 11:27 - Stick Nintendo Badges on the 3DS Home Screen
Badges, badges ahoy! Nintendo released a nifty new eShop app in Japan that allows players to decorate the 3DS home menu with icons.
17/12 11:12 - Steel Diver: Sub Wars Update Fixes Angles
Nintendo have released another update for Steel Diver: Sub Wars today, taking onboard feedback from players.
17/12 10:59 - Bandai Namco Goes from Games to Entertainment
Bandai Namco will be changing its company name from Bandai Namco Games to Bandai Namco Entertainment.
17/12 10:19 - Youkai Watch 2 Sells over Five Million
Level-5 have posted exceptional figures for the popular 3DS adventure/RPG, Yokai Watch 2.
17/12 08:54 - Hollow Knight Close to Wii U Stretch Goal
Australian devs Team Cherry have already funded their debut game Hollow Knight through Kickstarter, but with 28 hours left in the campaign (as of this writing), they're just a few thousand dollars AUD from reaching their stretch goal and developing a Wii U version of the game.
17/12 02:21 - Create an amiibo Nintendo Holiday Card
Nintendo has created an interactive holiday card, letting fans build a customised Nintendo festive message.
17/12 01:57 - Dutch Researchers Question Nintendo's Safety
A team of Dutch researchers have criticised Nintendo for potentially causing health issues when playing Wii titles.
16/12 12:37 - Nintendo of America on GameCube Adapter
Nintendo of America have issued a statement on the much sought after GameCube adapter.
16/12 11:58 - Nintendo to Partner with Sharp for Free Form
Reports suggest that hardware manufacturers Sharp will be providing Nintendo with free-form displays for a future handheld.
16/12 11:31 - Unwrap Shantae on Christmas Day on Wii U
WayForward have set an extra special treat for December 25th, majestic platforming with Shantae and the Pirate's Curse on Wii U.
16/12 10:14 - Harmony of Heroes Expansion Album Announced
The team behind Harmony of Heroes have announced an expansion to the project, additional tracks to compliment the recent Super Smash Bros. games.
16/12 09:27 - More US Yokai Watch Trademarks Filed
Two new trademarks spotted in the US continue to tease plans for the much anticipated localisation of Yokai Watch outside Japan.
16/12 09:07 - Splatoon Splats onto Tumblr for Updates
Nintendo have launched an official Tumblr account for Splatoon, covering various different updates from the game.
16/12 08:19 - More One Piece Amiibo Costumes Revealed
More artwork for One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X showcases more costumes for amiibo characters, including Donkey Kong and Samus.
16/12 07:32 - Grezzo Are Behind Majora's Mask 3D
The Australian Classification board have confirmed that Grezzo is in charge of development for The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D, with Nintendo listing solely as publisher.
16/12 07:25 - PriPara and Pretty Rhythm Collide on 3DS
Fans of pretty anime girls rejoice: PriPara and Pretty Rhythm will collide in a game on Nintendo 3DS in March next year.
16/12 07:18 - Atelier Rorona 3DS Dated for Japan
Recently announced last month, Gust's next RPG for Nintendo 3DS will be releasing in Japan on March 26th. The official name will be the rather long-winded New Atelier Rorona: The Origin Story of the Alchemist of Arland.
16/12 07:14 - Etrian Mystery Dungeon Details, Boxart
Famitsu has showcased the new boxart for Etrian Mystery Dungeon, plus a handful of details on the new Nintendo 3DS game.
16/12 07:10 - Captain Toad Gets Another UK Trailer
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker has been received warmly in the States and in Japan, but Europe have yet to get their hands on our fungal friend's latest adventure. In order to ease the pain of the impatient, Nintendo UK have released a new trailer on YouTube.
15/12 11:50 - More Final Fantasy Explorers Videos, Screens
The official Final Fantasy Explorers website has new artwork and videos for the Nintendo 3DS adventure.
15/12 10:08 - Decorate Ace Combat Planes with amiibo
More amiibo functionality has been confirmed with the inclusion of Nintendo's iconic characters in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy+.
15/12 08:44 - Dante Purrs in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Even more collaboration goodies with Capcom confirming a crossover between Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Devil May Cry.
15/12 04:43 - Dementium Confirmed for 3DS
Dementium: The Ward, a survival horror game originally released on the DS, is getting an enhanced remake for release on the 3DS eShop.
14/12 12:27 - Link Wii U, 3DS to Club Nintendo for Mewtwo
Update: Fans have had problems when it comes to registering digital games on the Club Nintendo service, missing out on the Super Smash Bros. promo.
14/12 12:14 - Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Spoof
Nintendo have shared behind the scenes from YouTuber TJ Smith's Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker parody trailer.
14/12 11:37 - More Final Fantasy Explorers Live Stream Vids
This week Square Enix held another live stream for the upcoming 3DS RPG, Final Fantasy Explorers.
14/12 11:28 - Street Fighter x Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
More classic crossovers this week as Capcom have announced more felyne costumes for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.
14/12 05:47 - Phoenix Wright's Alternative Western Names
In a recent interview, Alex Smith, the writer behind the Western localization of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, explains where the characters' names come from. The law-based sim series is known for its quirky humor and puns in both Japanese and English, and this extends to the names of the...
13/12 09:26 - Over 100,000 amiibo Sold in Japan so far
Japanese sales tracker Media Create has confirmed that over 100,000 amiibo figures have been sold in Japan alone, so far.
13/12 09:19 - Meet Three New Devil Survivor 2 Characters
A trio of new clips from Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker introduce new characters in the new Nintendo 3DS game, all three of which live in Nagoya.
13/12 09:09 - SEGA Turning Classic Franchises into Film, TV
SEGA will be working on turning classic franchises, including Golden Axe and Shinobi, into films and shows, the company has confirmed.
12/12 12:54 - Super Smash Bros. Wii U Sees Strong Start
In addition to strong Pokémon sales for November, Nintendo have seen equally impressive figures for Super Smash Bros. on 3DS and Wii U.
12/12 12:53 - Over 1.5 million New Pokémon ORAS US Owners
Nintendo have confirmed solid sales for both Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire across North America.
12/12 09:54 - Sonic Riders Was Planned for Game Boy Advance
It has emerged that 2006 multiplatform racing title Sonic Riders was originally intended to come to the Game Boy Advance, according to Sonic fansite The Sonic Stadium.
12/12 08:20 - Have Nintendo, Sony Closed a Mario Film Deal?
Leaked reports seem to suggest that Sony Pictures and Nintendo have closed a deal for the animated film rights to the Super Mario Bros. series.
11/12 12:02 - More DLC Confirmed for Etrian Odyssey II
Etrian Odyssey Untold II will be getting a fair bit of DLC, and the third wave includes more quests.
11/12 10:36 - Retro City Won't Rampage on Nintendo Wii U
Retro City Rampage won't be heading to Wii U, developer VBlank has confirmed.
11/12 10:28 - Watch the Rune Factory 4 EU Launch Trailer
Help the town of Selphia to thrive and prosper in Rune Factory 4 for Nintendo 3DS, with a new trailer for the game.
11/12 10:17 - New Bravely Second Trailer and Details
Square Enix held a Bravely Second live stream earlier today, with new details and a trailer.
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Site américain TechWeb

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24/04 18:16 - test
02/01 04:00 - The Old BYTE Returns
BYTE is starting a new series, to bring back the issues you loved in print from 1975 to 1998. Initially we have the first two issues and four others from 1984, 1985 and 1986.
15/11 07:46 - 4 Lessons From MongoHQ Data Breach
Security experts urge companies to implement two-factor authentication, VPNs, and graduated permission levels to better protect customer data from hackers.
15/11 06:33 - Microsoft May Encrypt All Server-To-Server Communications
Microsoft admits that it doesn't encrypt all server-to-server communications, opening the way for the NSA and others to access the data flow.
15/11 05:17 - Obamacare Website Suffers Few Hack Attacks
Affordable Care Act site has faced a relatively low volume of attacks, compared with other federal websites.
15/11 04:25 - Google Improves Gmail For iPad
Google's Gmail app for iPad and iPhone gets new features and iOS 7's design language.
15/11 04:06 - Amazon Adds PostgreSQL, Big C3 servers
Amazon CTO Werner Vogels announces PostgreSQL database service, new instance types, use of solid state disk to speed I/Os.
15/11 03:00 - APIs: Why You Need A Strategy Now
As software eclipses hardware, it's dawning on enterprises that they need API programs. Here's where to begin.
14/11 09:23 - Google Wins Book Scanning Case
Authors Guild's claim of copyright infringement gets shot down in a surprise ruling.
14/11 07:27 - IEEE, Continua Collaborate For Device Interoperability
The goal is allow home monitoring devices and mobile health apps communicate more easily healthcare providers.
14/11 07:17 - Google Now Update Improves Voice Commands
Google's personal assistant software gets upgraded to better manage owners' lives and understand natural language requests.
14/11 05:55 - Isis Launches Mobile Payments Venture
Android smartphones owners can now pay for goods and services by tapping their device to Isis terminals at 1.3 million locations nationwide.
14/11 05:10 - LinkedIn Adds Pulse For News
LinkedIn pushes customized content with the integration of news curation app Pulse for desktop and mobile versions.
14/11 04:53 - MacRumors Hacker Promises Stolen Passwords Are Safe
Hacker grabbed 860,000 passwords for fun, but promises not to leak or use them to harm people.
14/11 04:20 - Amazon Launches 'WorkSpaces' For Desktop Users
VMware wants to move into cloud computing? Guess what, Amazon's moving into desktop virtualization.
14/11 04:06 - Google Brings Portable Native Client To Chrome
Developers can now compile native C and C++ code to run in Chrome across different hardware architectures.
13/11 08:35 - Kelihos Botnet Thrives, Despite Takedowns
Fast flux infrastructure and Windows XP infections continue to keep the botnet alive.
13/11 07:06 - Motorola's Moto G Targets Emerging Markets
Motorola thinks the Moto G can win over smartphone buyers who want more performance at a lower price point.
13/11 06:58 - IBM To Buy Fiberlink For Mobile Management
IBM is set to expand its BYOD capabilities through a deal for Fiberlink, a cloud-based mobile-management and security services provider.
13/11 06:23 - Facebook Forces Some Users To Reset Passwords
Facebook is asking users whose passwords may have been exposed on other sites to change passwords to access the social website.
13/11 05:36 - Google Pushes Android KitKat To Nexus Tablets
Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets will be upgraded to Android 4.4 KitKat in the coming days.
13/11 04:27 - Pivotal Launches Cloud App Development Platform
Pivotal One Platform, based on VMware's open source Cloud Foundry, comes with four application services on top.
13/11 04:06 - White House Unveils Big Data Projects, Round Two
White House announces dozens of new government-business-nonprofit collaborations to use big data for medical research, economics and more.
13/11 04:06 - Feds Praise Open Data Health Cloud Launch
Taking advantage of more-open data standards in other countries, MedRed BT Health Cloud will provide public access to 50 million de-identified UK records.
13/11 04:06 - NASA, Amazon Launch Earth Data Repository
NASA has uploaded terabytes of earth-science satellite data to Amazon Web Services, with more to come to aid researchers and developers.
09/08 08:50 - Microsoft Preps New Surface RT Tablets
Nvidia is working with Microsoft on an upgraded Surface tablet. With Qualcomm also involved, Microsoft could be prepping an entire family of Win RT models.
09/08 07:56 - KeyMe: Keep Your Keys In The Cloud
New iOS app stores key photos in the cloud, saving time and money when you find yourself locked out.
09/08 07:48 - Google Play: Beware Android Adware Infestation
Watch what you download: Study finds that 22% of the top Android apps in Google's official app store are adware.
09/08 06:51 - Lavabit, Silent Circle Shut Down: Crypto In Spotlight
Two encrypted email services shut the doors; gag order clouds details of apparent U.S. government interest related to Snowden case.
09/08 06:48 - BlackBerry Ponders Going Private
Struggling smartphone maker considers privatization strategy to buy more turnaround time.
09/08 06:32 - 5 LinkedIn Privacy Settings For Job Hunters
LinkedIn users, here's what you need to know about keeping your job-seeking activity quiet.
09/08 06:12 - 5 Books For Aspiring CIOs
Engineer-turned-recruiter Steven Levy shares his reading list for IT pros who want to learn better business and communication skills -- and boost their careers.
09/08 05:49 - Apple Board 'Concerned' About Innovation Pace
Pressure mounts on Apple CEO Tim Cook to get some new products into the market.
09/08 05:29 - Big Data Hiring: Unorthodox Advice
Music majors, physicists and business domain experts bring fresh perspectives to an effective data science team, says Booz Allen Hamilton analytics expert.
09/08 05:15 - State Governments Target Smartphone Thefts
Growing coalition ramps up pressure on industry to help stop smartphone theft epidemic.
09/08 05:06 - NASA Curiosity Rover's Year On Mars: 5 Breakthroughs
Look at some of the Mars rover's achievements, as NASA celebrates Curiosity's first anniversary on the Red Planet.
09/08 04:47 - Mozilla Persona Now Accepts Gmail Credentials
Persona provides single sign-on authentication without the social network baggage.
08/08 12:00 - Microsoft Touts Windows 8.1 3-D Printing
Microsoft wants in on the ground floor of 3-D printing. It's demonstrating Windows 8.1's 3-D printing in 18 retail locations.
08/08 11:27 - Navy Launches Aggressive Virtualization Plan
Hosted virtual desktop initiative is part of Navy's broader move to virtualize all its current server-based systems and applications by the end of 2017.
08/08 11:04 - Microsoft Office 365 Reveals Uptime Figures
Customers clamor for transparency and Microsoft responds, showing strong levels of reliability. But analysts warn: Transparency has its limits.
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Site anglais Techzonez

Dernière mise à jour le 10/08/2009 à 21:07
 Accéder au forum du site
09/08 22:07 - Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Alpha 1 (code named Namoroka)
The first developer milestone of the next release of Firefox ? code named Namoroka Alpha 1 ? is now available for download. Namoroka is built on pre-release version of the Gecko 1.9.2 platform, which forms the core of rich internet applications such as Firefox. Please note that this release is i...
09/08 22:07 - Microsoft to charge Office Live customers domain-renewal fee
Microsoft customers who signed up to its Office Live Small Business service before February of last year will soon have to pay to renew Web domains they've acquired through the service.

Microsoft began charging new customers an annual fee of US$14.95 for a Web domain beginning in...
09/08 22:07 - 'Dumb' Windows 7 upgrade chart sparks spat
A chart Microsoft provided to a Wall Street Journal columnist that spells out which versions of Windows and XP can be upgraded to Windows 7 without a cumbersome "clean install" is causing a dust-up between bloggers and prompted Apple users to poke fun at Microsoft's upgrade process.

09/08 22:07 - jv16 PowerTools 2009 (
jv16 PowerTools 2009 is a complete Windows optimization and registry cleaning toolkit.

[img]images/news/icons/view.gif[/img] View: [url=http://www.macecraft.com/news/186/]Changelog[/url]

[img]images/news/icons/software.gif[/img] Download:...
09/08 22:07 - Speedfan 4.39
SpeedFan is a freeware program that monitors fan speeds, temperatures and voltages in computers with hardware monitoring chips. SpeedFan can even access S.M.A.R.T. info for those hard disks that support this feature and show hard disk temperatures too, if supported.SpeedFan supports EIDE, SATA...
07/08 01:05 - World of Warcraft v3.2.0 Patch
Blizzard has released a new patch for World of Warcraft, bringing this popular MMORPG to v3.2.0.

[img]images/news/icons/view.gif[/img] View: [url=http://www.gamershell.com/infosheets/633562.html]Changelog[/url]

[img]images/news/icons/software.gif[/img] Download:...
07/08 01:05 - Nation Red v1.07 Demo
DiezelPower has released an updated demo of Nation Red, an ultra fast arena-based shooter scheduled to be available next week via GamersGate, Direct2Drive etc.

[img]images/news/icons/software.gif[/img] Download: [url=http://www.gamershell.com/download_49242.shtml]Nation Red v1.07...
07/08 01:05 - Order of War Demo
Square Enix has released a playable demo of Order of War, allowing you to try out this real-time strategy game developed by Wargaming.net. Players will take command of an entire army including ground troops, artillery, tank divisions and aircraft in all out strategic assaults. The single-player...
07/08 01:05 - CopyToDVD
CopyToDVD is a new generation tool to backup your music, games, movies, video, photos and data files. CopyToDVD provides you with a variety of ways to create CDs or DVDs, such as integration to shell, user friendly frontend or FileDepot technology. With just a few clicks you can burn files,...
07/08 01:05 - Microsoft Serves Up Windows 7 To MSDN, TechNet
Microsoft Thursday reached an important milestone by making Windows 7 available to MSDN and TechNet subscribers, just over two weeks after releasing Windows 7 to manufacturing.

Microsoft's volume licensing customers -- i.e. businesses -- with Software Assurance subscriptions will be...
07/08 01:05 - Lawsuit over 'Brutal Legend' video game settled
Attorneys for gaming giant Activision notified a court Wednesday that they reached a settlement over the release of "Brutal Legend," a video game starring Jack Black.

Activision had sued San Francisco-based developer Double Fine Productions to try to stop the October release of...
07/08 01:05 - Twitter limps back to life after DDoS attack
After being knocked offline for about two hours this morning, Twitter warned users that its site still wasn't fully back up to speed.

Twitter went down around 9:05 a.m. ET, according to figures from AlertSite, which tracks Web site performance. The company also noted that Twitter...
07/08 01:05 - Hitachi announces first 2TB, 7,200 RPM hard drive
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Inc. announced today that it is shipping what it said is the world's first 2TB, 7200 RPM hard disk drive, the Deskstar 7K2000.

The 3.5-inch, 2TB Deskstar is a fourth-generation device that uses Hitachi's five-platter design using perpendicular...
07/08 01:05 - Microsoft may launch 'month of ATL' patches on Tuesday
Microsoft today said it would deliver nine security updates next Tuesday, all but one affecting Windows. Five are pegged "critical," the company's highest threat rating.

One researcher speculated that most of the updates will tackle bugs introduced when a Microsoft programmer added...
07/08 01:05 - Microsoft boosts Windows 7 graphics with hardware
Microsoft is trying to improve the visuals in Windows 7 by working with hardware makers on a software interface that maximizes the use of graphics cards.

The OS will support a new API (application programming interface) called DirectX 11 that enables better gaming through more...
07/08 01:05 - Microsoft snaps up Office.com domain
As noted by blogger Long Zheng, Microsoft has snapped up the Office.com domain.

The address would seem to make for a logical home for the forthcoming Web-based version of Office, though Microsoft declined to say how it plans to use the address.

"At this point it's too...
03/08 23:05 - Mozilla Firefox 3.0.13
Firefox is a free, open-source and cross-platform web browser.

[img]images/news/icons/software.gif[/img] English (US): [url=http://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/3.0.13/win32/en-US/Firefox%20Setup%203.0.13.exe]Windows[/url] |...
03/08 23:05 - Nation Red v1.07 Demo
DiezelPower has released an updated demo of Nation Red, an ultra fast arena-based shooter scheduled to be available next week via GamersGate, Direct2Drive etc.

[img]images/news/icons/software.gif[/img] Download: [url=http://www.gamershell.com/download_49242.shtml]Nation Red v1.07...
03/08 22:05 - RIAA wins $675K in damages from file swapper
A Boston student has been ordered to pay $675,000 to the recording industry for illegal file-sharing, according to reports Friday.

Joel Tenenbaum had admitted to downloading and sharing digital music. Judge Nancy Gertner of the U.S. District Court for Massachusetts found him guilty...
03/08 22:05 - Hacker Exposes Hacked Las Vegas ATM At DefCon
Either these thieves were incredibly dumb or have a lot of chutzpah. A hacker attending the Las Vegas Defcon conference over the weekend discovered a bogus ATM that was ripping off users.

The phony ATM machine was located at the Riviera Hotel Casino, the host of DefCon 17, and drew...
03/08 22:05 - Microsoft kills Windows 7E, puts IE back in upcoming OS
Betting that European antitrust regulators will okay its proposal for a "ballot screen" and facing opposition from computer makers and corporate customers, Microsoft late Friday abandoned plans to ship Windows 7 without Internet Explorer (IE).

At the same time, a company executive...
03/08 22:05 - EA to take Sims 3 on new adventures
Sims players will soon be able to journey to countries such as China and Egypt, search for hidden treasures, and meet fellow Sims along the way.

Electronic Arts announced Monday that it's developing the first expansion pack for its popular Sims 3 game. The new pack, Sims 3 World...
03/08 22:05 - Peter Sunde departs Pirate Bay
Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi, one of the three founders of The Pirate Bay, has stepped down as the site's spokesman and has said he is moving on to new projects.

"I have decided to not be the spokesperson for The Pirate Bay anymore," Sunde Kolmisoppi wrote in a blog post Monday. "The...
31/07 23:05 - Fallout 3 v1.7 Patch
Bethesda has issued a new patch for Fallout 3, bringing to v1.7 this popular RPG. The update includes new achievements for Mothership Zeta, the latest DLC for the game.

[img]images/news/icons/software.gif[/img] Download: [url=http://www.gamershell.com/download_49134.shtml]US[/url] |...
31/07 23:05 - Firefox Passes One Billion Downloads
Mozilla's Firefox browser has been downloaded over a billion times, an event the Mozilla community is using to launch a new evangelism campaign.

Mike Beltzner, Mozilla's director of Firefox, estimates that the one billionth download took place at 7:47 A.M. Pacific Time on Friday....
31/07 23:05 - Adobe patches 12 Flash bugs, 3 caused by Microsoft
Adobe on Thursday patched 12 vulnerabilities in Flash Player, including three it inherited from faulty Microsoft development code and one that hackers have been exploiting for at least a week.

In a [url=http://www.adobe.com/support/security/bulletins/apsb09-10.html]security...
31/07 23:05 - NASA hacker loses bid to avoid extradition
Gary McKinnon has lost his high court bid in the U.K. to avoid extradition to the U.S. for hacking into military systems.

McKinnon had tried to argue that former home secretary, Jacqui Smith, was legally wrong to push for the extradition despite his diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome...
31/07 23:05 - Microsoft prices Windows 7 family pack
Microsoft said on Friday that it will charge $149 for the family pack version of Windows 7, which allows users to upgrade up to three PCs to the Home Premium edition of the operating system.

The software maker had previously said it would offer the family pack, but had not said how...
30/07 23:05 - Demigod Demo
Stardock has released a playable demo of Demigod, giving you the chance to try out this team-based action game developed by Gas Powered Games. The demo features online Internet multiplayer games, the Cataract map and four playable Demigods (Regulus, Rook, Sedna and Lord Erebus.) All of the...
30/07 23:05 - Backup4all 4.2
Backup4all is a backup software for Windows. It was designed to protect your valuable data from partial or total loss by automating tasks, password protecting and compressing it to save storage space.

[img]images/news/icons/view.gif[/img] View:...
30/07 23:05 - LimeWire 5.2.12
LimeWire is a file sharing program running on the Gnutella Network. It is open standard software running on an open protocol, free for the public to use. LimeWire allows you to share any file such as .mp3s, .avis, .jpgs, .tiffs, etc. Limewire is written in Java, and will run on Windows,...
30/07 23:05 - HyperSnap-DX 6.61.03
HyperSnap-DX can take screen captures from Windows screen. HyperSnap combines the power of a screen capture application with an advanced image editing utility - wrapped into one easy-to-use tool!

[img]images/news/icons/view.gif[/img] View:...
30/07 23:05 - iPhone vulnerable to hacker attacks: researchers
Security experts have uncovered flaws in Apple Inc's iPhone that they said hackers can exploit to take control of the popular device, using the tactic for identity theft and other crimes.

Users need to be warned that their iPhones are not entirely secure and Apple should try to...
30/07 23:05 - Pirate Bay Banned in Netherlands
A Dutch judge ordered the file-sharing site Pirate Bay to stop operating in the Netherlands within 10 days or face charges as high as 30,000 Euro (about $42,000) a day.

The Thursday ruling, by Judge Wil Tonkens, is the result of a copyright-infringement lawsuit by Dutch anti-piracy...
30/07 23:05 - Pirates manage to crack Windows 7 activation
Pirates have cracked Windows 7's product activation just a week after the operating system made RTM and a week before it's slated to reach users, Microsoft confirmed today.

The product key posted on the Web purportedly comes from Lenovo, one of Microsoft's major OEM partners, and...
30/07 23:05 - Microsoft flip-flops, will give free Windows 7 to some beta testers
Microsoft made a U-turn today and announced that it would hand out free copies of Windows 7 Ultimate to the initiation-only testers who received the very earliest builds of the OS last year.

"To show our appreciation, members of the invitation-only Windows 7 Technical Beta Program...
30/07 23:05 - Mozilla starts preparing developers for Firefox 3.6
Brace yourself for the vanishing menu bar because Mozilla has published an official feature list for Firefox 3.6 in the form of a guide for programmers who need to know about the changes.

The Firefox 3.6 developer guide mentions an ability to automatically hide the menu bar, a...
30/07 01:05 - The Sims 3 v1.3.24 Patch
Electronic Arts has issued a new patch for The Sims 3, updating to v1.3.24 the latest installment in The Sims series developed by Electronic Arts Redwood Shores.

The Sims 3 allows you to immerse your unique Sims in an open living neighborhood right outside their door. The initial...
30/07 01:05 - Online Music File Swapping Trial Underway
A test case involving the online downloading of music files is underway in a Boston federal court, with the recording industry squaring off against a Boston University graduate student charged with illegally downloading music over the Internet.

Participants in the trial of Joel...
30/07 01:05 - Microsoft-Yahoo deal to face tough antitrust probe
The Internet search partnership between Microsoft and Yahoo faces a tough antitrust review in the U.S. and overseas, with approval likely hinging on whether the marriage would foster more competition with market leader Google.

The deal, announced Wednesday, may have a better shot at...
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Site américain Wired News (Technologie)

Dernière mise à jour le 18/12/2014 à 05:45
17/12 11:00 - [AGU 2014, gallery, AGU...] You Can See Our Holiday Lights All the Way From Space
SAN FRANCISCO—People love the holidays so much you can see it from space. Data collected by a satellite with a special nighttime sensor found that the glow from our collective light displays brightens many major U.S. cities as much as 50 percent between Thanksgiving and New Year’s...
17/12 10:00 - [gallery, Raw File] The Electrician Who Makes Bolts of ?Lightning? in His Basement
By day, Jacques Emery is a middle-aged electrician living in Martigny, Switzerland. By night, he descends into his basement, where a kind of magic happens. There amongst a sea of capacitors, resistors, diodes, and coils, he is transformed into something of a mad scientist, experimenting with the...
17/12 06:47 - [apple, Business] As the Ruble Plummets, Apple Suspends Online Sales in Russia
Apple has suspended online sales in Russia, blaming extreme fluctuations in the value of the ruble. The post As the Ruble Plummets, Apple Suspends Online Sales in Russia appeared first on WIRED.
17/12 00:31 - [Music, D'Angelo, Underwire...] The Second Coming of D?Angelo Makes for an Extra-Nasty Playlist
D'Angelo's Black Messiah is finally here. And it's glorious. If we could, we'd make it the entire playlist, this week, but we can't. The post The Second Coming of D’Angelo Makes for an Extra-Nasty Playlist appeared first on WIRED.
16/12 21:38 - [Enterprise, Wearables, IoT...] Can Wearables Bring Efficiency to the Enterprise?
It might be tempting to ignore wearables as some kind of geek fad, but businesses can?t risk ignoring how wearable technology is disrupting industries. On its own, Google Glass may not have generated the same mass consumer adoption that triggered corporate IT to accommodate BYOD or social media...
16/12 21:04 - [Threat Level] Former Employees Are Suing Sony Over ?Epic Nightmare? Hack
The plot of the Sony hack drama has taken a new turn. Two former employees of Sony Pictures Entertainment filed a class-action lawsuit against the studio giant on Monday for failing to properly secure sensitive employee data. The recent widespread breach of Sony has resulted in the theft and...
16/12 20:52 - [car buying, Apps, insurance...] An App That Can Instantly Identify Any Car (At Least Half the Time)
So you're shopping for a car. You've been browsing online, talking to friends, and actually paying attention to TV commercials, yet you still haven't seen anything you really like. And then it happens: Something zips past you on the street and you're awestruck. "That," you think. "That I'm into."...
16/12 20:47 - [Publishing, Media, google...] Spain?s Google News Shutdown Is a Silly Victory for Publishers
Trying to stick it to Google is an understandable impulse, a resentment fed by the company's monolithic influence over the web. But all the Google News shutdown in Spain really shows is how powerless traditional publishers really are. The post Spain’s Google News Shutdown Is a Silly...
16/12 19:35 - [Gadget Lab, T-Mobile, data plans...] Now T-Mobile Lets You Roll Over Your Data Every Month
A new "Data Stash" feature will let customers use all the data they pay for, according to T-Mobile CEO John Legere. The post Now T-Mobile Lets You Roll Over Your Data Every Month appeared first on WIRED.
16/12 19:25 - [Magic Leap, neal stephenson, google...] Sci-Fi Author Neal Stephenson Joins Mystery Startup Magic Leap as ?Chief Futurist?
American science fiction writer and game designer Neal Stephenson has just joined the stealthy augmented reality startup that?s been getting a lot of buzz lately, Magic Leap. The post Sci-Fi Author Neal Stephenson Joins Mystery Startup Magic Leap as ?Chief Futurist? appeared first on WIRED.
16/12 19:17 - [WeWork, WeWork Commons, Business] Believe It: Co-Working Space Startup WeWork Is Now Worth $5B
WeWork, the New York City-based startup that rents out office space to entrepreneurs across the country, has just raised a $355 million round of funding, a deal that values the company at a whopping $5 billion The post Believe It: Co-Working Space Startup WeWork Is Now Worth $5B appeared first on...
16/12 18:22 - [records, Community Content, pharma...] Can We Trust Drug Companies? The Future of Healthcare May Depend On It
Providers? relationship with life science companies has been difficult, to say the least. But it has become clear that to move the needle on improving healthcare, these stakeholders will have to learn to work together. Providers guard a wealth of physiological data on patient populations within...
16/12 18:22 - [records, Community Content, pharma...] Can We Trust Drug Companies? The Future of Healthcare May Depend On It
Providers? relationship with life science companies has been difficult, to say the least. But it has become clear that to move the needle on improving healthcare, these stakeholders will have to learn to work together. Providers guard a wealth of physiological data on patient populations within...
16/12 17:00 - [Rise, Suneel Gupta, Next Big Thing You Missed...] The Next Big Thing You Missed: ?Rise? App Puts a Real-Life Personal Health Coach in Your Pocket
Fitness and diet tracking technologies are great for collecting data about your health. But what should you do with all that data? Rise is here to help. The post The Next Big Thing You Missed: ‘Rise’ App Puts a Real-Life Personal Health Coach in Your Pocket appeared first on WIRED.
16/12 17:00 - [Gadget Lab, Mobile, Finance...] Mint?s Latest App Helps You Pay Every Bill on Time
Mint Bills lets you track and automatically pay all your bills. The post Mint’s Latest App Helps You Pay Every Bill on Time appeared first on WIRED.
16/12 16:58 - [digital wallet, mobile payment, Apple Pay...] Apple Pay Recruits Dozens of New Banks and Stores
Just two months after its launch, dozens more banks, retailers, and even an NBA arena now work with Apple Pay, the company?s mobile payments system that uses NFC to let users send money from their iPhones to payment terminals in-store, The New York Times reported on Tuesday. The post Apple Pay...
16/12 16:00 - [on-demand economy, RelayRides, Business] Why Uber Isn?t the Only Future for the Business of Other People?s Cars
As Uber gets all the attention, the basic rationale for renting other people's cars still seems worth considering. For so many of us, our cars spend most of their time parked, empty, going nowhere. And isn’t that a waste? The post Why Uber Isn’t the Only Future for the Business of...
16/12 15:00 - [google ventures, Digit, Ethan Bloch...] This Digital Piggy Bank Could Finally Get You To Start Saving
Digit is like a digital piggybank. It connects to a user's checking account, analyzes the user's spending habits and income history, and uses an algorithm to automatically set aside small amounts of money at times when the user is least likely to miss it. The post This Digital Piggy Bank Could...
16/12 15:00 - [microscopes, gallery, microscope photography...] Life Under the Microscope: The Year?s Best Biology Close-Ups
Life is pretty interesting, and at the microscopic scale, it can also be beautiful, strange, intriguing, frightening and gross. The winning photos and videos from this year’s Olympus BioScapes competition span the whole range. From rat brains to butter daisies to weevils and barnacle...
16/12 13:00 - [depression, What's Up With That, Seasonal Affectiv] What?s Up With That: The Dark Days of Winter Bum You Out
There's a link between sunlight and happiness, and in winter time a lot of people aren't getting enough of either. The post What’s Up With That: The Dark Days of Winter Bum You Out appeared first on WIRED.
16/12 13:00 - [Mad magazine, gallery, art...] Legendary Mad Magazine Illustrator Jack Davis Calls It Quits at 90
Jack Davis, the legendary Mad magazine illustrator and movie poster artist, is hanging up his pencils. The post Legendary Mad Magazine Illustrator Jack Davis Calls It Quits at 90 appeared first on WIRED.
16/12 12:46 - [caldera, eruption video, Science Blogs...] Lava Flow Update for December 16, 2014: Fogo, Kilauea, Holuhraun
Significant lava flow eruptions are continuing at Fogo, Kilauea and Iceland, with the people and property in danger in both Hawaii and the Cape Verde Islands. The post Lava Flow Update for December 16, 2014: Fogo, Kilauea, Holuhraun appeared first on WIRED.
16/12 12:00 - [wired video, Angry Nerd, Underwire...] Angry Nerd: TV?s Most Infuriating Moments in 2014
This year, some TV shows made us laugh; others made us cry (in a good way). Then there were the TV programs that made us want to rip our hair out. In his latest installment Angry Nerd runs down 2014's top five most frustrating TV moments, from Doctor Who to How to Get Away with Murder. The post...
16/12 12:00 - [Alaska, NASA, gallery...] How a Flying Laser Built a 3-D Map of a Massive Alaskan Forest
This summer, a team of scientists mapped carbon storage in a massive Alaskan forest using airborne sensors. The post How a Flying Laser Built a 3-D Map of a Massive Alaskan Forest appeared first on WIRED.
16/12 12:00 - [cameras, Socialmatic, photography...] Polaroid?s New Camera Prints Your Pics and Posts Them on Instagram
The Polaroid Socialmatic melds the physical photo printing of yesteryear with today's instant social media sharing. The post Polaroid’s New Camera Prints Your Pics and Posts Them on Instagram appeared first on WIRED.
16/12 12:00 - [Enterprise, Threat Level] The FBI Used the Web?s Favorite Hacking Tool to Unmask Tor Users
The FBI relied on Flash code from an abandoned Metasploit project called "Decloak" to identify suspects hiding behind the Tor anonymity network. The post The FBI Used the Web’s Favorite Hacking Tool to Unmask Tor Users appeared first on WIRED.
16/12 11:45 - [Ebola, Dispatches from the Ebola front lines, Sier] For Ebola Patients in Sierra Leone, Survival Takes More Than Medicine
For all the medicine they provide at this center, physicians and staff from Doctors Without Borders spend as much time encouraging the patients to eat, drink, and keep fighting. Every patient gets a standard regimen of antibiotics, paracetemol and other pain medications, vitamins, oral...
16/12 11:30 - [tuna, biomimetics, Autopia...] The Navy?s New Robot Looks and Swims Just Like a Shark
The Navy?s new underwater drone is designed to look and swim like a real fish. The post The Navy?s New Robot Looks and Swims Just Like a Shark appeared first on WIRED.
16/12 11:30 - [tuna, biomimetics, Autopia...] The Navy?s New Robot Looks and Swims Just Like a Shark
The Navy?s new underwater drone is designed to look and swim like a real fish. The post The Navy?s New Robot Looks and Swims Just Like a Shark appeared first on WIRED.
16/12 11:30 - [gallery, Raw File] The Surreal Sci-Fi Farms That Grow Most of Our Food
According to the creation narrative, God made green plants on the third day, an idea that inspired the title of Henrik Spohler?s project, The Third Day. His series documents industrial agriculture?s obsession with monoculture and large-scale farming across Europe and the US. The title isn?t a...
16/12 11:30 - [gallery, Design] 17 Ridiculous Victorian Inventions That Didn?t Change the World
These aren?t exactly early-stage blueprints for the telephone, or the subway. Instead, the designs are for oddities like ?an improved pickle fork.? The post 17 Ridiculous Victorian Inventions That Didn?t Change the World appeared first on WIRED.
16/12 11:30 - [gallery, Magazine, Underwire...] The World Needs a Smart Gossip Site, and I?m Just the Person to Run It
Every day when I wake up, I check Instagram. Then I look at Twitter to see what the One Directioners are talking about. I check Facebook to see how everybody from high school's doing. I go on Reddit to see what my weirdos are talking about. Then I go on Tumblr to see what my feminists are talking...
16/12 11:30 - [gallery, Underwire] GTA V?s Tunes on Vinyl and Other Things We?re Loving This Month
From coffee-table books to DVDs, whatever it is, if it?s in here, it?s because we love it. The post GTA V?s Tunes on Vinyl and Other Things We?re Loving This Month appeared first on WIRED.
16/12 11:15 - [alarms, Gadget Lab, connected home...] Review: SkylinkNet Alarm System Kit
Another solid entry into the world of smart home devices is Skylink's iPhone-controlled home alarm system. You can arm/disarm it from your Apple handset, and see important notifications wherever you are. It's also easy to set up. The post Review: SkylinkNet Alarm System Kit appeared first on WIRED.
15/12 23:55 - [Enterprise, anonymity, pseudonymity...] Web Commenters Claim They Use Pseudonyms for Privacy, Not Trolling
Most internet users polled by blog commenting service Disqus say they use pseudonyms to protect their privacy online. The post Web Commenters Claim They Use Pseudonyms for Privacy, Not Trolling appeared first on WIRED.
15/12 23:55 - [Enterprise, anonymity, pseudonymity...] Web Commenters Claim They Use Pseudonyms for Privacy, Not Trolling
Most internet users polled by blog commenting service Disqus say they use pseudonyms to protect their privacy online. The post Web Commenters Claim They Use Pseudonyms for Privacy, Not Trolling appeared first on WIRED.
15/12 23:30 - [fitness, Wearables, Gadget Lab...] An App That Improves Your Health by Quizzing You
A new iOS quiz app aims to improve user health by improving their knowledge of scientifically-backed health and fitness ideas. The post An App That Improves Your Health by Quizzing You appeared first on WIRED.
15/12 23:30 - [fitness, Wearables, Gadget Lab...] An App That Improves Your Health by Quizzing You
A new iOS quiz app aims to improve user health by improving their knowledge of scientifically-backed health and fitness ideas. The post An App That Improves Your Health by Quizzing You appeared first on WIRED.
15/12 23:00 - [Threat Level, data privacy, Verizon...] Tech Giants Rally Around Microsoft to Protect Your Data Overseas
When it comes to protecting data privacy, Microsoft has allies. More than 75 civil liberties groups, technology companies, trade associations and computer scientists filed legal briefs today in support of the software giant, who is fighting to protect the privacy of data stored overseas from the...
15/12 23:00 - [Threat Level, data privacy, Verizon...] Tech Giants Rally Around Microsoft to Protect Your Data Overseas
When it comes to protecting data privacy, Microsoft has allies. More than 75 civil liberties groups, technology companies, trade associations and computer scientists filed legal briefs today in support of the software giant, who is fighting to protect the privacy of data stored overseas from the...
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Site américain Emuholic & Emuboards

Dernière mise à jour le 29/08/2009 à 10:50
 Accéder au forum du site
Catégories : Jeux Video, Emulation
27/08 13:47 - MPlayer CE v0.75
A new version of the media player for the Wii has been released. Changes are: * FTP support added (thanks to hax)
* NTFS support added for USB and SD (thanks to Shareese)
* SMB speed improved
* Hopefully finally eradicated the freezing bug
* Fixed...
27/08 13:45 - Raw released
Someone released a port of Raw which is an Another World interpreter which allows you to play the game from its original data files. Downloads available here.
27/08 13:44 - eduke32 v1.0
Zear released a port of Duke Nukem for the Dingoo. The original game data files are required to play this. Downloads available at OpenHandhelds.
27/08 13:43 - xRickoo v1.0
Alekmaul and BigOrno released a port of xRick a Rick Dangerous remake and one of my favourite games of all time. More info and the downloads here.
27/08 13:42 - SmsGOO v2.0
Alekmaul released a Sega Master System emulator for the Dingoo. More information and downloads via OpenHandhelds.
27/08 13:40 - Wiz-Colem v1.1.0
ZX-81 released a port of his Colecovision emulator to the Wiz. More information and downloads available here.
27/08 13:38 - Monster 2 v1.0
Monster 2 is a RPG fro the Wiz. You can read more about the game on the developers homepage here. Downloads available here.
27/08 13:37 - Wiz Chess v1.1.0
ZX-81 updated his port of the Chess game to the Wiz. Downloads available from his homepage here.
27/08 13:36 - WizGolf v1.1
Gérald Hoarau released a top down view Golf game for the Wiz. Downloads available here.
27/08 13:34 - GP2X-Chess v1.1.0
ZX-81 updated his Chess game for the GP2X, changes are:- Share the code for both Wiz and GP2X-F100 version
- Improve menu navigation using joystick
- New background imagesVisit the homepage at http://zx81.zx81.free.fr/serendipity/ for the downloads.
27/08 13:32 - GP2X-Colem v1.1.0
ZX-81 released a new version of his Colecovision emulator for the GP2X. Changes are:- A thumbnail image is now displayed in the file requester while selecting any file with the same name of a previously saved game (roms, keyboard, settings).
It might be very helpful to recognize that game...
23/08 19:30 - Sponsor shout out
We occasionally post a sponsor message to remind people to visit our sponsors. Without them we would not be able to keep the site up and running, so unless you want loads of intrusive adverts, popups etc please take a moment or two to visit them and if there is something you like then buy it ...
21/08 13:50 - Wii release round up
Here is a round up of Wii releases over the past week:

BlueMSX-wii v1.0 RC - MSX 1/MSX 2/MSX 2+/Turbo R emulator for the Nintendo Wii.
Quadrax v0.2 - New version of the logical game.
Chunk Munch v0.5 - New version of puzzle game for the Wii.
Robo tank v0.6.8 - New...
21/08 13:44 - Dingoo release round up
Here is a round up of Dingoo releases over the past week:

Xpiredux v1.0 - A port of Xpired for the Dingoo.
STPPC v1 - A collection of puzzle and board games for the Dingoo.
Quakux v1.0 - A port of Quake SDL based on the GP2X version.
Hatari v1.1a - Port of the Atari...
21/08 13:40 - Wiz release round up
Here is a round up of Wiz releases over the past week:

Qtopia Wiz 0.2 - New version of the platform for the Wiz.
SimOniZ v0.3.1 - New version of the Simon game clone.
NeoGeo Pocket: R.A.C.E. - New version of the NeoGeo Pocket emulator for the Wiz.
21/08 13:34 - GP2X release round up
Here is a round up of GP2X releases over the past week:

PicoDrive v1.56 - New version of the Megadrive/Genesis emulator fixing some bugs.
Qtopia F200 0.1Qtopia F200 0.1 - New build of the platform for F200 owners with touchscreen support.
One More Music Player Client...
18/08 11:19 - Acekard 2i firmware update to work with DSi v1.4
Acekard have released a new update for the AK2i which works with the recent v1.4 update by Nintendo which blocked all flashcarts. In the download there are two files:
ak2ifw_update_14_DSi.nds - Use this to upgrade just the one Acekard 2i.
ak2ifw_update_14_DSL.nds - Use this to upgrade...
13/08 11:31 - Wolf3Dingoo v1.0
Ezial released a port of the classic Wolfenstein 3D to the Dingoo. This release runs both Wolf3D and Spear of Destiny. Downloads available at OpenHandhelds.
13/08 11:29 - Hatari v1.0
John Logan also released a port of the Atari ST emulator Hatari for the Dingoo. Downloads available at OpenHandhelds.
13/08 11:28 - FreeDroid released
John Logan released a port of FreeDroid, a clone of Paradroid, for the Dingoo. Downloads available on OpenHandhelds.
13/08 11:24 - Ommpc2x v0.4.2
Coder_TimT released a new version of the music player for the Wiz. Changes are:* Cut down start-up time by half
* Fixed Add to Queue key binding
* Tweaked touchscreen handling code so that it doesn't miss as many pressesMore information and downloads available at OpenHandhelds.
13/08 11:23 - Qtopia Wiz v2.1.1
Ikari/NK released a port of Qtopia for the Wiz. Qtopia is a platform for embedded Linux-based mobile computing devices such as personal digital assistants and mobile phones. More information and downloads at OpenHandhelds.
13/08 11:21 - Abuse v1.0
Pickle released a port of Abuse from the GP2X version. Abuse is a famous side-scrolling run and gun game originally released for DOS and Linux in 1996. It features beautiful pixel art, lighting effects, many weapons, and is a real challenge even on normal difficulty. More information and...
13/08 11:20 - WizNotePad v1.2
Gérald released a new version of his text viewer and editor for the Wiz. More information and downloads at OpenHandhelds.
13/08 11:19 - GnGeo v0.7
Pepone released a port of the NeoGeo emulator for the Wiz. It runs most games fullspeed with sound, features save states. Downloads available on OpenHandhelds.
13/08 11:18 - PicoDrive v1.55
Along with the GP2X version the Wiz version has received an update. Changes are:+ Added Wiz support. Now the same GP2X binary supports F100/F200 and Wiz.
* Changed shadow/hilight handling a bit, fixes some effects in Pirates! Gold.
* Complete input code rewrite. This fixes some...
13/08 11:16 - Biniax 2
A port of the PSP game Biniax 2 has been released for the GP2X. Biniax-2 is a game of logic and reaction. The 3 game modes allow you to play against the time,
pure tactical play or challenge with a friend in a multiplayer game. Downloads available on OpenHandhelds.
13/08 11:14 - PicoDrive v1.55
A new version of the Genesis/Megadrive emulator for the GP2X has been released. Changes are: + Added Wiz support. Now the same GP2X binary supports F100/F200 and Wiz.
* Changed shadow/hilight handling a bit, fixes some effects in Pirates! Gold.
* Complete input code rewrite. This...
08/08 10:04 - Neko Project II Wii v0.1B2
A new port of the PC98 emulator PC-9801 has been released. Release notes are:This is a early version, and has few extra features. When you start Neko Project II Wii, you will be presented with a dialog to load disks. Press B to continue past this dialog.More information and downloads at...
08/08 10:02 - Rotate Gearux v1.0
Ezial also released a clone of URA Kaiten Patissier which looks like a puzzle game (might be wrong). Downloads available here.
08/08 10:00 - Dmenu v0.3
A new version of the alternative menu for the Dingoo has been released. Changes are:- Fixed a display bug where the menu items above the mainmenu are overlapping
- Execute programs directly instead of via '/bin/sh' to reduce memory usage
- Re-structured config files to add theme...
08/08 09:59 - Mr Drillux v1.0
Ezial released a port of Drill2x,a Mr Driller style game, for the Dingoo. More information and downloads here.
08/08 09:58 - Nicky boum engine SDL for Dingux v1.0+ sourcecode
A port of the Amiga game called Nicky boum has been released for the Wiz. According to the author the game only runs in 320x160 and it slows down at times. More information and downloads at OpenHandhelds.
08/08 09:56 - Beat2x v0.5
A port of the Stepmania style game has been released for the Wiz. You will need to also download the GP2X version (here) for the songs. You can download the Wiz version here.
08/08 09:53 - Powder v0.1
A Wiz port of the Roguelike Powder has been released. Downloads at OpenHandhelds.
08/08 09:52 - Mame4all Wiz v2.4
The Wiz port of the Arcade emulator MAME has been updated, changes are: - Added full image scaling (Rampage, Popeye, Super Sprint, etc). Horizontal scaling with linear filtering is still used internally when applicable.
- More Neo·Geo games are playable, e.g. Art of Fighting 3,...
08/08 09:50 - GP2Xpectrum released
A new port of the Spectrum emulator for the Wiz has been released by SplinterGU. Downloads available at OpenHandhelds.
08/08 09:49 - One More Music Player Client (ommpc2x) v0.4
A new version of the Music Player Daemon has been released. This version adds Now Playing and a new Menu with some other changes. Downloads available at OpenHandhelds.
04/08 11:00 - Chunk Munch v0.2a
The puzzle game Chunk Munch, where you must choose two or more connected and identical 'chunks' to 'munch' them up, has been updated. Changes are: * First beta given to a friend of mine.
* Got XML save / load to work, savegames now work yay!
Known bugs:
* the game...
04/08 10:58 - MPlayer CE v0.72
A new version of the media player for the Wii has been released. Changes are: * Fix playlist bug
* More SMB servers detected (thanks to hax)
* SMB now supports user-level share security (thanks to hax)
* SMB now supports plain text passwords (thanks to hax)...
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